Thursday, September 19, 2013

Laboring Through the Night

Continued from Owen's Birth Story: Part II

Once I was admitted around 8PM on Friday, September 13th, AJ looked at the clock and made a comment how Owen had 4 hours to wait until he could be born, ya know, so he was a Friday the 13th baby.  I was fine either way since I now knew the labor was real and could relax and wait on the wonderful moment when Aidan would choose his debut.

My throat was parched, so I munched on ice chips, talked with my dad and AJ, and breathed through my contractions. Apparently my contractions slowed to 6 minutes apart, but as long as the contractions continued along with dilation, then everything was good. Shortly after midnight, the nurse was going to check me, but she needed me to lay back, and when I did the fetal monitor stopped working.  The monitor's alarm kept beeping as the nurse tried to reposition the monitor.  The head nurse came in to find out what was going on.  She decided she would check me - she must not have read the board to see that I wasn't on any pain meds.  She was not gentle when she checked me, and her check hurt worse than any of the contractions!  Ya know, when my doc checks me, it is quite the uncomfortable feeling because my doc is a man, therefore his hand are bigger.  I was prepared for my doctor's check...I was not prepared for the head nurse's check - glad it was the first and last time she checked me!  Anyway, she stated I was a strong 5 cm, but she emphasized I was between a 5 and 6.  Thus, I had dilated at least one centimeter since being admitted.  This could be a long labor - 1 cm every 4 hours meant 20 hours left! But I knew the contractions would eventually pick up.

I was breathing and relaxing through each contraction - I was imagining my happy place and focusing on the contraction.  I felt I was managing well, and while there was pain, as long as I was breathing and able to relax my mind, I was fine.  However, Around 1:15 AM, I began to feel the pain of the contractions in my quads.  I knew the feeling - I had it with Aidan, and I knew the pain would move down and cause tense Charley horses in my calves.  Since the anesthesiologist was on call and at least 25 minutes away, I told the nurse I thought we should get him here. As the time passed, I suddenly had the urge to go...go #2.  Since I was sitting up, I thought maybe it's a just a feeling as a result from the contractions.  So as I was second guessing what my body wanted to do, I kept thinking, what if I go while pushing? With that lingering thought, I asked the nurse to help me get out of the bed so I could go to the bathroom.  While in the bathroom, I had several contractions, and I thought I was in the safe zone when I stood up. Nope. Thank goodness for the toilet being behind me because the contraction and sciatic pain hit me hard and my legs gave out.  I fell backwards.  As soon as the contraction passed, I hurried up to wash my hands and return to the hospital bed so I didn't fall and hurt myself or Owen.

Around 2 AM, the epidural was in place and the pain quickly faded away.  At this point I was 7 cm and my membranes were bulging according to the nurse. I asked AJ to brush my hair and pull it back because I figured I would get sweaty and would want my hair of my neck.  After AJ helped me, I took the opportunity to take a nap while I could - I slept until 3:30  amI thought the feeling was coming back in my toes...then sure enough I felt the Charley horses in my calves and soon the pain returned all over.  The nurse notified the anesthesiologist so he could redose the epidural.  Again, he was on call so he had to come from his house to administer the dose.  I received the second dose around 4 AM, and I was nearly 10 cm dilated.  I tried to sleep, but I was in and out.  Around 5AM, I was told that  Owen was at station 0 and there only a little remaining cervix, so again, near 10 cm dilated.

At 6AM, the epidural appeared to be wearing off, however, the doctor had arrived, and the nurse thought he would be delivering Owen soon.  If Owen was being delivered soon, the epidural could not be redosed.  However, another woman had come in shortly before the doctor arrived and appeared to be crowning so the doctor had to attend to her first.  The nurse attempted to get the doctor to break my water before making the other delivery, however, there wasn't time.  So once this information was known, probably around 6:30, the anesthesiologist was called.  However, during that time between 6am and re administering the epidural around 7 am, I experienced the worse pain imaginable.

