Thursday, December 12, 2013

The House - Top Ten

When we began planning the new house, there were things that stood out to me that I was really excited to have.  I thought a few keys things were on top of my list, but as we get closer (like preparing to move in), it seems like EVERYTHING is exciting.  So here's my top ten in no particular order.

1. Parking in the garage! - We currently have a garage, in fact, it is considered a two car garage, but we have so much stuff that I can't park in it.  I can't wait to park in the garage so that on days it's raining, I don't have to worry with getting soaked (I don't use umbrellas...I lose them).  Or when it's cold and there's frost on the window, which is the morning I'm running late and do not have time to let the car warm up/defrost the windshield.  Or the summer mornings when the windows are foggy, and you have to use windshield wiper fluid constantly to remove the fog and be able to drive. Or when the kid refuses to go inside, I can at least contain him in the garage instead of running into the street.  The street would be too far away, so how about Aidan running to the tractor or boat that's parked two football fields away.  Though the containment only lasts if Aidan cannot reach the garage door button. Oy, I'm sure he can't wait to learn where it's located!

Cubbies...almost complete when
I took the picture a week ago
2. The Mud "Room" - Okay, so it's two cubbies near the entrance to the garage, but it's where the boys can (hopefully) store their coats, shoes, and backpacks.  No searching for these items constantly wondering where Aidan took his shoes off and hid them (again, hopefully).

3. TWO Washers and TWO Dryers - Don't you hate it when you get into the laundry groove, and when you finish putting away one load, you have to wait for the second load to dry? And the third load to finish washing?  And the forth load is on standby?  Seriously, I CANNOT WAIT until I can wash two loads of laundry at once, and get the folding and laundry putting away in a timely manner.   I plan my days around the laundry being dry because I want to take clothes out as soon as they are done to prevent wrinkles...and redrying a load of laundry is wasteful.  So yes, this mom is excited for double the work power in the laundry room.

4. Storage - We have so many cabinets and closets, I'm excited to have a place to hide stuff.  In fact, I may need to buy stuff to fill those storage places.  I mean, how can I let it set empty?  For example, in the breakfest nook, we have a built in bench that the top lifts up and there's tons of empty space.  I'm thinking I'll store the kids art supplies and board games here.  I cannot wait until playing board games on the weekend is what the kids look forward to doing.  Between the boys' rooms there are built in book shelves.  I plan on storing the boys' books, common toys, and decorative baby keepsakes here. In our bathroom, there is a huge linen closet....I don't think we have enough towels, wash clothes, and bed sheets to fill this closet, so who knows what else I will find to store in it.  Maybe I can hide laundry baskets full of dirty linens...Speaking of laundry, the laundry room (that I love) has cabinets and shelves galore.  I guess I'll need to stock up on TP and laundry detergent to fill the shelves, I mean, they can't possibly sit empty!  Though I'll also need to find stuff to store in the pedestals below the washers and dryers.  What a challenge I have in store.

5. The Kitchen - We will have a large kitchen, or at least I consider it large especially compared to our current kitchen.  I have an island - I have always wanted an island.  The island will be great prep space, and I can foresee lots of mixing for baked goods happening here. I have a double oven, and over it is a REAL vent.  The vent is quiet, more stupid microwave vent that recycles the air right back in your face.  But back to the oven; I'm excited that I can make small meals that need something put in the oven and NOT heat up the entire oven to do so.  I look forward to saving toaster oven, don't be surprised if you collect dust when we move to the new house. Speaking of small appliances, we will have an appliance garage, thanks to a suggestion by a friend.  All the (useful) small appliances can be conveniently stored on the counter for easy access, but out of sight.  Yup, there's an electrical outlet so everything stays hooked up.  Pull it out, use it, push it back - now you see it, now you don't!  We'll have plenty of counterspace, too.  Instead of fighting to find room when we have people over, there will be plenty of room to put the food out without reaching over three dishes to get to the one you want.  More counterspace usually means more junk piles up, though...

6. The Master Shower - We opted to not have a bath tub in the master bath.  Call us crazy, but the one we currently have is a glorified laundry basket. Seriously, dirty towels pile up in the master bath tub until it's laundry day.  We have used the bath maybe five times a year, and the most frequent user lately has been Aidan.  He likes to play in the bath tub on days we can't go swimming.  So in the new house, we will have a larger shower equipped with two shower heads and a nice bench seat.  The only question is - where do we put the dirty towels?

