Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Owen is TWO!

My blue eyed baby boy is TWO


Owen was steady hovering around 30 lbs, but it seems with his appetite picking up, he is gainining weight.  I'd put him somewhere near 32 lbs.  When Owen stands up correctly, we can measure him on the growth chart, and he appears to be near 36".  He does go to the doctor for a well vist check up in a few weeks, so they can confirm (or deny) my measurements. 

Owen is wearing 2T, and has been wearing 2T for quite some time.  In fact, clothes that Aidan wore for a month (if that!), Owen has worn all summer.  He has a skinny butt so shorts have lasted him a lot longer.  I need to go through the winter clothes to see if anything will fit him or if it will be too big.  For a kid that started out chunkier than his brother, Owen sure has slowed down!

I believe Owen is wearing a 7 wide or 7.5 wide shoe.  I know he moved up a size about two months ago, and I meant to measure his foot to make sure he's okay.  He has recently become obsessed with boots, but he can't wear his brother's boots from two years ago - too big!  So he walks around in my boots or tries to put on rain boots.


We recently had to change Owen's crib into the toddler bed because he climbed out of the crib with
Aidan to go wake AJ.  So far, the transition has gone well, but Owen has learned that Aidan climbs out of bed repeatedly at night in protest of bedtime, so Owen has to join him.  To remedy this, we lock the door, and Owen goes to sleep, then we unlock the door.  He doesn't react the same way as Aidan does to a locked door, thank goodness!

Owen says he wants his blanket and a pillow to sleep with, but if I check on him after he goes to sleep, the pillow is pushed out of the bed, and he threw the blanket over the side.  Maybe he'll want a blanket in the winter.

Owen has to have both of his loveys to go to bed, not just one.  He still has his pacifier, and as long as he goes to sleep easily, I don't think I'll take it away.  Struggling with sleep is not worth the battle!  I figure he'll give up when he wants.  In the mornings, when he wakes up, he hands over the pacifier, so he knows it's only for sleep.

Owen loves bed time stories just like Aidan.  Although he doesn't pay attention to the longer, wordier books, but he gets excited about certain books.  He also likes the That's Not My... (Usborne touch and feel books).  He also likes Clifford books.

Since Owen is in the toddler bed and Aidan gets up early, Owen joins him.  Owen use to sleep later than his brother, but Aidan will often wake him up, too.

Owen naps well at daycare, and it's usually 2 hours.  However, since converting to the toddler bed, Owen has not napped in it willingly.  On the day of his birthday party, he fell asleep in my mom's lap (he was suppose to be eating), and I transferred him to his bed..  Most of his naps are in the car.


Owen has conquered every slide at the bounce house, he can even climb to the top by himself.  Owen also jumped off the diving board by himself with his puddle jumper on.  He will also jump to and slide down a pole at the park, and climb everything.  I can't take my eyes off of him for a second, or he's climbing up something he shouldn't.

For the past month or more, Owen has started saying "love you," and he says it to me at bed time.  While out of town for work, unpromprted he said "love you."  Aidan didn't tell me he loved me until I was in the hospital with Owen, so he was just past 2, so Owen started about a month earlier, which of course, makes me smile to hear him.

Speaking of talking, he has had a word explosion.  He will repeat a lot of words that you say, and he definitely strings together words to form full sentences.  He still seems to favor "NO momma".


Owen, like Aidan, loves to be outside playing.  Whether it's in the pool, at the splash park, the regular park, or running around at home, he wants to be outside.  He'll eat breakfast, grab his shoes, then come grab our hands to go outside.  If we don't get up, he will open the door to go outside.

If we're at the park, Owen loves the slide and climbing everything.  He also searches for dogs, and we usually pet two or three before we leave the park.  He also loves to spot birds and squirrels.

Owen wants to ride his tricycle or big wheel, but still has trouble pedaling it, but he continues to try and keep up with Aidan.

Like Aidan, Owen loves water fights, whether it's water balloons, water guns or a hose, Owen loves soaking Aidan and me.  I have also recently introduced shaving cream to them, so the boys love have a shaving cream fight in the shower or the front of the house.

