Saturday, June 23, 2012

Tubes in the Ears

After months of fighting ear infections and Aidan patiently taking various medications, we received a referral to see an ENT.  I was anxious about the visit and Aidan needing tubes.  You see, I have had ear trouble and tubes multiple times, and I had hoped Aidan could avoid ear problems.

Side Story(ies) - I can't clap in sync, I can't do jump n jacks with a group, and I have a hard time differentiating tones.

I am a die hard Clemson fan, and even the Clemson cheer that requires rhythm is hard for me.

The one test I attempted to cheat on was a test that would allow me to enter into band. The test was not a curriculum test, but the score would be a starting point for being allowed in band.  I really wanted to play the violin, so I thought being in band would help. When the test began, and I had to differentiate between tones, rhythms, and notes, I was LOST.  People all around me where marking their scan tron, and I thought every sound clip I heard was the same.  So I peered around to see what people were marking in order to understand what they heard, but in the end, I didn't hear anything different.  Thus, I failed miserably and never made it into bad.  At that point, I gave up hopes of ever playing the violin.

Jump to the future...I am playing softball in a critical  playoff game, and I hit a nice blooper to the outfield.  Due to other circumstances on the field, I thought I could take second base, so I kept running.  Two first base coaches were yelling for me to come back to first.  Our dugout of players were yelling for me to get back to first.  All I heard was noise...when there is that many voices coming at my ears, they all blend together to be "blaaaaaaaaaaah blah blah blah".  I made it to second safely, the only problem was our other player was still on second, so I attempted to run back to first and be safe...sadly even a last ditch effort to dive was not enough.

Back to Aidan's ears.  Due to my history, I was nervous and sad that Aidan might suffer the same fate as I did.  However, after a wonderful first appointment with Dr. Moretz in Augusta, GA, I was excited for Aidan to receive tubes.  I wish this doctor was a pediatrician.  His bed side manner was spectacular, and he was very informative and patient with us.  We were able to view the inside of Aidan's ears on a computer screen while Dr. Moretz explained the entire concern with the ears.  Once Dr. Moretz determined Aidan needed tubes, he took the time to explain the procedure and put us at ease.  The tube procedure was scheduled four days later.  Not only does his office schedule appointments quickly, they also send appointment reminders by email and send the doctor's report.

The procedure.  Dr. Moretz prefers to perform the tube insertion procedure in his office for kids under 2.  This means no anesthesia, food restrictions, or worrying with post-op recovery.  We were in the doctor's office for approximately one hour.  The first 30 minutes we waited for the numbing medicine to take affect, which I know it worked well since I kissed Aidan on the check and got some of the medicine on my lips that.  My lips went numb in 5 minutes and stayed numb for two hours! The next half of the procedure required us holding Aidan down while a laser created the holes in the ears, then the fluids being sucked out of his ears, and finally the tubes placed in his ears.  Aidan only cried from being held down (from all the doctor visits), but once I picked him up, he was happy.

The first night Aidan was home, he slept through the night...and every night following the surgery.  Dr. Moretz predicted this would happen, but I was skeptical since Aidan would be able to hear all the noises he was missing out on (he was diagnosed with 40% hearing loss), but Dr. Moretz was right.  Aidan did not have pressure on his ears anymore since the fluid had a place to escape.

Over the next week, Aidan had a lot of fluid and nasty gunk coming out of his ears.  He also began trying to pull up and get on his knees to crawl.  In 2.5 weeks, he crawled and has not stopped since.  He's a completely different kid now, and I am so thankful for Dr. Moretz and the tubes.

It's Been A While

I know, I am neglecting the blog.  I have several blog ideas in my head that kept being delayed as I attempted to write them.

Anyway, quick update...
Aidan received tubes in both of his ears (will detail later)
We went on an exciting camping/boating trip to the upstate of SC.  
Aidan turned 9 months and is still in the 90th percentile for weight and height.  He gets mad when he sees the doctor and his nurse, but has no issue with the nurse who administers the shots.

First Father's Day.

Aidan began crawling and now we are on high alert. See video below.

Aidan Crawls for Dog Food