Monday, September 26, 2011

The Third Week

We took Aidan to his two week check up where we hoped that he would have regained his weight that he was at birth.  Well, the little over achiever not only gained back the weight to reach 8 pounds 9 ounces, but added an additional 13 ounces along with growing half an inch.  The pediatrician told us to expect a growth spurt in the next little boy is growing fast!

This week, we had to deal with a clogged duct in Aidan's left eye.  It only required wiping it with a warm wash cloth every so often and massaging right below the eye.

Since Aidan had reached his birth weight, we were able to start using bottles to feed him breast milk.  The transition is important since I will go back to work after 3 months.  The first feeding with a bottle went great, but he sucked down the milk so fast that he had lots of trapped air = gas.  We learned that Dr. Brown's colic bottles and the Avent bottles work best since the flow isn't so fast.  Aidan sucks down the food from the Tommy Tippee's, so we'll hold off on using those.

I also put Aidan in the swing, and for the first time, he liked it!  He slept for two hours.  Three other times, we have been successful using the swing and Aidan liking it.

When Aidan is in the swing, our dogs like to try and stand up on their hind legs and look at Aidan, but with the swing moving, they don't know what to do.  It's funny to watch the dogs.  They are definitely loving Aidan - they stick it out when he's up at 2am screaming his head off from gas. 
Walks continued, with most being good, though sometimes he gets fussy.  One day I had to carry him the whole walk.  Had I known he wanted to be carried, I would have tried using my K'tan wrap.  Speaking of baby wearing, I have not been successful in wearing Aidan  - he has fussed every time.  But then I found out he had a wet diaper, had to burp, or wanted to eat, Again!  Oh well, I'll keep trying.

As always, for more pictures, you can visit

All About Mom

For 9 months, I enjoyed the absence of my monthly friend, but I quickly learned that my body more than makes up for it after birth.  I knew before birth that there was something called "lochia" that occurs after birth, but I didn't know it be like having your period for weeks straight.  Ugh, not fun.
Last week, which I failed to mention, I drove for the first time since birth.  I was told not to drive for a week, and I waited approximately one week and an hour.  The second time I drove was a week and three days later!

The blood surrounding my eye is almost gone, there's just a faint line right around my cornea.  Again, no pain, it just looks bad.  However, now unless you're looking for it, you don't really notice it.

It's becoming less uncomfortable to sit up straight, so I guess the healing process is going well.  I go to the doctor October 3rd for my check up, and I'm hoping to be cleared for working out.

Breastfeeding is going well, and I am trying to take every precaution to avoid clogged ducts, thrush, and mastitis. 

I will admit that there has been some frustrating days and nights, mostly due to Aidan not being able to expel the trapped air.  I have definitely cried some just out of aggravation and feeling bad for Aidan, but we got past those nights, hopefully.  I can deal with the cluster eating as long as he burps afterwards.  It's the difficult burping and trapped air that leads to us all being upset.  We're learning...

Co Sleeping - I never thought I would do it.  I don't want my child dependent upon going to sleep in my bed and not his own.  However, with all the fussiness and lack of sleep, we have coslept several times, especially right after a feeding.  We leave a lamp on so that we can wake up and see Aidan at all times.  We know cosleeping can be dangerous, but it can also be beneficial.  We take every precaution possible, and in the end, it works for us.  It's not every night, but on those fussy nights, we feel there is no other option.  Don't knock it before you try it. Plus, you can wake up and adore that cute little face as he wakes up.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Second Week

All About Aidan

This week, we began the transition to using cloth diapers, and I think Aidan was happy about the decision!  We were using disposable diapers since he had the circumcision, and we needed to keep vaseline on him.  Vaseline and cloth diapers don't mix so well.  I definitely noticed a diaper rash starting, and since he's a newborn, you're not suppose to use anything other than vaseline on the skin.  But all is well now!   We have had a flew blow outs, but thanks to the bidet system we installed on the toilet, I was able to easily wash out the cloth diaper - this only occurred once, otherwise everything is going as expected.
Aidan had several more visitors - family came over on Sunday and Wednesday, a highschool friend came over Monday, and some coworkers came over Thursday and Friday.  He mostly sleeps through the visits, unless they're long ones, and he has to eat.