OA on right, OP on left
You see, when the nurse checked Owen at shortly before 6am, she thought he might be OP.  OP is occiput posterior.  This meant that Owen's back was against my back, and you need the baby to present anterior.  According to Spinning Babies, "A posterior presentation aims the top of the head into the pelvis, like an oblong, rather than the circle of the crown."

Owen apparently decided that when the epidural wore off and shortly before birth that he would turn to present to anterior to make delivery easier.  However, he made labor excruciating painful.  The only way to offset the pain of Owen hitting my back and trying to turn was to have AJ put all the force behind his fist and press into my lower back.  In the mean time, I was trying to breath and relax through the contractions, which was not made easy by the sciatic nerve being pressed on simultaneously.  Previously, I was breathing, closing my eyes, and focusing on happy thoughts to manage the contractions.  This pain wasn't subdued by efforts - no, I had to grab the side of the hospital bed, breath loudly, and then shouting and grunting.  Yup, I was one of those screaming women because there was no other way I could manage.  I had to let the pain escape through my mouth.  At this point, the contractions were coming two minutes apart and lasting one minute to a one and half minutes.  I thought the contractions would never stop. 

The nurse kept taking my temperature, my heart rate, and blood pressure.  She became concerned when I was 99 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and started applying cold, wet cloths to my body.  I admit I would have felt better if she had stripped my hospital gown off and poured buckets of ice chips all over me.  I swear I asked for this, but maybe it was a mental thought while the only noise that came out with another scream.  I was pouring sweat, screaming, and every time I heard footsteps, asking if it was Butch.  Butch was the anesthesiologist.  Then I heard he's here. Relief I thought...nope, he was the doctor.  He came in to check on me.  He was even bold enough to grab my hand and tell me that I was doing a good job.  Doesn't he know I will squeeze his hand and possibly break it at this point?!

I'm not sure if the doctor broke my water or whether it broke on it's own.  There's a lot that probably happened in the hour it took to receive another dose of the epidural, but most of it's a blur.  All I remember is clinging to the bed rail, screaming, and redirecting AJ's fists in my back.  I also thought that there's no way I will have the energy to push if I have to continue to fight off this pain.

Finally!At 7 am Butch showed up, and I know I was in a lot of pain, beyond a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10, hah!  But when I saw Butch I smiled, I probably laughed a little.  Butch was wearing an orange shirt under his scrubs, which made me like him even more.  The epidural set in, and I finally stopped feeling the pain.  I could feel pressure in the pelvic area, but not pain.  The nurse believes this pressure was from Owen having turned to the anterior position, and when she checked me, she said I was definitely at 10 cm.  However, the doctor elected to let me rest, especially since it was a shift change.  I clung to the side of the bed rail for the next 45 minutes, while the nurses applied cold cloths to me and fed me ice.  I dozed periodically, and finally, I was woken at 7:45 am.  The nurse who checked me said Owen had dropped even farther and could easily see and feel Owen's head.  She said it was time to push, but before she asked the doctor to come in, she asked me to give one easy push.  She confirmed that Owen was ready, then began setting up the bed for delivery.

The doctor came in and we were set to deliver.  The nurse and AJ lifted my leg into place; AJ stated that he could see Owen's head already.  So I took a deep breath and pushed, then another deep breath and pushed. Owen's head was out, and the doctor remarked that Owen had really broad shoulders. Greaaaat.  I took another breath and sortof pushed, and Owen made his debut at 8 am on the dot!  Owen decided that once his shoulders were out that he would do a flip.  The doctor had to push his chair back to react and actually catch Owen.  Aerobatic Owen, way to make your debut.  I immediately saw some chunky knees, then the nurse put Owen on my chest as AJ asked to cut the cord.  AJ and I both said we thought Owen was bigger than Aidan weight wise.