Owen loves Frozen.  If he's having a fit, I put on "Let it Go" and it seems to calm him down (or eat when he's refusing to do so).

Speaking of food, his favorite things seem to be yogurt, pretzels, french toast, and suckers.


Like Aidan, Owen loves to go to the Zoo or Edventures.  He also loves trips to go visit his cousin.

If Owen sees Aidan do something, he's going to try it, too.  He will feed all of the animals at the zoo, and I don't remember Owen ever being hesitant.  In fact, we have to hold him back sometimes, especially with feeding the birds nectar.

Of course, we visit all of the local parks.  We have three favorites - one we nicknamed "the regular" park, the library park, and the Greeneway.  There's also a local splash park, but as summer winds down, we won't be visiting it again until April!  Aidan usually chooses the park, but Owen doesn't seem to care, he plays hard at all of them.  Though the Greeneway is saved for the weekends because it's farther away, it's the opposite direction of home, and during the week, I need the close park.

The Greeneway has an awesome playground, a walk/bike path that travels along the river, and a very cool pond area where we can spot turtles, alligators, and a variety of birds.

Watching a gator sun and swim
Owen likes to put together puzzles, color (eat markers and crayons), and play with blocks.  On rainy or cold days, we're inside building things that Owen loves to knock down, or playing in tunnels and forts.  Owen has started paying attention to television, and as mentioned before, loves the movie Frozen.


Owen has been a difficult eater, at least compared to Aidan.  He refuses most foods, and we have had to feed him baby food pouches.  Though recently, we have had luck with him eating turkey and ham - sometimes it requries watching the song "Let it Go," but we have to pick our battles.

Owen will eat yogurt, oatmeal, cheese, tangerines, crackers, and french toast.  He loves popcorn and suckers.  Eating a sucker is the only way I can get Owen to sit still for a haircut.  For the most part, Owen will also eat grapes, but he's hit or miss.  If I buy a lot of grapes, he won't eat them.  If I ran out of grapes at home, he wants them.  The games he plays...

Owen loves cake.  He knows birthday party means cake.  Like me, Owen loves to eat the icing...he
also seems to think the candle should be eaten, too.

Unlike Aidan, Owen LOVES juice.  He doesn't get it often, but I do keep Honest Apple Juice in the fridge and take it when we're going to the pool or the park.  He also likes drinking grape propel water.  He will fuss and try to open the fridge to find propel water.


Owen is fortunate to see family often, although, you can't mention a grandparent's name without Owen getting upset if they're not there or going to be there soon.  He doesn't understand talking about them or visiting in the future.  He runs and gives his grandparents big hugs and knows the (grandparent) names.

When he sees my brother and his wife, he always goes for my brother's wife for a hug, and I cant blame him.

He loves his cousin, Rosalind.  They're a crazy kind of fun together.  They feed off each other and probably cause more trouble, but with trouble comes laughter.  You would think they would tire out, but they won't stop playing until we make them.  I love watching Owen and Rozzie together since they're so close in age.  Aidan plays well with both of them, too, but there's something about the toddler craziness that is fun to watch.

Owen has seen some of his daycare buddies at the park or local events, and he goes crazy.  In fact, one day, I thought he wasn't going to play at the splash park.  Then a friend showed up, and an hour and a half later, I'm fighting to get the boys to go home.

Like Aidan, Owen seems to be sweet on Aidan's friend, Charley.  We have visited her family and she has come to our house...Owen is always wanting to give her a hug.  He tries for a kiss, but Charley wants none of it.  He puckers his lips pretty big, so I can't blame her.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Aidan Celebrates being FOUR

I was fortunate that this year I could take off work on Aidan's birthday.  The past two years I either needed to save time off for maternity leave or had no time off left because of maternity leave.

I'm not sure who was more excited about Aidan's birthday - Aidan or me. Either way, we had a great day.

Aidan woke promptly at 6:30 am.  When he came to my room, he climbed into my bed and asked if he was four today.  I told him that he was four, and he giggled.  I cuddled him for a few minutes before Aidan decided he needed to go get something out of his room.  When he came back, he discovered his presents that were wrapped and waiting on him.  Not wanting Owen to feel left out, he wanted to wait until Owen woke up, which was shortly at 7 am.

