Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Second Week

All About Aidan

This week, we began the transition to using cloth diapers, and I think Aidan was happy about the decision!  We were using disposable diapers since he had the circumcision, and we needed to keep vaseline on him.  Vaseline and cloth diapers don't mix so well.  I definitely noticed a diaper rash starting, and since he's a newborn, you're not suppose to use anything other than vaseline on the skin.  But all is well now!   We have had a flew blow outs, but thanks to the bidet system we installed on the toilet, I was able to easily wash out the cloth diaper - this only occurred once, otherwise everything is going as expected.
Aidan had several more visitors - family came over on Sunday and Wednesday, a highschool friend came over Monday, and some coworkers came over Thursday and Friday.  He mostly sleeps through the visits, unless they're long ones, and he has to eat.

For the most part, Aidan eats every two hours, and before my bedtime, I try to feed him every hour so he sleeps longer at night.  He typically will sleep 3-4 hours at night, which allows me to get plenty of rest except when he is having trouble with trapped air.  There were a few rough nights, but we're hoping that some of the gas relief drops will help him.

Aidan also went for his first walk at 11 days old - in fact, he went for two that day for a total of 2.5 miles.  It was a short walk, but it felt great to get outside.  Aidan fussed at first but as soon as the stroller was moving he calmed down and went to sleep.  The hardest part of the walk was trying to keep the sun off of him.     

Aidan goes back for his 2 week check up on Monday, and we're hoping he's at least gained back the 6 oz he lost after birth.  Hopefully he has and breast milk has been enough for him.  We also hope that we can introduce a bottle so AJ can start helping out with the feedings.

I love his smiling face that I was able to capture after he was fed and burped.  Aidan has found his thumb and index finger and likes to suck on them from time to time, but mostly he tries to eat his whole fist.  We have given him a pacifier when he wants it, but if he doesn't he lets you know!

Developments this week:
  • Aidan is more wide awake this week.  I have started using finger puppets and rattlers when he's awake.  Just a little stimulation.
  • He had a blocked tear duct, but with a little massage and cleaning, it went away. (I was also told breast milk is a good remedy, and it was used to! It's also supposedly good for baby zits)
  • He definitely sleeps for a longer period at night ~ 4 hours
  • Aidan moves his head a lot - I was a bit surprised because I know baby's neck muscles are still developing, but Aidan picks his up a lot to look around.
All About Mom
Remember, so info you might not want to know... (TMI could follow)
2 Week PP
Recovery  has been going quite well.  It's no longer uncomfortable to sit for long periods or through a feeding in the rocker.  I started back walking this week, but only short walks just to be on the safe side.  With this fall weather coming, I will have more opportunities to walk, especially since this week I felt limited to early mornings or late afternoons.  At both of these times, I am extremely exhausted and choose to either sleep or relax.  It feels weird to sleep to 8 or 9 am, but when I only sleep a few hours at a time, I guess it's what my body needs!  I can't wait until I feel normal waking up at 6am.
So like last week, here's an update on my recovery and things I learned:
  •   The angry hemorrhoids have calmed down from a grape to a raisin.  However, I ran out of the prescription cream, so I need to call the OB office to see if I can have a refill instead of waiting 2 weeks until my appointment.
  • I was extremely excited to be able to sleep on my stomach again.  Well, I learned that you cannot sleep on your stomach when you breastfeed.  Not only is it not good for your milk production, but you will leak so much you think you wet the bed 10 times during the night.  Ugh, no fun. 
  • My eye only has a little bit of blood left in it.
  • My stitches are healing and I use the peri bottle less, BUT it feels like I have a tampon in constantly and that it should have been taken out 24 hours ago (Remember, you were warned of TMI...).  Hopefully this feeling will pass soon.
  • The second week is definitely exhausting.  I thought we were doing good the first week, but I guess we were in the honeymoon phase.  That's okay, I still love looking at Aidan when he's sleeping (or wide awake!).
  • There's no need for deodorant while at home...Yes, I haven't worn any since I gave birth and why should I?  I hang around the house all day, and the two times I went out, I quickly darted out the door so I could be back for the next feeding - so I forgot to put on deodorant.  I do shower every day, so it's not all bad.
  • I'm also happy to report that I have no stretch marks.  The linea nigera is still around, but less prominent around my innie belly button.

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