Monday, September 26, 2011

The Third Week

We took Aidan to his two week check up where we hoped that he would have regained his weight that he was at birth.  Well, the little over achiever not only gained back the weight to reach 8 pounds 9 ounces, but added an additional 13 ounces along with growing half an inch.  The pediatrician told us to expect a growth spurt in the next little boy is growing fast!

This week, we had to deal with a clogged duct in Aidan's left eye.  It only required wiping it with a warm wash cloth every so often and massaging right below the eye.

Since Aidan had reached his birth weight, we were able to start using bottles to feed him breast milk.  The transition is important since I will go back to work after 3 months.  The first feeding with a bottle went great, but he sucked down the milk so fast that he had lots of trapped air = gas.  We learned that Dr. Brown's colic bottles and the Avent bottles work best since the flow isn't so fast.  Aidan sucks down the food from the Tommy Tippee's, so we'll hold off on using those.

I also put Aidan in the swing, and for the first time, he liked it!  He slept for two hours.  Three other times, we have been successful using the swing and Aidan liking it.

When Aidan is in the swing, our dogs like to try and stand up on their hind legs and look at Aidan, but with the swing moving, they don't know what to do.  It's funny to watch the dogs.  They are definitely loving Aidan - they stick it out when he's up at 2am screaming his head off from gas. 
Walks continued, with most being good, though sometimes he gets fussy.  One day I had to carry him the whole walk.  Had I known he wanted to be carried, I would have tried using my K'tan wrap.  Speaking of baby wearing, I have not been successful in wearing Aidan  - he has fussed every time.  But then I found out he had a wet diaper, had to burp, or wanted to eat, Again!  Oh well, I'll keep trying.

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All About Mom

For 9 months, I enjoyed the absence of my monthly friend, but I quickly learned that my body more than makes up for it after birth.  I knew before birth that there was something called "lochia" that occurs after birth, but I didn't know it be like having your period for weeks straight.  Ugh, not fun.
Last week, which I failed to mention, I drove for the first time since birth.  I was told not to drive for a week, and I waited approximately one week and an hour.  The second time I drove was a week and three days later!

The blood surrounding my eye is almost gone, there's just a faint line right around my cornea.  Again, no pain, it just looks bad.  However, now unless you're looking for it, you don't really notice it.

It's becoming less uncomfortable to sit up straight, so I guess the healing process is going well.  I go to the doctor October 3rd for my check up, and I'm hoping to be cleared for working out.

Breastfeeding is going well, and I am trying to take every precaution to avoid clogged ducts, thrush, and mastitis. 

I will admit that there has been some frustrating days and nights, mostly due to Aidan not being able to expel the trapped air.  I have definitely cried some just out of aggravation and feeling bad for Aidan, but we got past those nights, hopefully.  I can deal with the cluster eating as long as he burps afterwards.  It's the difficult burping and trapped air that leads to us all being upset.  We're learning...

Co Sleeping - I never thought I would do it.  I don't want my child dependent upon going to sleep in my bed and not his own.  However, with all the fussiness and lack of sleep, we have coslept several times, especially right after a feeding.  We leave a lamp on so that we can wake up and see Aidan at all times.  We know cosleeping can be dangerous, but it can also be beneficial.  We take every precaution possible, and in the end, it works for us.  It's not every night, but on those fussy nights, we feel there is no other option.  Don't knock it before you try it. Plus, you can wake up and adore that cute little face as he wakes up.

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