Sunday, July 28, 2013

Week 32

80% Complete!  And as I write this, I have approximately 7 weeks until my due date. 7...woah.

So this week, I would say my RLP peaked.  On Monday, though, I thought there's no way I can make it another 8 weeks.  I didn't want to move, and I swore I needed a walker or a cane to even walk down the hall to the restroom.  I didn't want to drink water because water meant I would have to move.  No worries, I drank the water and hobbled down the hall.  Regardless, I honestly thought that I needed to be on bed rest - I would put the pain on a scale from 0-10 as a 5, at least.  However, as the week went on, the pain level decreased.  In addition, I bought a pregnancy support belt and supportive underwear to help my ligaments out, which appears to help.  Some days the pain is a 1 or 2, but the pain in manageable.  Let's hope it stays that way!

How far along: 31 weeks 6 days

How big is baby?:
According to the APP, I'm Expecting: Started the Week 32 as the size of a Bok Choy
and is about to be a Pineapple.

Weight gain?:
1 lb this week, 29 total

Stretch marks?: Still fortunate, no stretch marks

With the RLP, falling asleep is more difficult.  My lower body aches, which makes getting comfortable extremely difficult. Once I fall asleep, I am good for the night.

Best moment?:  I was able to spend the ENTIRE day with some awesome people - Jen and Patrick - at the beach.  Aidan was shy at first, but he quickly warmed up to them.  He loved the ocean, loved the waves crashing into, running into and out of the ocean, and trying to chase after the birds.  From Patrick, he learned how to place his sunglasses on his shirt when he isn't hearing them, and he found that Jen would quickly dance along with him, throwing elbows and jumping just like he does.  So in the end, Aidan started telling Patrick how to wear his glasses and Jen to dance.  

Worst moment?:  Two of my dogs got into a viscous fight - over what, I'm not sure, but it wasn't pretty.  The fight was emotionally draining and put a damper on my weekend.

Food cravings?: Still salty foods over sweets, so weird to me.

Symptoms?:  Round Ligament Pain, or as the OB said, severe RLP. I've found ways to manage, and I am considering seeing a chiropractor to help, too.

None this week. If walking hurt, I was going to push myself.  Besides, the OB said to rest.

Movement?:  So much movement! 

Belly button?:
An outie

What I miss?: A good walk or run!  

Labor signs?

TMI:  Baby powder is helping with the chaffing...liners have to be changed twice a day. Oy, not such a pleasant pregnancy this time around.

What I'm looking forward to?:
My mom turns 50! Her birthday is during the week, but I'm sure we'll figure out something this weekend to celebrate.  Last year, before mom found out my sister and I were pregnant, the plan was to go to the beach for a week.  So mom said she would delay turning 50 for another year so we could celebrate next year...nice try, mom, you'll still be 50 this year.

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Saturday, July 27, 2013

the Routine and the House

It's Sunday morning, and my early bird riser is up at 6 AM ready for the day.  After eating breakfast (or throwing it to the dogs), I dress myself and Aidan.  As I am putting his shoes on, Aidan looks at me and says "House?".  Yes, Aidan, we are going to the house.

Our Sunday Routine - Eat breakfast, Ride out to the House, and Go Grocery Shopping

Visiting the House is Aidan's favorite, in fact, he use to tolerate a long grocery shopping trip while riding in the car cart, but now, he's done halfway through.  He wants to walk and run all over the store like he does at our property and the House.

It's the House I want to focus on...right now it's shaping up to look like one, and one day the House will be our Home, and I can't help but think of all the memories we will make living there.  I can't wait until we can walk out our back door to play in the the large yard or run to the creek. Or sit on the back porch in the early morning drinking coffee and listening to the sounds of nature. Or walking the long driveway on the weekend to check the mail. Or taking the dogs for walks though the woods. Or teaching my boys how to shoot a bow and arrow. There are many things the country living will offer us, and I am excited to watch my boys experience it.  

But I don't always have time to daydream what living in the new house will be like...nope, we have selections, selections, and more selections to make.  Choose a color, a texture, a material - make a change, envision a layout, add and delete...the house changes so much it seems in a weeks' time that I would be crazy to miss one Sunday of taking pictures and walking through the house.