For the most part, Aidan eats every two hours, and before my bedtime, I try to feed him every hour so he sleeps longer at night.  He typically will sleep 3-4 hours at night, which allows me to get plenty of rest except when he is having trouble with trapped air.  There were a few rough nights, but we're hoping that some of the gas relief drops will help him.

Aidan also went for his first walk at 11 days old - in fact, he went for two that day for a total of 2.5 miles.  It was a short walk, but it felt great to get outside.  Aidan fussed at first but as soon as the stroller was moving he calmed down and went to sleep.  The hardest part of the walk was trying to keep the sun off of him.     

Aidan goes back for his 2 week check up on Monday, and we're hoping he's at least gained back the 6 oz he lost after birth.  Hopefully he has and breast milk has been enough for him.  We also hope that we can introduce a bottle so AJ can start helping out with the feedings.

I love his smiling face that I was able to capture after he was fed and burped.  Aidan has found his thumb and index finger and likes to suck on them from time to time, but mostly he tries to eat his whole fist.  We have given him a pacifier when he wants it, but if he doesn't he lets you know!

Developments this week:
  • Aidan is more wide awake this week.  I have started using finger puppets and rattlers when he's awake.  Just a little stimulation.
  • He had a blocked tear duct, but with a little massage and cleaning, it went away. (I was also told breast milk is a good remedy, and it was used to! It's also supposedly good for baby zits)
  • He definitely sleeps for a longer period at night ~ 4 hours
  • Aidan moves his head a lot - I was a bit surprised because I know baby's neck muscles are still developing, but Aidan picks his up a lot to look around.
All About Mom
Remember, so info you might not want to know... (TMI could follow)
2 Week PP
Recovery  has been going quite well.  It's no longer uncomfortable to sit for long periods or through a feeding in the rocker.  I started back walking this week, but only short walks just to be on the safe side.  With this fall weather coming, I will have more opportunities to walk, especially since this week I felt limited to early mornings or late afternoons.  At both of these times, I am extremely exhausted and choose to either sleep or relax.  It feels weird to sleep to 8 or 9 am, but when I only sleep a few hours at a time, I guess it's what my body needs!  I can't wait until I feel normal waking up at 6am.
So like last week, here's an update on my recovery and things I learned:
  •   The angry hemorrhoids have calmed down from a grape to a raisin.  However, I ran out of the prescription cream, so I need to call the OB office to see if I can have a refill instead of waiting 2 weeks until my appointment.
  • I was extremely excited to be able to sleep on my stomach again.  Well, I learned that you cannot sleep on your stomach when you breastfeed.  Not only is it not good for your milk production, but you will leak so much you think you wet the bed 10 times during the night.  Ugh, no fun. 
  • My eye only has a little bit of blood left in it.
  • My stitches are healing and I use the peri bottle less, BUT it feels like I have a tampon in constantly and that it should have been taken out 24 hours ago (Remember, you were warned of TMI...).  Hopefully this feeling will pass soon.
  • The second week is definitely exhausting.  I thought we were doing good the first week, but I guess we were in the honeymoon phase.  That's okay, I still love looking at Aidan when he's sleeping (or wide awake!).
  • There's no need for deodorant while at home...Yes, I haven't worn any since I gave birth and why should I?  I hang around the house all day, and the two times I went out, I quickly darted out the door so I could be back for the next feeding - so I forgot to put on deodorant.  I do shower every day, so it's not all bad.
  • I'm also happy to report that I have no stretch marks.  The linea nigera is still around, but less prominent around my innie belly button.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

The First Week

You know what's awesome about Aidan being born on September 3rd (besides now being able to hold, love, snuggle, etc) - he shares the same day of the week as AJ and I do for our birthdays and anniversary.  So next year, all of our birthdays and our wedding anniversary will be on Sunday.  How cool is that?  (Don't get me started on the likelihood of this occurring - I'll do the math)

Anyway, so I guess this blog will have to take a whole new direction since the journey is complete - Aidan is on the outside.  So I will try and have a weekly update on his journey through life.  And as I recover from delivery, I'll keep a weekly mom update - it'll be the last part of the blog so for those that don't want to read all the TMI stuff, you can quit after reading about Aidan's week.