AJ brushed my hair before taking pictures
Soon the nurses took Owen to clean him up and weigh him.  The nurse confirmed our suspicions as Owen weighed in at 9 lbs 1 ounce!  The nurse gave Owen back to me as another nurse help deliver my placenta.  Then the doctor sewed up my tear, only 2nd degree this time.  My bleeding subsided quickly, and the stitches were quickly in place.  I was able to enjoy Owen and finally able to drink some water! Owen latched and nursed well.

Owen was officially 9 lb 1 oz, 21.5" and head was 13.5".  As soon as the nurse could I requested a menu because I was hungry!  But this time, I avoided the eggs and cheese in hopes of avoiding a gassy and upset baby.  Thus, I ordered french toast and sausage links, and they were delicious...

Glad to finally meet Owen
Aidan wanted to hold Owen

Here's Aidan's Birth story just for comparison.  There are many similarities, however, the end of labor and pushing differ greatly along with the immediate recovery.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

100% Loaded???

 Continued from Owen's Birth Story: Part I

I should have added a "?"
I admit, I was frustrated Friday morning when the contractions were nonexistent.  I was so excited and hopeful on Thursday.  I just knew that when the contractions were around 4 minutes apart, there was no way it could be false labor.  Or perhaps Owen had some way at looking at a calendar and decided debuting on Friday the 13th was not his plan.  Perhaps he wanted to be more like his big brother and come on a Saturday.  Either way, Owen had decided he was not ready yet.

However, I was BOUND and DETERMINED to try as many Old Wives Tales to restart labor.  As soon as AJ took Aidan off to daycare (around 9AM), I harnessed up Bo and went for a walk around the neighborhood.  Bo is only good for a little over a mile, so we walked about 1.33 miles in 25 minutes.  I felt some tightening, but no contractions.

So I thought, I would pretend like I cared to nest and began a load of laundry, cleaning the bathrooms, and cleaning the hardwood floors.  I figured the scrubbing and mopping motions would be helpful.  Time passed and several more loads of laundry later, nothing.  So for lunch, I opted for pineapple and spicy food.  Still nothing.  In addition, whenever I decided to sit down, I was sitting on my yoga ball bouncing. Reading, eating, or just trying to jump start labor - bouncing away on my yoga ball.

Have you heard the saying "what got you in this situation can help you get out of this situation" in regards to being pregnant.  Well, count that as an OWT attempt.  Then around 2 PM, I decided to go for another walk, sans Bo.  I figured I needed at least two miles and a better pace, ya know, since I don't have a need to stop and pee on bushes like Bo does.  I might have the urge to pee...but I would keep walking.  So while I was walking, I felt tightening, and occasionally something more, but I dared not to have hope or excitement.  Also, one of my friends who is also pregnant suggested walking one foot on the curb and one foot off.  While we don't have concrete sidewalks and curbs, the asphalt is slightly banked, and I tried to walk uneven so it would have a similar affect as if there were a concrete curb.  Also due to this suggestion, when I arrived home and thought hey, that might be a contraction, I busted out the Wii and did some step aerobics while I cautiously time contractions.

The contractions came back at 4 minutes apart lasting under 1 minute, but I was going to get my hopes up.  I did call AJ to tell him the news just in case.  I continued to time contractions and wait for AJ and Aidan to come home.  I didn't know if Owen was serious or tricking me again, but I decided I should eat dinner.  When Aidan came home, I told AJ I thought this time was real labor since I was now meeting the 4 1 1 requirement.

In addition, I lost part of my mucus plug.  I really thought I had peed myself, but when I went to the bathroom, I was surprised by what I saw.  At first, I was hesitant and not sure what I was seeing, but a quick google search (I suggest not doing that unless you really need to) confirmed it was part of my mucus plug.  And I was under the belief that if I was losing my plug surely these contractions caused me to dilate.  I knew I needed to be at least 4 cm dilated and experiencing contractions to be admitted to the hospital.

AJ showered while Aidan and I hung out in the bedroom.  I put on Elmo for Aidan and let him eat dinner in the bed!  I know, I was spoiling him, but he did not seem to mind.

