Thursday, July 30, 2015

Owen's Like Aidan...except when he's not

There’s no mistaking that Aidan and Owen are brothers, and while I see a lot of similarities between the boys up to the current age Owen is today, there are distinct differences, too.  The boys challenge our parenting skills in very different ways, hah. 

I mean, come on, which newborn is which 

But he’s not like Aidan 

My brown eyed boy and my blue eyed boy 

He’s like Aidan, he loves the water 

Unlike Aidan, he’s not a big fan of food 

Which leads to extended rear facing since he’s not pushing the limits 

He’s not like Aidan – he sleeps in, he sleeps anywhere, and still sleeps in his crib 

Somewhere there's a picture of him asleep in his jumperoo, too!

He’s not like Aidan – he purposefully bites and pinches others 

A swim suit to warn the unsuspecting people who think he's sooooo cute. :)

He’s like Aidan, he loves his dogs 

        And the zoo 

        Unlike Aidan, Owen was in love with the carousel after the first ride. 

Unlike Aidan, he finds anything to climb to get whatever we try to keep out of reach 

        And more of a daredevil 

Unlike Aidan, we gave Owen popcorn at an earlier age, and he was hooked. “Poppop” as he calls it. 

Like Aidan, Owen has to have his loveys 
        Unlike Aidan, he requires sleeping with two of them! 

See Monkey's face? And the giraffe body? 

Unlike Aidan, Owen still has his pacifier