And let's start this week off with a cute picture of Aidan - so many to choose from, but AJ was really excited about the tractors he bought Aidan (one is a replica of the equipment AJ used to clear our land), so I will show off his tractor "photoshoot."

6 days old
If you want to ohhh and ahhh Aidan, there are plenty of pictures uploaded here:

Not long after birth, I breastfeed Aidan, and ever since, he has fed like a champ!  It is so funny to watch him root around and latch on that I look forward to these moments.  Sometimes, he is mad when we wake him with a diaper change that I swear he takes it out on me when he feeds!  He clamps down...and AJ laughs.  Thanks hun, that felt great.

I did send Aidan back to the nursery each night, but I told them to wake me for feedings and that he was not to be fed in the nursery.  I had no problem waking up and feeding Aidan through out the night, though sometimes he just wanted to go back to sleep, and I had to undress him and rub cold water on his back along with blowing cool air on him to wake him! 

We did elect to have Aidan circumcised, so that procedure occurred on Sunday.  They did have to redress the circumcision due to a drop of blood, but other than that, no problems.  On Monday, the pediatrician looked at the circumcision, and he was observed for 15 minutes in the nursery.  He was given a clean bill of health so in 48 hours after birth, Aidan was discharged from the hospital (that's his new Clemson blanket in the picture, though you can't see the paw).

2 Days Old
Once home, it was our job as parents to begin to figure out all the quirks that made Aidan happy and those that made him cry. Was it gas? Did he need to burp? Was his diaper wet? Was that a fart or a dirty diaper? Is he hungry? Why is his shirt wet? How many wet diapers was that?  There's so much to learn and so much to remember.

On Wednesday, we had to take Aidan to his first pediatrician appointment.  I made sure I fed him right before we had to leave so that he wouldn't get hungry while we were out.  Well, the doctor's office screwed up - they told me 1:30, and when they wrote up our chart for the nurse, they put down 2:00 for the appointment.  Then, they were running 20 minutes behind, so we waited 50 minutes to be seen.  Guess Aidan thought he would show them or us

Funny but gross story to follow...

We go to the room and undress Aidan so he can be weighed, have his temperature taken, and have the doctor check him out for anything of concern.  So the nurse takes his rectal temperature since it's the most accurate. As soon as she pulls out the thermometer, Aidan poops all over the table. We start cleaning him up, and he farts several times in AJ's face. As we think we are getting the situation under control, he continues to poop. I mean, massive amounts of mustard yellow poop. Then he pees all over himself. I am dying laughing and crying because I am laughing so hard.  AJ is calm and continues to wipe up poop from the table. And as we think everything is under control, Aidan gives us one more big dose of nasty poop. Poor kid is crying as we try to clean him up, and of course, he still has to be weighed so we can't dress him. I don't understand how something so small can produce so much!

I really could not stop laughing...I couldn't believe how much I was crying either.    I had no control over my reaction, I tried to calm down. Such a crazy event, but now Aidan has a lot smaller dirty diapers - not sure why he wasn't pooping very often. 

After we left, AJ said something along the lines of "thanks for laughing at us"...I was helping clean up, once I caught my breath from laughing.

Such a traumatic day for the poor little boy.  Once we were done, we rushed home because it was time to feed Aidan, and who can blame the guy for being cranky!

I should also mention that we saw a 2 week old baby in the waiting room who was so tiny compared to Aidan.  I whispered to AJ that she (the other baby) was the size I was expecting.  I believe the mom said she was 7lbs. and 19" long...amazing the difference what 1.5 lbs and 2.5" inches makes!