The contractions were definitely a sharper pain and lasting over a minute.  After AJ was out of the shower, he packed up the truck to get ready for the hospital.  I called my dad to see if he was around to meet us at the hospital just in case I was actually admitted.

I asked that dad not call or alert anyone else because I could be experiencing another episode of false labor.  Dad was in the midst of fixing dinner and needed a shower, too, so the timing would be perfect if I was admitted.

AJ, Aidan and I scurried off to the hospital.  It was a difference experience walking into the hospital with it still light out and not stopping because I couldn't walk due to the sciatic nerve pain.

We arrive at Labor and Delivery and begin the checking in process.  There was a lady giving birth, and Aidan could hear her.  His facial expression was priceless - he wasn't sure what was happening, but you could tell he wanted no part in finding out!  After checking in, they move us to a labor room where I would have to undress and receive monitors for the baby and the contractions.  The nurse asked me all sorts of questions and finally she checked my cervix.

I was nervous...I didn't want to go home, I wanted this to be the real thing.  I was ready to get the show on the road and meet Owen soon.  So as the nurse checked and then rechecked, I was hesitant that there was going to be good news.

Then the nurse said, you're 4 to 5 cm's, we're admitting you.  The wait was over!  Now it was time to see what those contractions would do and how fast this labor would move!  With the good news, AJ and Aidan left to go meet my dad while I continued to answer another million questions the nurse had.

Owen's Birth Story: Part III

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


So I took this picture early Friday morning thinking at some point I would wake Anthony, call my neighbor to come watch Aidan, and head to the hospital.  But like Tuesday, Owen was only preparing for birth, and he wasn’t ready to make his debut yet.
Keeping track of CX on Tuesday
Flash back to Tuesday, I woke up with mild contractions spaced 30 minutes to 45 minutes apart.  In addition, my back was sore and I know I woke up a lot throughout the night. While I knew the contractions had to get closer together and more intense, I also had pelvic pressure much like I did with Aidan the day before I gave birth to him.  As the day went on, the contractions did get closer together, but then they tapered off.  However, the contractions did DO something – I dilated 1 to 2 cm from the last week I was checked, which put me at 2 to 3 cm.
Wednesday was a quiet day, and if the doctor had not told me that my cervix had progressed, I would have thought I was the crazy pregnant lady reading into every little thing when I knew Braxton Hick contractions and prodomal labor could occur and give false hope.

Then Thursday morning started out like Tuesday – sporadic, mild contractions throughout the morning.  But unlike Tuesday, some of the contractions were sharp and time between them was definitely growing shorter.  Around 3 PM, I had a meeting with coworkers to provide turnover on my work just in case I had Owen before Monday.  The last few weeks, I had provided my boss a just in case email, but this week took a more serious turn because my due date was only 4 days away.  My boss also found out that I was having contractions insert freak out here by him, but again, they could be false like Tuesday or never get close enough to mean anything.  However, that was not the case on Thursday afternoon.  When the meeting appeared to take longer than I could withstand, I finally said it’s probably a good idea that I leave work since my contractions were less than 5 minutes apart and just under a minute in length. Insert more freakouts by male coworkers.  Guys, I’m not going to have the baby right here, but I need to get home in order to be able to get to the hospital if this is real.  Well, they were concerned, and sent another coworker to follow me home just in case I couldn’t drive through the contractions. I could, again, very manageable at this point.
I called AJ and told him about the contractions.  He left where he was at to pick up Aidan so I could head straight home.  I made it home with no issues, as I expected, and waved good bye to my coworker.  Aidan greeted me at the door, put his hand on my stomach and said “baby coming”.  He had me tear up.  
AJ jumped in the shower while Aidan and I played in his room.  I continued to track my contractions, and all signs pointed to this being the real deal.  However, I wasn’t at the 4 1 1 stage yet.  Contractions less than 4 minutes apart, lasting at least 1 minutes, for 1 hour.  So I took my bath and gave Aidan one, too, because I didn’t know when I would be able to give him one again (assuming I would give birth).  Then we went out to eat at a restaurant near the hospital just in case.  I had pizza, wings and a Diet Pepsi, seemed like a fitting meal.  The contractions actually picked up intensity and were near the 4 minute spacing, however, I still felt I wasn’t there yet.  We finished dinner, then headed home where I figured I would continue to manage the contractions.

