Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Little Bit of Owen

So with Aidan, I started off with weekly baby updates while on maternity leave, then went to monthly updates when I returned to work.  With Owen, I haven't managed more than two monthly updates and now I hope to have two delayed updates forthcoming.  Having two kids leads to less free time, plus there has been a lot of time spent unpacking and organizing.

So Month Three:

A few days after Owen turned two months, I returned to work. Returning to work wasn't easy, but it was a tad easier knowing what to expect.  I knew the days would get better, and we would find our routine.  Plus, Owen was waking around 4 am, so I knew I would be able to nurse him before work, which made the day easier.  I mean, how could I have a bad day if it started off nursing and rocking a baby back to sleep?!

Owen spent the first two weeks being cared for by the grandparents before he started day care.  Not long after starting day care, Owen came down with a cold, but avoided the RSV that was going around.  He seemed to be doing quite well, especially compared to our experience with Aidan.  I'm sure Aidan helped Owen's immunity.

I expected Owen to be more awake during the third month, but I believe we have a kid who loves his sleep.  He is constantly napping, and it seems like he slept more than Aidan did as an infant.Some days, Owen slept so late, I didn't see him before work, which surprised me that he would go so long without eating.  However, he did make up for the loss of food during the day.

Month Four:

Owen discovered how much he loves his hands.  He is constantly sticking his hands in his month and gnawing on his fists. We also tried out the Jumparoo with Owen since Aidan started loving it around the same time.  Owen is just like his big brother, constantly wanting to jump.  If you're holding him in
your lap, he is no longer content looking at you and playing with toys.  Nope, he wants you to help him jump or stand up.  He'll jump until your arms are tired, which doesn't take long since he's still a chunker, gaining at a quicker rate than Aidan.

During month four, we moved into the new house.  Owen didn't seem to mind or notice. :)
At his four month appointment, which technically occurred after four months, he was 3 ounces shy of 18 lbs and 26.75" long!  Big boy.  He also was diagnosed with his first ear infection, which was accompanied by a runny nose or sickness.  So I'm thinking he's going to need tubes eventually.