After sharing present opening with Owen, Aidan ask that I assemble all of his lego sets.  I gladly complied with his request (I love Legos, too!).  After Lego assembly, I asked Aidan what he wanted for breakfast - I was sure he would want eggs and pancakes, but no, he wanted oatmeal.  After breakfast, we watched the end of the Frozen movie and played with Legos.  AJ had to go to work for a little while.

I asked Aidan if he wanted to go to Kroger and get his birthday balloon
and then to Walmart to buy his TMNT shell racer that he had his eye on.  Of course, he wanted to go right away, so we brushed teeth, dressed, and headed out the door.  Aidan wore his "four" shark shirt and shark shorts complimented by a blue mohawk and cowboy boots

At Kroger, Aidan picked out a Dusty balloon, which surprised me because I thought he would pick TMNT or Spiderman.  Aidan wanted to share his birthday, so he said Owen should get a balloon, too. Owen picked Elsa and Anna.  We also picked out birthday candles and cupcakes to send to daycare on Friday.

After Kroger, we promptly went to Walmart, where Aidan quickly picked out the toy he wanted.  Owen needed a toy, too, so Aidan picked out a small Spiderman toy for him.  We had to open both toys in the parking lot.

Aidan was also not shy about telling anyone he saw that it was his birthday, and he thanked anyone who said "happy birthday".

AJ was home so we headed to a bounce house that's about thirty minutes away.  No one was at the bounce house, and it was nice to have
the place to ourselves.  The boys played hard, knocked heads unfortunately, and ate ice cream.

After the bounce house, we headed to the mall to pick up his cake and eat lunch.  Aidan chose a pretzel from Aunt Annie's for lunch.  Before picking up the cake, Aidan asked to play on the indoor playground at the mall.  Aidan brought his TMNT toy everywhere today, and he actually shared it with another boy at the playground.

It was almost 2 PM before we left the mall, and Aidan was excited
about his cake.  At home, I had to rock Owen back to sleep while Aidan played outside with AJ.  When Owen was done napping (3:30 PM :/).

 Grammy and Papa came over to bring Aidan his present (his very own Kindle!) and have cake.

Aidan loved blowing out his candle and requested the center of the cake be his piece.  Of course, we cut it out for him, but he didn't eat it all.

After cake, we played with paperwork fireworks and balloon goop that you blow out of a stick to create a bubble.  Mom and I walked with the boys to the mailbox (over a mile there and back), played in the sprinkler, and swung on the swings.

Aidan completed his evening by eating ham and cheese while watching TMNT.  He said he had a great day, and I believe he did!

FOUR! An Update and Interview

My brown eyed baby boy is growing up, so here's an update on him...


Aidan has packed on a few more months since his 3 year old update.  He fluctuates between 47 and 48 lbs.  He also grew a few inches, and is between 43" and 44"  as measured on our growth chart.  He loves to stand up against the growth chart and see how tall he is.  He does go to the doctor for a yearly check up in a few weeks, so they can confirm (or deny) my measurements. 

Depending on the brand, Aidan is wearing 5t/5/XS/S.  Some brands I can count on being consistent, so I stick to those, mostly Children's Place and a Belk brand.  They seem to run a littler larger, and I can stay in the "toddler" section instead of the "boy" section (like at Target).

Aidan is still in a 10.5 extra wide shoe, still extra wide...  He prefers Crocs or Flip Flops, but he is not allowed to wear those to daycare/school.  He also still loves his cowboy boots, and will reluctantly put on his tennis shoes.

Aidan has had two dentists visits.  The first one didn't go so well, but the following 6 months, he was patient and did everything he was asked.  The hygienist counted 20 teeth, 10 top and 10 bottom.

Aidan still loves haircuts, and recently he asked for a mohawk after his appointment.  Previously, he would freak out if he had "crazy" hair especially if he could see it in the mirror.  Now it seems he loves crazy hair and requests his hair be styled that way at least once a week.


Sleep or resisting sleep has not changed, and this has been the status quo for several years.