5 Days Old

What we learned this week:
  • Aidan does not like his arms swaddled in the blanket - he loves to move them about while he sleeps or hold them next to his face.
  • When checking the diaper, even if it's already wet, cover his man parts!  He will pee, and it will go everywhere.  If bathing him, watch out for the the stream of pee surely to hit you because of the warm water.
  • Babies have more loads of laundry in a week then both parents combined.
  • Hiccups can be caused by overeating...didn't think he would over eat, but I guess some of the feeding Aidan was doing was actually a soothing method.  Change diapers first, feed second!
  • Aidan is too big for newborn onesies.
All About Mom

Due to the 2nd and 3rd degree tears and the location of one of the tears, I had to have a catheter after I was stitched up.  It was removed 10 hours later, however, I was definitely afraid of peeing, but it was a requirement, and it had to be witnessed by the nurse.  I am typically a very modest person - at the gym, I change in a stall, not out in the open locker room.  However, I realize that I just gave birth and am now recovering from it, so all modesty and shyness goes out the window!  Anyway, I was greatly amazed that there was no stinging or pain when I went to the bathroom.  It was nice to be free of the catheter and not worry about which way I turned in the bed! I still had to wear ice packs and change them out every time I went to the restroom to help with the swelling and reduce pain - though I didn't feel any pain.  I had one Motrin after birth, which help knock the fever out, but other than that, I didn't need any pain medication.

I caught up on sleep, and the nursery woke me up to feed Aidan.  I also had nurses check on me through out the night and occasionally massage my stomach to make sure the uterus was staying firm.  On Sunday morning, I took a shower on my own, and it felt great!  I felt refreshed.  One thing I did notice was that it hurt to sit for long periods - I either needed to stand or lay completely down.

The OB doctor who was present for the delivery of Aidan came by to check on me, too.  She had to check out my hemorrhoids - apparently, they are the size of small grapes, so she had to order a prescription for them.  Oh joy, one more thing to do during my bathroom routine, which now feels like it takes 10 minutes.  No quick peeing for me, nope, it's an ordeal now.  Fill the peri bottle with warm water, pee, change pad and/or ice pack, get several Tuck's pads, spray Tuck's with this healing stuff, put on pad, put 'rhoid meds on Tuck's pad and apply, and somehow pull up the lovely mesh underwear without losing any of the stuff you just put on the ice pack.  Awwww, cool refreshment.  By the way, don't forget the peri bottle at the hospital when you are discharged to go home...and if you do, send your husband back to get a new one. 

On Monday, the OB doctor came by early to check on my status and see if she could discharge me.  She massaged my uterus - good to go!  She checked out my calves, not sure why, but she said I had muscles like an athlete!  Thank you very much, doc, they're my favorite muscle to work out - I love my calves.  I was cleared to be discharged, and once Aidan was cleared to go home, we left the hospital!  Post delivery, we were in the hospital for 48 hours.  The stay went by quickly, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  The nurses were great and so was the food, though I was ready to get home and be in my own environment.

Through out the week, I noticed my discomfort from sitting or moving around has greatly decreased, so let's hope the healing is going well.  I also noticed that I had my ankles back!  I could see the ankle bones, and I also noticed my entire leg looked smaller.  I must have retained more water than I thought.  The change was definitely noticeable.

Let's talk about weight.  I am not obsessed with it, I practically have my stomach back, which is nice (maybe a pic next week, too lazy this week).  Post delivery, I am down 18 lbs.  I have not exercised at all this week, and I don't plan on doing anything strenuous.  In fact, I have my gym membership on hold until I receive clearance from my OB that I can go lift weights.  I will start back walking.  In fact, this fall weather has me itching to walk Aidan around the neighborhood, but I feel bad if I can't take my dogs.  Guess I'll take one step at a time.

Anyway, this is turning in a longer post than anticipated, so I quickly summarized some other things I learned about myself this week.