Snuggling before bedtime
I put Aidan to sleep.  Normally, we read to him, give him hugs and kisses, and finally tuck him in and leave the room.  Not tonight, I felt like it was our last night as a family of three, so I rocked him to sleep and cried while do so.  It was an emotional moment, but I was glad I had the opportunity to do it.  Our world was about to change, and I wanted to savor the last few moments.
AJ went to bed while I stayed up.  I watched a little bit of the TCU game before closing my eyes to try and rest.  I slept on and off for maybe 5 hours. I slept on the couch because my back was hurting, and I was moving around a lot, so I was trying to allow AJ to sleep.  Though I swear Bo rolled his eyes at me each time he felt he needed to get up and move because I did.  I would occasionally have a stronger contraction that would wake me, and then I would be up for another 15 to 20 minutes to time the contractions.  At 4am, I could no longer sleep, therefore, I decided to fold laundry while bouncing on a yoga ball, clean the kitchen, and make sure the nursery was ready.  Contractions were about 10 minutes apart, but by 6am, they were virtually nonexistent.  When AJ and Aidan woke up around 7:30 am, the contractions were gone. Even the back pain was gone.
So we were back to waiting

Owen's Birth Story: Part II

Monday, September 16, 2013

Week 39

I am writing this blog post as I am timing contractions.  So it'll be short because there will be a birth story post that will be more detailed.

How far along: 39 weeks 4 days

How big is baby?:
According to the APP, I'm Expecting: Started the Week 38 as the size of a Mini Watermelon
and is about to be a Small Pumpkin. 
Weight gain?: 1 this week, 34 total

Stretch marks?: Still lucky - none so far

Sleep has been good but I wake often.  I get uncomfortable sleeping on my shoulder goes to sleep and my hips ache, so I need to change sides.

Best moment?:  Spending our last evening as a family of 3.

Aidan eating apple sauce and watching Elmo

Worst moment?: None this week!

Food cravings?: More salty foods

Symptoms?:  RLP, some morning sickness, acne, exhaustion, getting up to pee, some swelling, pelvic pressure

walked at least 3 miles that I tracked plus some extra walking for work.  No weight lifting this week - also, my gym membership expires September 15 after 7 years.

Movement?: Lots of kicking...apparently Owen was not a fan of contractions.

Belly button?:
100% outie, but almost non existent.

What I miss?: Being able to put on my shoes easily.  When Owen dropped a little lower, he made it difficult to put on shoes (or pee in a cup or wipe).

Labor signs?
: On Tuesday, I had sporadic contractions that tapered off in the evening, then disappeared.  However, per my doc, I was dilated 2 to 3 cm on Wednesday.  Then on Thursday, sporadic contractions started and as the day went on, they became closer and stronger.

What I'm looking forward to?
Meeting Owen!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Week 38

As I post this, there is less than 8 days until my due date!  Single digit count down.

 Have I mentioned that if Owen comes on a Tuesday, we will all celebrate our birthdays on the same day of the week?!

So there was a moment this week where I thought early labor was starting, but it was silly BH contractions...and my first thought was it's Wednesday, you missed Tuesday by a few hours, Owen!  But it was a false alarm.  Anyway, September 10th and 17th looks great if you're listening to me, Owen. 

How far along: 38 weeks 6 days

How big is baby?:
According to the APP, I'm Expecting: Started the Week 38 as the size of a Celery Bunch
and is about to be a Mini Watermelon. 
Weight gain?: 1 this week, 33 total

Stretch marks?: Still lucky - none so far

I can't seem to sleep through the night without waking!  Whether I need to get up to pee or am just wide awake.  I also seem to wake just before 6 am on my days off and then toss and turn until Aidan gets up.