Aidan still loves to take toys, books and his loveys to bed.  Sometimes he sneaks toys he shouldn't, like those that make noise and could wake him in the middle of the night, like he needs another excuse to get out of bed at 1 am...

Aidan loves bed time stories.  He gets to pick a book, Owen gets to pick and book, and I pick a book.  Usually they pick two each.  I'm sure he loves the book, but I know he is also delaying bed time, but I don't mind reading a few extra books.

The black out curtains we have had up for a year that I hoped would help block the sun and cause Aidan to sleep later - nope, didn't work.  It doesn't matter whether it's sunny, dark, cloudy, rainy...Aidan is up usually around 6:00, 6:30 if we are lucky.  7 am feels like we have hit the jackpot! 

Aidan would love if we let Owen sleep with him, but we really don't need two sleep deprived toddlers.

At daycare, Aidan still takes a two hour nap. At home, we have given up on naps.  We might get Aidan to nap in the car, but that's the only place.  


I believe since turning three Aidan learned to ride his bike, though my memory is a little blurry.  I do remember buying the bike before he turned three, but he struggled to learn how to pedal it.  Now, he pedals like a pro, and I have to run to keep up with him.

Aidan also rode his first rollercoaster this year and loved it.  He also went down a very tall waterslide numerous times.

I like to have fun with the boys when I picked them up after work, and Aidan is great about choosing whether he wants to go to the park, splash park, the pool or go home to play.  During the winter, he also chooses Target or Chick Fil La.  I wish we had a bounce house nearby to go to during the winter, but I guess our town is too small to support one.

Aidan knows how to write his name, though he regressed over the summer when he wasn't in preschool, where he wrote it on every paper.  He now writes his "d" backwards and his "a" has it's tail in the air.  Oh well, I'm sure when he starts back preschool next week, he'll regain that skill.

Speaking of preschool, Aidan loved 3K and was sad when it was over for the summer.  He'll go into 4K this year, and we chose the 5 day a week option.


Aidan loves running around and being outside.  He remembered how to swim when the pool opened back up, and I briefly considered putting him on swim team - we decided to wait until next year.  This year he has learned to go down to the bottom of the pool in the 10.5' section, diving, and practice swimming laps. We're at the pool every week, and if the weather is nice, usually 4 days if we're not out of town.

Aidan loves going to the park.  We have several nice parks nearby, and I often let him choose which park he wants to play.

Aidan is still a fan of water fights, and he will ask for water balloons often.  Sometimes I find Aidan and Owen sneaking off to go find a hose; Aidan has recruited a helper.  Aidan also likes to use water guns, and it's fun on hot summer days to have a water fight.

Aidan also likes playing with shaving cream, whether it's outside or in the shower, he thinks it's an awesome day to end it with a shaving cream party.

Aidan is obsessed with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  He also likes Paw Patrol.  Jake the Neverland Pirate and Mickey Mouse are old news. Spiderman is still a favorite.  I'll be surprised if he's not a TMNT for Halloween.  

Aidan also loves the beach and the mountains.  He gets excited when he can see the beach or mountains when we are driving.


Aidan loves to go to the Zoo or Edventures.  He also loves trips to go visit friends or his cousin.

Last year, he was afraid to feed the birds nectar, but now he isn't afraid to feed them.  He still loves to feed all the other animals, too.

We have been to a bounce house several times, and I think it will be a winter favorite.  Last year, the bounce house scared Owen, so we only made one visit.

At the parks, we like to hunt for squirrels and birds.  The boys also like to pick up nuts off the ground and crack them open for the squirrels.  They also love to run after the squirrels and chase them up the trees.

Aidan likes to help me bake and cook.  If I make pancakes, he cracks the eggs and stirs the batter.  He also flips the pancakes with my help.  Aidan also likes to make pizza, he does well spreading the sauce and sprinkling the cheese.

We continue to go to Lowe's and Home Depot to participate in their free build program.  Aidan has improved on using a hammer, I have had less smashed fingers.  He also applies the stickers and the glue.


