Friday, February 28, 2014

Surviving the Ice Storm - A Photo Dump

I had this funny story written up about Ice Storm Pax, and all I needed to do was add pictures, but I lost it. Oy. So instead of rewriting it, I'm going to do a photo dump.

A few days BEFORE this awful weather


We woke up to this Wednesday morning:

Thought I can enjoy this unexpected day off with boys

Aidan was bored inside and wanted to play outside

Then we lost power, and watched and listened to trees starting to fall

Look at the bottom right picture for the first fallen tree that I saw

Keeping the Milk cold

 Entertaining the boys (thank goodness for battery operated toys)

Layering up Owen

Baby legs and onesie then fleece jammies

Camping out and singing songs

Venturing out to secure a hotel room and find a hot meal

The next day...hotel room fun

Escape to Charleston

We left shorts, quality cousin time, and a Valentine day dance (Aidan LOVED IT)

More Fun in Charleston

Traveled back on Monday hoping for Power (and there was none)

Our Travel Bags and Gear

Tuesday, power was restored at lunch time...not pictured, but I had a BIG SMILE on my face.

Then we did this on the weekend...go figure, SC.

Losing the power was inconvenient, but there were so many people who HAD to work and risk their lives in the awful weather.  I can't thank them enough - first and foremost, the linemen - the locals and especially the ones who came out of state and stayed for over a week.  Next the emergency crews - law enforcement, nurses, doctors, and firemen.  Then the road and debris clearing crews.  And for my sanity sake's - the hotel staff, the people at CVS and Dollar Tree (and other stores that managed to open), the gas station employees, and the fast food workers.  Also, my family and friends who opened their homes and lives to us (esp the Charleston folks, thanks for letting us crash your parties). THANK YOU!  We could not have survived the power outage without you...I tried to remain optimistic, but coming home Monday with news of no power (still) was heartbreaking, thank goodness for Owen's smiles.