So what have we chosen?  Well, we (errr, I) knocked off a big portion of our list with finalizing plumbing & electrical fixtures along with the appliances.   Big decisions, such as the stone cap color, roof shingle color, cedar shake color, soffit color, brick color were made, too.   Color, color, color.  We attempted to have Aidan help choose when we couldn't decide between two colors, but he offered no help by choosing both.  Sometimes we went to the builder and had him weigh in, too.  In addition, we found a granite slab that we really like and will go well through out the house.  Finally, we made some selections for floor tile and shower tile colors, textures and layouts.  Making all these selections was very time consuming, and we are still pursuing bids so we can ensure we're getting the best price and value.

In addition, we've had electrical outlets moved, lights moved, lights added, and hvac vents relocated (when possible).  We try to imagine how we will use a space so that the layout of electrical, plumbing and hvac won't interfere and is convenient to what the need will be.  In addition, we opted to go against a trapezoidal column and go for a straight, rectangular stone column.  The top of the column was 2' by 2', and it would be massive by the time it was angled and reached the bottom.  We like the looks of the column, but we do not want them to overpower the front of the house.  These changes and decisions means there has been some great progress, right?!  So I'll share where we're at.

The framing crew worked to finish out the exterior while the plumber and electrician began roughing in their perspective trades.  The HVAC guys began installing the duct work and vents, and the masonry guys have begun the stone work.  The roof is complete and most of the windows are in - unfortunately one was broken during shipment, so they're waiting on the replacement.  The county inspector came out to approve placing the concrete for the garage.  The inspector also gave the go ahead for I made sure to get pictures of the studs to show where plumbing and electrical is running - ya know, for future reference.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Week 31

It's amazing how different pregnancies can be.  The symptoms, the cravings, the growth...the pain. Oh, the pain.  Even if my tennis partner had not moved away, I would not play this pregnancy.  This week, lower back pain started along with difficulty walking.  Just walking...let alone trying to chase after a yellow ball to slam back over the net.  I have two months left, and this time, I am ready to be at the destination instead of blissfully enjoying the journey.  I don't like admitting this thought, but in truth, when it hurts so much to walk, I'm ready to throw in the towel.  Not being active is not in my blood.
Pushing through the pain isn't an option either, sure I could do it, but it wouldn't be good for Owen.  I know by body is telling me to rest, and I also feel like Owen is lower than Aidan ever was (until the day I went into labor). 
I did find that being in a pool relieves this pain, thanks to my neighbor who let us use hers.  Hmm, too bad I can't work in a pool all day.

How far along: 30 weeks 6 days

How big is baby?:
According to the APP, I'm Expecting: Started the Week 31 as the size of a Bunch of Asparagus
and is about to be a Bok Choy.

Weight gain?:
1 lb this week, 28 total

Stretch marks?: Counting myself lucky, only the linea nigra and bright, blue veins

Sleep is getting more difficult due to my hips being uncomfortable and the pain around my lower belly.  Once I find a good sleeping position, I usually sleep without waking.  I still find myself on my stomach. 

Best moment?:  Maternity pictures as a FAMILY.  Last time, with AJ's work schedule and the weather, he was never able to participate, so it's nice to have some photos with him.

I also took Aidan to a Touch a Truck event held locally.  While most of time, he was clingy and unsure of everything, he eventually warmed up to touching the trucks and sitting in the seat without me.  He was calling all the heavy equipment "tractors"!  I thought he would enjoy a snow cone, but silly me, what was I thinking?!  He ended up spilling it all over his shirt and dropping the rest on the ground.  He didn't have one bite.

Worst moment?:  Nothing that I recollect...except all the pain I already talked about throughout this post. :)

Food cravings?: I am back to wanting salty foods, and sweets were a turn off...weird.

Symptoms?:  Round Ligament Pain, lower back pain, and pain while walking. Pain

I was limited this week.  I did work out my upper and lower body, but my walking was limited.  In fact, the only walking I did was at work, which was a good bit, but I did not add any recreational miles

Movement?:Owen loves to move around on the right side, especially when I am getting comfortable in bed, he seems to kick, punch and move on the right side.

Belly button?:
An outie

What I miss?: Moving without thought and effort.  Seriously, it's an effort to get up, and it's an effort to move.  I did notice that the more I walked, the looser my ligaments seemed, which made walking more comfortable.  But if I walk too much, then I'm sore a few hours later.  Can't win.