Aidan eats very well.  He loves crab meat, turkey, and ham.  He'll usually try something new.  He generally doesn't waste food, and he's pretty vocal about what he wants to eat.  Sometimes he eats more than I do...not sometimes, most of the time!  He still doesn't like corn, and he doesn't want to eat shrimp - but he will eat fish.

Aidan will eat a sandwich at the park, then ask for turkey and grapes at home.  I don't know where he stores it all!

Aidan still LOVES birthday cake.  He still eats most of the icing and a little bit of the cake, but I can't blame him, I am the same way.  

Aidan still loves milk.  He mostly drinks milk and water, but will occasionally have Apple Juice, but it's rare


Aidan sees a lot of his family often.  Typically, Aidan will see my parents every week and usually sees his Aunts and Uncles at least once a month.  Last August, my brother and his wife moved back to Aiken, so we see them more often.  Aidan did call Aunt Amanda "Uncle Amanda" but he has learned to call her "aunt".  Though Uncle Chris sometimes encourages the "Aunt" Amanda.

Aidan will ask to see pictures of his cousin, Rosalind, and he talks about her often.  He has another cousin on Anthony's side (second cousin, I think), who is about six years older than Aidan, but he loves seeing her and playing with her when he gets the chance. He tells people at daycare that he has a sister, but he really means his cousin Autumn. 

Aidan loves to see his friends on the weekend.  He often asks if I have spoke to insert friend's name's mom to ask what the friend is doing.  We have friends come visit us to play in the mud or on the pool slide, or we'll meet at the park, the pool, or their house.

Aidan says he has a lot of best friends, I swear he lists all of his friends.  He gets excited when we unexpectedly run into friends while out and about running errands or having fun.  He also doesn't mind road trips if it means seeing his friend, Charley.

Here's a yearly birthday interview with Aidan.  Some questions required prompting, like giving him choices (like naming holidays off so he knew what he was choosing from) 

  1.  How old are you? Holds up 4 fingers
  2. What are your nicknames? Bowers
  3. What is your favorite color? Orange and Red
  4. What is your favorite toy? His new teenage mutant ninja turtle shell racer and spiderman toy
  5. What is your favorite fruit? Grapes and bananas
  6. What is your favorite tv show? Teenage mutant ninja turtles 
  7. What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch? Chicken, ham, turkey, cheese and grapes. Milk to wash it down
  8. What is your favorite outfit? For pajamas, teenage mutant ninja turtles.  Otherwise, he said sharks
  9. What is your favorite game? throwing the football, soccer ball
  10. What is your favorite snack? chocolate bars (I think he means these chocolate brownie protein bars because we haven't given him chocolate bars for snacks)
  11. What is your favorite animal? Giraffe
  12. What is your favorite song? I had a baby turtle
  13. What is your favorite book? Chica Chica Boom Boom
  14. Who is your best friend? Ray, Maddox, Gus, Chase, Tenley and her mom, Kash, Charley...and mohawk.
  15. What is your favorite cereal? Fruit loops
  16. What is your favorite thing to do outside? Jump so high in the sky
  17. What is your favorite drink? Milk...and water
  18. What is your favorite holiday? St. Patrick's Day and Halloween
  19. What do you like to take to bed with you at night? My monkey from Monkey Joe's (he also likes to take his loveys and other toys to bed)
  20. What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast? Toasties
  21. What is your favorite movie? Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  22. What do you want to be when you grow up? Police officer like my daddy
  23. What’s your favorite thing you did this year? When Santa and Rudolph came to our house 
  24. What’s your favorite place to eat? Fermata (further prompting), Papa John's because I like to watch then make stuff
  25. Where is your favorite place to go? Sonic....I think he had food on his mind but he stuck with this answer.
  26. What makes you feel happy? Fruit loops and milk.
  27. What makes you feel sad? When mom is mad at me (insert mom's sad face upon hearing this answer)
  28. What’s your favorite thing to do with Mom? Jumping off the diving ball, playing soccer ball
  29. What’s your favorite thing to do with dad? Ride on his shoulders
  30. What did you do today? We had a birthday party for me (I took off work and we spent the day together celebrating Aidan's birthday...more on that in another post)

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Playing Hooky

Playing hooky unintentionally started on Saturday morning.  The low tire light came on in my SUV, and I found a gas station to fill my airs since I was on the road.  My front left tire needed 15 psi!  The remaining tires were near 32 psi which is the recommended pressure.

