Thursday, May 2, 2013

Week 20

HALFWAY! I can't believe I am halfway through this pregnancy. It is certainly flying by this time. I remember last time at 20 weeks, I was going out to eat for my birthday with the grandmothers to be and then picking out the nursery furniture. This time, we kind of sort of know what we want to do with Aidan and the nursery, but there has been no research done or any progress made on turning the office, aka glorified storage closet, into a bedroom. So much to do, so little time! We'll get there, right?!

How far along?: 20 weeks 6 days

How big is baby?: According to the APP, I'm Expecting: Started the Week 20 as the size of a Banana and am about to be a Carrot. Baby is now measured from head to heel instead of crown to rump.

Weight gain?: 1 this week, 17 total.

Stretch marks?: None so far

Maternity clothes?: Exclusively. Now I need more hangers because the new shirts hang across the rocking chair in my room.

Sleep?: Sleeping well, still stomach sleeping. Also, I do not wake to pee, and I never did with Aidan...I hope this holds true for this entire pregnancy.

Best moment?: Beach weekend with some fantastic friends. The weather wasn't as great as I would like for the beach, but good company makes you forget those minor things...

Playing at a water table at the Children's Museum
I also saw the baby on Friday.  I got a call from my silly insurance company that I needed to be seen for an A/S since I had placenta previa identified the last time during week 20.  What?!  You mean the appointment I tried to push back a week is now approved?!  I guess their maternity care program didn't review my files in time...they classify me as "high risk" even though my doctor doesn't.  I see no need, but I guess from a financial standpoint, the inusrance thinks I am a risk.  Anyway, baby boy #2 is a wild boy - it took the technician over 40 minutes to take all her measurements.  He was ALL OVER THE PLACE. Breach, traverse, facing us, back towards up, feet on the left, feet on the right, etc.  Guess I should prepare myself...two wild boys.

Worst moment?: Last week I mentioned my computer issue - well, it was diagnosed and the drop caused internal physical damage to the hard drive. So the HDD and its contents are lost unless I want to pay a grand, yes you read that correctly, to have the HDD possibly repaired and data recovered. I'm starting to save my pennies. In the mean time, I am downloading all of my camera photos from Google Plus/Picasa, bought a photo recovery software and recovered 900 deleted photos from my memory card, and am checking when my last back up occurred and when I transferred files to AJ's computers. I think I will be relatively whole on the pictures, though the files from Google aren't full size and none of the videos were part of the instant upload from my phone. I wanted to cry when I saw the diagnosis...lesson learned, do better at backing up. I have a system - back up to an external HDD and burn the files to a DVD incase the external HDD crashes. I went too long in between back ups, and I didn't realize how long it had been. I also lost my mailing list, so I have to start collecting addresses again. What a pain!

I also learned that I have placenta previa again.  It's a moderate case, and they'll check me again in two weeks to see if it has improved.  For now, I am on pelvic rest and watchful of any bleeding.  Someone please tell Aidan that momma can't always pick him up...

Food cravings?: I'm off the pickle kick, and now I want french fries and Cheez-Its. Salty food.

Salty Pretzel from the IOP, one of my favorties
Symptoms?: FIVE weeks of not getting sick! No bloody noses this week, let's hope that was a one week fluke.

Exercise?: I continued to walk - 10+ miles this week. In addition, I worked out at the gym, finished my push up challenge, and started a wall sit challenge.

Movement?:Frequent movement, not painful or bladder clearing. These are the very enjoyable kicks and flails.

Belly button?: Becoming flatter.

What I miss?: A fountain Diet Pepsi while eating pizza

Labor signs?
:Not yet

TMI: Don't take two doses of 200 mg of magnesium if you forgot the previous two days. It will definitely help move things along, but then, you are sometimes in a state of panic looking for a bathroom! So walking in the neighborhood was kind of risky, and fortunately, I didn't have to knock on anyone's door asking to use the restroom and explaining my situation.

What I'm looking forward to?: This coming weekend, Aidan and I are going to a birthday party for college friends' little girl. She will be two, and the party is at a bounce house. I cannot wait to see my wild man have fun! And yes, we are on the go a lot it seems!

The Bump Progression - Week 17 through Week 20:
   Week 17                                  Week 18                                         Week 19      

 Comparison Between Aidan's Pregnancy and this one.

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