  • My milk definitely came in earlier this week, and I leak like a sieve!  If Aidan is crying, I leak depending on how long it's been since I fed him.  I definitely have to wear pads in a bra at night when sleeping, otherwise I leak all over the sheets (yes, I learned from experience...)
  • Not sure which is larger - my nipples or my hemorrhoids (see, I told you TMI, you were warned)
  • I think I experience some engorgement, but thanks to my breast pump, I was able to relieve it.
  • My eye is definitely healing - there is less blood in it each day.
  • Baths are great, but use wash clothes to dry off certain areas so you don't mess up the towel.
  • Mesh underwear from the hospital is free, thus can be thrown away!  Very convenient.
  • Glad I only washed and wore one of my nursing bras, the second one was exchanged for a bigger one.  Size C...really?  Just seems so unreal, but I needed it.  The other bra was uncomfortable and tight feeling.
  • By the end of the week, I could feel my stitches - swelling is reducing.
  • I am not as sleep deprived as I thought I would be.
  • Maternity leave is going to pass quickly, I just know it!  I am trying to enjoy this time with Aidan as much as possible.

Monday, September 5, 2011

The Arrival of Aidan

Let's start with Thursday night since this is when the contractions really began, I just wasn't sure how real they were or if they were just stronger Braxton Hicks(BH) contractions.  Keep in mind that most nights during the week, I get 6 hours of sleep, which was normal pre pregnancy.

I went to bed near 9:30 PM on Thursday, and I had difficulty getting comfortable.  It seemed the weight of my stomach was too much for my lower back to handle, so I tossed and turned several times trying to support my stomach and find comfort for my back.  Occasionally, I had short contractions, again, the thought was those contractions were BH.  I feel asleep but woke up at 11 PM and had difficulty getting comfortable - lower back pain still persisted.  When I was still awake at midnight, I took a tylenol thinking it would help the pain.  I tried to sit in the recliner in the living room to fall asleep since I tend to take naps there, but I couldn't get comfortable.  I probably didn't fall back asleep until 1AM and continued to wake up every 30 minutes.  Finally at 2:50 AM, I gave up and got out of bed to get ready for work.  I probably slept a good two hours, the rest of the time was tossing and turning.  Oh, I was also had the urge to use the bathroom a lot, which all pregnancy long I had been able to sleep through the night without needing to pee.  In the last week, I had to get up once during the night, but not 5 to 6 times like I did Thursday.

I ate breakfast, relaxed, and got ready for work.  Lower back had minor discomfort, but nothing I couldn't withstand.  Contractions were sporadic, I might have felt one the entire time I was getting ready for work.  So off to work I went! 

At work, I did have some occasional contractions, and I definitely walked a lot slower than I normally do.  I felt like there was more pelvic pressure, and since it was Friday before a holiday weekend, I decided a slower walking pace was okay.  I just needed to get through one last day, so why speed walk to the printer?

After leaving work at 1PM, I went home and took a long Epsom salt bath.  I noticed I started to doze off in the bath, so I decided it was a good time to take a nap.  My lower back pain was gone, so I went to sleep right away.  At some point, AJ called me - I don't remember hearing the phone, but I did realize at some point that I was talking on the phone.  He needed me to get up and help him, so that was the end of my nap.  I would guesstimate that I slept for 1.5 hours at the most.

After helping AJ, I went home to wait on him.  Once he got home, he made some grilled salmon for dinner - yum!  I was feeling contractions on and off, again, not timeable so I didn't think too much of it.  AJ did make a comment that I was waddling more, and I did feel more pelvic pressure.  We watched the first half of the TCU Baylor game before deciding to call it a night at 10 PM.

My lower back pain had come back, but it was minor compared to what it was Thursday and Friday morning.  However, when I tried to sleep, I couldn't.  I was feeling contractions, but my lower back was hurting.  So I tried to sleep in the recliner, then the half couch (since it could support my back on one side).  No such luck.  Since the bath helped earlier in the day, I made myself another warm bath and took a book with me.  I should note that when I was sitting in the recliner, I started to time the contractions.   They were 5 to 8 minutes apart lasting maybe 30 seconds.  I continued to time them in the bath tub.  The bath did give my back relief and I felt I could almost sleep in the tub...