Sunday, my front tire needed approximately 15 psi.

Monday, my front tire needed approximately 15 psi.

My tires are near 80,000 miles, so they're near the end of their expected mileage.  I joked with AJ that I should trade my SUV in for a new one since the last time I needed tires I happened to trade my truck in (but an even trade this time wouldn't yield something as nice...)

AJ was out of town for work until Tuesday evening.  I didn't want to break down with a flat tire with the kids in the car.  So Monday, I shopped around for available tires and asked my boss if I could take Tuesday off.

Of course, if I was going to be off, I wanted to have fun with the boys.  So I asked Aidan when I picked him up if he wanted to stay home with me on Tuesday or go to "school".  Of course, he chose staying home with mom.

We started our fun day on Monday...after coming home late from the splash park, the boys and I piled into my bed and watched a movie until 10 pm.  I let them sleep in bed, too.

We had an early start to our Tuesday since Aidan loves to wake up around 6 am.  After eating breakfast, Aidan dressed himself for the park while I got Owen ready.

We had the park playground equipment all to ourselves!

They rode bikes (Owen not very long, I had to push him on the tricycle) around the track.

We played monster/chase all over the playground equipment.  

After two hours of the park, the boys were hot, so we took a quick break and went to the post office.  We needed to mail out the boys' invites, so I had Aidan help with the stamps and putting the invites in the mail.  He thought it was fun.

Next up, we went to the pool.  We were the first patrons there and enjoyed another 2 hours splashing around before I received the call that my tires would be available at 1:30.  

It was now noon, and Owen was in need of a nap.  So we changed and headed home.  Owen napped in the car, transferred to his crib, then back to the car.  Meanwhile, Aidan played with all of his animal toys quietly. 

Aidan did take a nap on the way to the tire play, so he had a 30 minute power nap.  Upon arrival, the guys took my car back and started work immediately.  The boys colored, ate snacks, and looked through magazines.  We were there just over an hour, and I'm surprised how patient and entertained they were.  When Aidan saw the new tires, he kissed them he was so excited.  

We arrived home around 3 pm, and Aidan wanted to stay home and play.  So I set up the water slide in the back yard while they rode around the house in Aidan's power wheel.  We played on the water slide until AJ arrived home around 6PM.

Surprise surprise, these boys were both out before 8 pm.  We had a fantastic day, and I can't wait to "play hooky" again.  I know we can have just as much fun on weekends, and we do, but something about being out and about when everyone else is at work and school makes the day better, like we're getting away with something.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Owen's Like Aidan...except when he's not

There’s no mistaking that Aidan and Owen are brothers, and while I see a lot of similarities between the boys up to the current age Owen is today, there are distinct differences, too.  The boys challenge our parenting skills in very different ways, hah. 

I mean, come on, which newborn is which 

But he’s not like Aidan 

My brown eyed boy and my blue eyed boy 

He’s like Aidan, he loves the water 

Unlike Aidan, he’s not a big fan of food 

Which leads to extended rear facing since he’s not pushing the limits 

He’s not like Aidan – he sleeps in, he sleeps anywhere, and still sleeps in his crib 

Somewhere there's a picture of him asleep in his jumperoo, too!

He’s not like Aidan – he purposefully bites and pinches others 

A swim suit to warn the unsuspecting people who think he's sooooo cute. :)

He’s like Aidan, he loves his dogs 

        And the zoo 

        Unlike Aidan, Owen was in love with the carousel after the first ride. 

Unlike Aidan, he finds anything to climb to get whatever we try to keep out of reach 

        And more of a daredevil 

Unlike Aidan, we gave Owen popcorn at an earlier age, and he was hooked. “Poppop” as he calls it. 

Like Aidan, Owen has to have his loveys 
        Unlike Aidan, he requires sleeping with two of them! 

See Monkey's face? And the giraffe body? 

Unlike Aidan, Owen still has his pacifier