7. The Views - Sorry neighbors, I like ya, but I'd rather stare out and see beautiful trees, wildlife, and a running creek.  We are country folks, and we look forward to the privacy and sitting on our back porch looking towards the creek.  I foresee many mornings and evenings spent on the back porch just taking in the beauty of the outdoors while watching our boys play.

8. Exercise Room - I recently acquired a barely used elliptical, and I know I will love the convenience of being able to work out at home.  No worrying with gym hours/closures or needing someone to sit in my house while the boys nap, and I work out.  

9. The Dogs' Room - We have a sun room that is intended for our dogs, and unfortunately, we will only have one dog when we move out to the house.  Therefore, Bo has his own room.  Bo will have a doggy door he can go in and out whenever he wants, and the room will have A/C and heat, so he will be one spoiled dog.  It will be nice to not be woken up at 2am to let Bo outside because he heard something...though at the same time, we might be woken by him howling at a squirrel or deer.  Here's hoping Bo can keep his common sense, hah.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Facebook Etiquette?

Sometimes, I wonder why there isn't a list of written etiquette rules for Facebook.  Sure, Facebook has a list of its own rules, but no where does it say you can't post a picture of your kid on the toilet.  I am a parent, I get it, you're proud of your kid.  Heck, we share when our kids first crawl, first walk, so why not first pee on a toilet? Hmmm, that's where I have to draw the line, and I hope you can too, so my news feed has less gag worthy posts.

This is all meant in fun, and obvisiously if you're redirected from Facebook to read my blog, we're still friends.  So I'm not upset, only asking you to reconsider some of the things you post.  For humanity's sake...

So here are my rules
  1. No pictures of people on toilets. No hungover adults hanging over a toilet, and no kids learning to use the toilet.  Embarrassing and inappropriate, plus there are creeps out there, so do you really want that picture available to people on the world wide web?  In addition, no status updates about your kiddos ability to use the toilet.  I scroll Facebook during lunch, I really don't need to read about "#2" while eating.
  2. Selfies - Okay, I get posting a picture of yourself wait, I don't get it, but I'll accept.  However, it's not okay to post multiple takes of one selfie and repeat this three times a day. You quickly earned yourself "hide from newsfeed".  If you feel you need to take this many selfies, at least, put it on InstaGram.
  3. Speaking of InstaGram, is it really necessary to post every picture on IG to Facebook?  Aren't most of your followers and friends the same?  I can understand every once and a while posting in both places, BUT EVERY PICTURE?
  4. Reposting/sharing every news article you see.  This is especially annoying if it's apparent you're not reading the links, only the title, therefore spreading rumors, misconceptions, and hoaxes. 
  5. Tons of political posts (thankfully not the season for an overload of these, but I can't NOT mention this) - limit yourself. Also see Etiquette Rule No. 4. Read them first - reliable source? Real article?
  6. Lovey dovey wall posts to your significant other.  Really...Facebook? Sure, it's your anniversary or some other special occasion is acceptable. But daily? No way. Pick up the phone and call them, leave a special note, or text the message. Facebook doesn't need to see this, and it really makes me wonder if you're hiding something.  Note: Hacked Facebook account posts are okay and funny.
  7. Extremely bad grammar in your status updates.  Before the popularity of smart phones, we had phones that made us hit a button three times for a "c" and a lot of abbreviations were used, such as "where r u?"  However, most people have smart phones OR are typing from a computer, so such short hand language is not acceptable.  You look like an idiot.  I know I make mistakes, but no one mistakenly writes "r" for "are". So SPELL IT OUT, please.
  8. Your status updates are littered with tons of foul language  - is it really necessary? I hope your momma isn't your friend on Facebook, how embarrassing!
  9. Constant "woe is me" and vague posts that really just seek attention.  If you need help, ASK FOR IT.  If not, quit the negativity and DO SOMETHING about it.
  10. Constant status updates. Please, limit yourself to three a day...and that is a lot in my book.  We don't need to know your every move.  If you can't help yourself, get a Twitter account, please.
  11. After perusing Facebook when I shared this blog's link, I found I had to add of dead animals.  That's cool that you hunt, my husband does, but do we need to see the bloody deer?! :/
So what are your rules/annoyances for Facebook? Am I violating one of your rules?