When the back pain disappeared, pain in my quads appeared!  It was weird to feel the pain in my legs, however, it seemed minor so I ignored it.  I got out of the bath hoping that I could go to sleep since my back pain had subsided.  I tried laying down in the bed around 1AM.  I never feel asleep as the back pain returned and the contractions continued.  Now the contractions were 5 minutes apart, but still lasting just 30 seconds.  I finally gave up trying to sleep at 2AM.  Since I had received a Clemson blanket for Aidan in the mail on Thursday, I decided I would wash it in case he decided to show up on Saturday.  I had thrown the blanket in the wash earlier Friday afternoon, but I couldn't dry it because AJ had clothes still in the dryer.  Since his clothes were wrinkled, I went ahead and ran the dryer.  In the meantime, I decided to surf the internet while timing contractions.  Contractions were now less than 5 minutes apart and lasting 30-40 seconds.  After I finished AJ's laundry, it was about 3AM.  I told myself I would wait until 4AM to wake AJ because if this was the real deal, I wanted him well rested.

Once the Clemson blanket was dry, I packed it in the hospital bag.  At this point, I had only had 3.5 to 4 hours of good sleep since waking up at 3:15 on Thursday morning - it was now Saturday.  Contractions were occasionally 3 minutes apart lasting from 40 to 60 seconds.  I was trying to walk around the house during each contraction, but the pain in my legs had me wondering if I would fall over from my legs giving out.  The pain in my abdominal from the contractions were manageable - I could walk, rub my belly, and breathe in and out to make the pain go away.  What I couldn't manage was the quads' pain - my legs would tense up, and I would get a charlie horse.  So I sat on the couch to work through the contractions - the lower back pain came back and the leg pain still persisted.  I couldn't get my legs to relax during contractions, and I noticed my whole body would become tense because of it.  I was still able to breath through the contractions, but I was at the point that I couldn't take the pain much mores, especially if my legs continued to hurt as they did.  So I woke AJ up at 3:45 AM and told him I thought it was the real deal, and we needed to go to the hospital. 

AJ quickly jumped out of bed and started getting ready.  I changed from my penguin pajamas to my Clemson pajamas - hey, it was Saturday, I couldn't be seen without orange on!  We fed the dogs, who were wondering what the heck was going on, then I went outside while AJ put the dogs out.  They knew something was up with me, so I had to leave AJ to tend to them or else, we would have never gotten them outside with more of a struggle.  On my way out, I did grab a stick of Monterrey jack cheese because I knew I would want something on my stomach since the last time I ate was 6PM on Friday, and if you know me, I eat a lot of small meals.

We arrived at the hospital at 4:30 AM.  We went to the main entrance - locked; we knew how to get to L&D from the main entrance so we were going the route we knew.  We walked around the other side of the hospital, while I'm stopping for contractions.  I knew we could go to Registration and be able to go to L&D - nope, it was locked.  So we walked back to the Emergency Department entrance - unlocked of course!  The walk wasn't very far, it was just comical because AJ is trying to hurry along, and I have to stop for contractions.  The ED called up to L&D, fetched a wheel chair, and then brought us up to the L&D where we started the registration process. 

I was officially admitted to the hospital at 5:30 AM - I was 3-4 cm dilated, so it wasn't false labor!  I was so happy - I was afraid it was going to be false labor and I was going home to somehow find the strength to manage the contractions if they continued.  I should mention, at some point in the short ride to the hospital, I told AJ there was no way I was going to manage the leg pain without an epidural.  I never anticipated the pain being in my legs - abs and back I knew how to manage.  In addition, that lack of energy was also an issue - barely any food consumed and hardly any sleep; I knew I would need energy in order to push.  I did continue to manage the contractions on my own while lying in the hospital bed.  The nurses did start an IV to give me fluids, but that was it. Around 8:00 AM when I was 6 cm dilated, I elected to get the epidural.  By 8:30AM, the epidural was in place, the nurse turned me on my side (said it help bring the baby down the birth canal), and I fell asleep!  I slept for an hour, then was turned on my right side.  The one hour power nap made me feel rejuvenated, which is good because I would need that energy!  At 10:30 AM, the first epidural was starting to wear off, I was still 6 cm dilated, however, my water just broke.  The gave me a second, smaller dose in the epidural.  By 11:40 AM, the nurse said I was 10 cm dilated, and she and another nurse prepared the room for delivery.  At 11:50 AM, the doctor came in the room, and I was ready to push.