Best moment?:  Enjoying a lazy Labor Day with neighbors and getting quality time with Aidan.  I also enjoyed picking Aidan up on his birthday and taking him home to celebrate.

My little fish

He wanted me to rock him to sleep, and I obliged

Worst moment?:  Aidan being diagnosed with croup and an ear infection at his 2 year appointment.  When he woke up at 3 am with a cough and sounding like a seal, we were suspicious.  The doctor confirmed he had croup.

I know Aidan isn't feeling well when he goes for a wagon ride and doesn't try to climb out 2 seconds down the road.

Food cravings?: Salty foods and after all the weekend outings, hot dogs.  Neither craving is a good one.

Symptoms?:  RLP, some morning sickness, acne, exhaustion

I can still wear my steel toed boots and can see my ankles, I seriously think the 200+ ounces of water is the difference this time.  I am walking a lot for work, more than I was last time, so not swelling isn't due to me resting more.

I walked a lot for work, and added in another 4+ miles at home.  I was able to get to the gym once to lift weights, so I did a full body weight routine instead of focusing on the upper or lower body.

Movement?: Lots of kicking and what feels like rolling/shifting. 

Belly button?:
100% outie, but almost non existent.

What I miss?: Being able to easily back up out of a parking space.  It's hard to turn around to back up, especially when I am in a work truck that has more blind spots.  I try to find parking spaces where I can pull through - I'll walk much farther if it means no backing up!

Labor signs?
:More Braxton Hicks and some back pain, but it went away when I walked around, and then BH contractions have been non existent.
My doc did say my cervix was softening, though no additional dilation.

So, I'm trying out the Old Wives' Tales - so far, spicy food, walking and pineapple.

TMI: I thought labor was also near since my body has been cleaning itself out, which happened just a few days before I went into labor with Aidan.  Guess not!

What I'm looking forward to?
If Owen stays put until the weekend, AJ and I might take Aidan to the circus that is coming to town.  It's AJ's weekend off, and Clemson isn't playing, so we would love to have one last family outing just the three of us.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Dear Owen,

Tuesday came and went - you know that was my birthday, and I told my mom I wanted a baby brother for my birthday.  So you're late, but that's okay, momma said you wanted me to have a few books.  Somehow you already knew I love Elmo, and I really enjoyed the Big Brother book.  

But I am not writing you to thank you for the books, I am writing you to let you know it's okay if you're nervous.  I know you still have time to cook, as momma says, but as a toddler, you have to understand I am a little impatient and am ready to meet you.  

Do you know that I kiss momm'a belly? I also often give her belly hugs.  I tell her I am hugging Owen, and I am ready to actually kiss and hug you, baby brother.  Momma has watched me hold my baby doll, give him his pacifier, and feed the baby.  I am ready, Owen, ready to be the best big brother ever, I just need you here.

When I wake up in the middle of the night and go to momma and daddy's room, I make momma go back and get my baby doll.  When I watch Elmo at night, I have my baby doll right beside me, and when I go to sleep, I hug my baby doll.  Owen, I can't wait to cuddle you like momma cuddles me.

One day, I noticed momma had set up some new furniture in the nursery.  She said the swing was for a baby when I tried to sit in it.  So I grabbed my rocking chair from my room and put it in front of the swing.  Then I yelled for momma to bring me my baby doll.  I put my baby doll in the swing, then pushed the swing back and forth.  But then I realized I was sitting in a rocking chair, so I grabbed my baby doll and rocked him in the chair.

You see Owen, I am preparing myself for the role of a big brother.  I know I will have to make adjustments, and there will be times I don't think I like you, but I know I'll love you from the moment I see you.  I will help momma and daddy take care of you.  I'm ready, I promise.  I know it's hard for you to understand, and while I have enjoyed the past two years having momma and daddy to myself, I am ready to have a buddy I can play with every day.  I know I have to wait for you to grow up before we can run together, but there will be other activities we can do in the mean time.