Labor signs?
:None, though the uncomfortable pain I have felt this week was exactly how I felt the day I went into labor with Aidan.  So how will I know when Owen is ready to come?!  Guess he'll make the discomfort worse, hah.

TMI:  Nothing new this week...

What I'm looking forward to?:
Visiting a friend at the beach!! Remember Jen...surely you do, I've blogged about her several times.  Anyway, her husband and her are visiting from Wisconsin, so Aidan and I are going to see them!  I am so excited!  I hope the weather is nice.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Week 30

 30 weeks, so 2.5 months left! 
So I spent a good bit of time organizing Owen's room, which meant running the washer and dyer a lot this weekend!  I hung up and folded clothes for the first 6 months (well size wise).  I had AJ bring down the car seat, the base, and the swing.  In addition, I rewashed all of my cloth diapers, and they are currently sitting in a big pile waiting to be sorted, resized, and stuffed. 
I bought a laundry hamper and new crib sheet....I guess I'm going with a jungle/zoo theme, but not going crazy like I did with the penguins.
I also put aside Owen's coming home outfit so it can easily be found and packed in the hospital bag when the times comes.   Whew, I feel like I accomplished a lot this weekend, now if only I could remember how I had the nursery set up when I had much stuff I need handy!

How far along: 30 weeks 6 days

How big is baby?:
According to the APP, I'm Expecting: Started the Week 30 as the size of a Large Cabbage
 and is about to be a Bunch of Asparagus.

Weight gain?:
1 lb this week, 27 total

Stretch marks?: Counting myself lucky, only the linea nigra and bright, blue veins

I can still sleep on my stomach, though I usually fall asleep on my side and wake up on my stomach.  I am still fortunate to sleep through the night without any need for a bathroom visit.  I drink plenty of water, too.

Best moment?: Finding the countertop that made me really excited and knowing it was the one for me.  Let's just hope the price is right, otherwise, I'm going to have to settle, and the second runner ups aren't even close to competing.  I think it has the right mix of black and brown to bring out the colors in both cabinets we will have in the kitchen along with some other colors to add some flair.  It also matches well with oil rubbed bronze fixtures. 

Worst moment?: Aidan waking up at 5:30 am two days in a row...we're going to blame the molars we can see coming through.

Food cravings?: Comfort food, but I only had it once this week, otherwise, I stuck to my fruits and veggies, plus loading up on fiber by eating black bean quesadillas.

On Friday, I caved to fried pork, fried squash, homemade macaroni and cheese, and a biscuit.  The green things are broccoli nuggets that I made into muffins.

Symptoms?:  Round Ligament Pain still lingers.

I walked 3+ miles and was at the gym lifting weights 4 days last week.

Movement?: This kid is on the move, much like his big brother.  So does this mean he will be as energetic as Aidan is?!

Belly button?:
Still the partial outie. Aidan poked it before I could cut his nails and gave me a nice little cut.  He is obsessed with poking my belly button when he sees it.

What I miss?: The sunshine! Okay, so not pregnancy related, but the weather has been extremely rainy since June, which has given us unusually cool weather.  Being pregnant, a break from the heat is nice, but I do love my sunshine.

Labor signs?

TMI:  Nowadays, I wish I could walk around like a sumo wrestler, and people not look at me funny.  Walking like a sumo wrestler would give me some relief.  You see,  I am itchy/sweaty/wet/feel like I was hit with a baseball bat or my butt is on fire or my 'rhoid feels pinched even though I adjusted them.  Fun stuff, right? So if you see me walking like a sumo wrestler, you know I gave up on caring what I looked like.

What I'm looking forward to?:
Another quiet weekend at home?!  I don't know, we'll see what trouble Aidan and I get into while AJ works.  Maybe a road trip since we'll have to slow down come August. 

Gifts for Owen!

New Blankets (gifts)

 So many clothes for the first few months!

Pile of Cloth Diapers

Monday, July 8, 2013

Week 29

Bringing boxes down from the attic counts as progress, right?!  I had AJ bring down just a few...or like 10 boxes for me to go through to start prepping the nursery for Owen.  I didn't label all of the boxes very well, so I had to open some of them up and try and guess when Aidan wore the outfit in order to determine what size might be in the container.  I did wash and fold three loads of baby laundry.... I was amazed at how small the outfits were.