The OB on call was not my doctor - though that didn't matter to me.  AJ did like that the OB doctor was female (mine is male).  The doctor was quite the cheerleader - AJ said she had one in the air as she was cheering me on to push or give her that last little bit of energy that I had.  Pushing only took 20 minutes and was it a work out!  I was definitely sweating and breathing hard, but it was amazing.  On the last push, the doctor told AJ to hold my head up so I could.  One last final push, and Aidan made his debut!  The doctor put Aidan on my stomach as the nurses cleaned him up.  His little hand grabbed my finger, and I was able to stroke his head.  AJ cut the cord - the doctor gave him no choice, basically handed him the scissors and said "come here, dad."  AJ was hesitant, it was just the manner the doctor went about things - again, she was an awesome cheer leader.

One of the nurses took Aidan over to clean him up and weigh him.  AJ took some pictures and watched the little guy while the other nurse tended to me and the doctor stitched me up.  We found out that Aidan weighed 8lb 9 oz - big baby!  The doctor said all the healthy eating I was doing fed Aidan well and allowed him to grow so big and healthy.  No wonder I had 2nd and 3rd degree tears!  In addition, I broke a blood vessel in my eye and had several red dots show up on my neck - I guess the technical term is herniated the vessel.

The other nurse eventually brought Aidan over and his was placed on my chest - the doctor said make sure I had a distraction!  The nurses had to massage my stomach/fundus to help my body deliver the placenta.  I could definitely feel the pain at this point, but I just took deep breaths and oogled Aidan to get past it.  They eventually finish what they are doing and the doctor was able to stop my bleeding from the tears and get stitches placed. 

I was able to breastfeed Aidan - he latched on and nursed very well.  After nursing was finished, all of visitors came back to the room to meet him.  Guess it's only fair since we woke everyone up at 5:30 AM to let them know today was the day!  After everyone was able to meet Aidan, he was taken to the nursery to get measured, cleaned up, and have some tests conducted.  Everyone left to go watch Aidan in the nursery and to head on home.  Aidan measured 21.5" with a head circumference of 13.5".

Unfortunately, I started to run a fever and had extreme chills.  My temperature was 99.7 degrees F, and I could not get warm!  The nurse brought me several warm blankets and eventually, I was able to lie in bed without shaking.  I was also given lots of water, thank goodness! because I was thirsty.  The fever eventually did pass and I was able to grab another 1 hour power nap before Aidan came back.  I was also able to order some grub from the cafeteria - I had scrambled eggs with whole wheat toast, and I scarfed it down!  The food was great and not just because I was hungry. So far, it's been a great experience and I look forward to the future with Aidan on the outside.

I should also mention that the doctor and the nurses mentioned how calm AJ and I were through the whole process.  I'm not one to scream and shout through pain, I usually internalize and work through it, which is why I thought I could manage the pain without anything.  Even before I had the epidural, I quietly worked through the pain - just breathing in and out with my eyes closed.  I would try and imagine myself elsewhere - like at previous vacation or meeting Aidan.  AJ is also a quiet, calm type of person.  I think the staff really enjoyed not having a loud Saturday morning - did I mention I was the only one on the L&D floor?  There was a C-Section elsewhere, but I was the only one going through active labor.  I should also mention that the staff was absolutely wonderful; they definitely made the birthing experience great.