You see, Owen, I know how to jump, and when you're old enough, momma can put you in my old jumper.  You can jump it in, and I can jump on the floor beside you.  I can teach you how to roll over, pet Bo, and when the time comes, I will show you how to crawl.  And Owen, I can't wait to hold your hand when you're ready to take your first steps...but I'll keep holding your hand and keep you safe as you learn to navigate our world on your two feet.

We also have a cousin Owen, and momma can tell you how I kissed her, how I behaved when momma held her, and how I wanted to hold her.  Momma says I have to work on my baby holding, but I am practicing, baby brother.  I want to be able to hold you.

So please, don't be nervous.  I'm ready to be a big brother.  I'm ready to run to your room and get momma whatever she needs, and I can help feed you when momma lets you have a bottle.  But most of all, I'm ready to love you.  So please, don't make me wait much longer, I can barely contain my excitement.  Plus, momma's lap is getting too small for me to sit in, and I promise it will be easier for us to share it when you're here.

Can't wait to meet you - Love,

Big Brother Aidan

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Week 37

College football has returned, and Owen has decided not to make his debut on the opening day for Clemson Tigers as his brother did. heart was racing during the game, and I was nervous, but no extra surprises!

How far along: 37 weeks 6 days

How big is baby?:
According to the APP, I'm Expecting: Started the Week 37 as the size of a Leek
and is about to be a Celery Bunch.

Weight gain?:
0 this week, 32 total

Stretch marks?: Still lucky - none so far

Sleep was better this week - I was able to get more comfortable most nights and sleep through the night.  Though there are some nights I would wake for no reason and have difficulty falling back asleep.

Best moment?:  Celebrating Aidan's birthday with our families!  We elected to do a small gathering this year due to everything we have going on - pregnancy and the house.  We really enjoyed spending the time with our families and more time with my new niece!

Worst moment?:  Nothing that I can think of this week.

Food cravings?: I  wasn't craving melocreme pumpkins until I went grocery shopping and was ecstatic that the Halloween candy was on display!  Here's to two months of bad-for-me candy.

Symptoms?:  RLP, some morning sickness, acne, exhaustion, little swelling, and a very itchy stomach sometimes

Though I looked at my blogs from Aidan's pregnancy, and I had cankles by this time and couldn't fit into my steel toed boots.  Well, this time around, I haven't had that issue yet.  However, I have been diligent about drinking my water, usually around 200 ounces a day, especially if I am at work. I keep the bottle caps at work (16.9 ounces per bottle) so I don't lose track!

I walked a lot for work, but I was only able to lift weights once this week.  Just taking it easy.  Soon I'll be able to return to my normal routine, but I know it's best I take it easy.

Movement?: Owen is rolling, kicking and punching.  I swear he was going to knock the wind out of me this week with one of his kicks.  I also woke to a punch that caused my leg to charley horse. :/ 

Belly button?:
100% outie.

What I miss?: Football season is here, so I'll say beer.  I'll take to smelling AJ's.  

Labor signs?
:Silly Braxton Hicks contractions - they really mess with your mind, but as soon as I stood and walked, the BH disappeared.  I had a cervix check on Wednesday, and while the doctor said I was 1 cm dilated, I know I could stay that way for several weeks, so not getting my hopes up!

TMI: So in addition to having my cervix checked, the doctor informed me I had a yeast infection. Really? Y'all just checked me on Friday.  She asked if I had noticed the, I have had swelling that was confirmed as pregnancy related, so no, I didn't think the additional swelling was out of the ordinary.  Plus, I have never experienced a YI, so I had no idea.

Also, never trust a fart...not sure what's going on, if my body is purging like it did last time a few days before labor, but yeah.  That's all I am going to say about that.

What I'm looking forward to?
Meeting Owen...