Here's a post partum photo of my eye. It doesn't hurt or bother me, just looks freaky, especially the first time I saw it in the mirror.  I also had a lot of small bursts on my neck, chest, and above my eye.  It'll heal up soon, just crazy what the pushing process can do!

Week 39

This is the blog I started to write Friday night since I figured I would be busy watching college football in the afternoon and forget about it until late Saturday evening.  Well, Aidan had other plans...

Changes for accuracy in blue.

The journey of Willis Aidan has been a great one

How far along?: 38 weeks 6 days

How big is baby?: According to What to Expect When You’re Expecting: Started the week as the size of a Watermelon and about to be a Pumpkin. The fruit doesn't change as often as it did early on. Going into week 39, Aidan is approximately 19 to 22 inches long and weighs 6 to 9 lbs.

Weight gain?: I think it's water weight since my ankles are swelling, but I did put a 1lb on this week between Monday's doctor appointment and Saturday. Total weight gain is 28 lbs.

Stretch marks?: Not yet.

Maternity clothes?: Definitely, though I think I am going to refuse to do anymore laundry since I know Aidan will be here in 5 days.  I'm just hanging around the house or working out, so I don't need anything nice to wear. :)

Sleep?: Sleeping was going well until Thursday night.  Trouble sleeping through sporadic contractions and back pain.  Oh, and I get extremely hot, despite the thermostat being set at 70 deg F and a ceiling fan on the highest setting.  Guess I need to set the thermostat lower.

Best moment this week?: Friday was bittersweet.  It was my last day of work for the next 3 months, and while I wanted to work up until labor began, I have no choice in that matter, but I guess one day short of that is just as good. :)  Besides, if Aidan comes before Tuesday, then I will have worked as long as possible.  However, it is nice to know I can relax and just wait on Aidan.  I get a much needed break from work.  We also had a nice lunch since it leads into Labor Day Weekend - I always love to have the cheeseburgers they cook!

Worst moment this week?: I wasn't happy to hear the word "induction" from my OB on Monday, but what can I do?  I have to do what's best for Aidan, so we'll see if I need inducing or if Aidan will come on his own.  Apparently, despite 975 mg of iron supplements, I am still borderline anemic, my blood pressure has dropped from its normal range, and the swelling is worse than I though.  Doctor has some concerns about the baby if I go too far past due date due to my blood.  I have noticed that my right wrist has been freezing up like it use to before I had surgery 2 years ago.  Guess it's also not getting enough blood flow.

Food cravings?: Just my weekly serving of shrimp - though I figured I was near the end, and I had more than my 12 oz allotment.  I also had salmon towards the end of the week.  Omega 3 is good for the baby!

Symptoms?: Exhaustion (though not as bad as last week), TMI symptom, swollen ankles

Exercise?: I walked 6 miles and worked out my arms once, legs once, and core once.

Movement?: Aidan continues to move a lot.  He punches low and kicks high.  Sometimes he punches and kicks at the same time, and his punches appear to hit a nerve because I feel a slight discomfort sensation in my leg, and if I'm standing, my leg wants to give away.

Belly button?: It's an outie

What I miss?: I miss being able to put my shoes on easily.  I sit down on the floor, slip my tennis shoes on, then flip over to my knees, grab a door handle and pull myself up.  No other way to get my tennis shoes on.

Labor signs?: Thursday night, I could not sleep due to back pain and some sporadic contractions.  I experienced a few more contractions at work, and when I came home, I soaked in a nice hot bath with Epsom salt.  The back pain went away, thank goodness, and I was able to get a long nap in.  Friday, the sporadic contractions continued, and there was definitely back pain associated with them.  ugh, no back labor please.

This past Sunday, I walked 3 miles and rode the riding lawn mower for an hour.  I also have been eating spicy food and doing squats with an empty bar at the gym.  Trying any old wives' tales that supposedly bring on labor!

Purchases: Nothing this week.

What I'm looking forward to?: I am looking forward to meeting Aidan.  He will be here by next Saturday, I just hope he comes on his own terms.