I also had to pack away most of my small maternity tops...the ones from last pregnancy aren't fitting so well...they creep up.  But I am not packing them for storage, nope, I am packing them to sell/donate!  Let the purging begin...

How far along: 29 weeks 6 days

How big is baby?:
According to the APP, I'm Expecting: Started the Week 29 as the size of a Butternut Squash
and is about to be a Large Cabbage.

Weight gain?:
1 lb this week, 26 total

Stretch marks?:
Linea nigra and bright, blue veins

Great sleep this week, still sleeping on my stomach some.

Best moment?: I really enjoyed picking out plumbing and electrical fixtures. At first, this seemed like a daunting task, but every thing we get to pick out or decide makes the house feel more real.  I mean, I see pictures, I know we're building, but I still pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming.

Trying to pick a roof shingle...

It was also nice (despite some toddler tantrums) to spend a lot of time with Aidan.  One day he even napped for 3 hours and was then very patient while I ran a lot of errands, so I bought him some rewards.  I enjoyed buying him a ball, crayons, and an Elmo DVD...hours of entertainment and one happy boy.

Worst moment?: We experienced an epic toddler tantrum/melt down on July 4th.  Aidan refused to nap and he purposely made himself what did he do, he napped in the car.

Food cravings?: Just like last week, seafood!  Especially shrimp.

Symptoms?:  Round Ligament Pain - it was worse this week, probably because I was home most of the week with Aidan since his daycare was closed.

I walked 5+ miles and was at the gym lifting weights 2 days last week.

Movement?:Owen has found my rib cage, and apparently how to kick/hit it hard...just like his brother.  Owen moves constantly, at least every hour or so.  I keep waiting for Aidan to be around me to feel Owen kick.

Belly button?:
Still the partial outie.

What I miss?: Being able to sit on the floor and not struggle to get up.

Labor signs?

TMI: I had to tweak my combination of magnesium again since my regularity went absent.  I thought I had it figured out since I had to add iron to my daily intake.  These issues lead to problems with the 'rhoids too. :/

What I'm looking forward to?:
Continuing to organize Owen's nursery and maybe adding a few decorations.  AJ is supposed to go on a fishing trip for a belated birthday celebration since the weather caused a cancellation in June.  So it'll be a quiet weekend at home for us or a simple day trip if we go anywhere.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Picky Toddler, Clever Mom

I know, I have many victories needed before I catch up with my elusive toddler, but they're smart creatures.  So I'll take my one victory and boast about it, while Aidan smiles about his victories to my face several times a day.

Like when he's victorious at nap time, and I drive him around until he falls asleep. Or rock him like he's a newborn until he falls asleep and lay on the couch for two hours while my arms falls asleep with him. Or when I bring Aidan to the bed because I tire of his antics at bedtime...hey, mom needs her sleep, too.

Or when I am so proud of him taking a great nap and cooperating while I run tons of errands that he convinces me I should buy him (yet another) ball.  Then he starts throwing the ball and several others all over the store, where I have to chase after him and the balls.

There are many more victories, but to recount all my defeats will take many pages and probably a very boring read.  I recently thought I lost against Aidan when it came to eating meat, especially chicken.  I had the bright idea to make my own ravioli and to add chicken he refused two nights previous.  I mixed chicken that I chopped up in my food processor with spinach, Italian cheeses, and Italian spices.  Then, using a recipe I found on the lovely internet, I made ravioli pasta dough.

Making the ravioli wasn't time consuming espicially since it yields a lot however, I learned that I should roll it thinner and not be so conservative with the filling.  In addition, I did not like the recipe I called for 2 1/2 cup flour, a pinch of salt and 3 large eggs.  Well, the dough wouldn't even form with three eggs, so I had to add two more.  Since this was my first attempt at making pasta, I didn't want to experiment because I didn't know/understand the effect.  Perhaps that's why my ravoli seemed like it should be rolled thinner.  Who knows, but I'll work on it.

After cooking the ravioli, I topped it with pesto and grated Parmesan cheese.  Aidan happily consumed 5 large raviolis, and I claimed victory.

 My victory dance was short lived, but at least I had the opportunity to notch a 1 on the scoreboard. 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Up, Up and Away!

After signing the last piece of paper to finalize the construction loan, we have officially allowed ourselves to be excited about the house!  But signing that last piece of paper was not without drama or stress.

Three weeks into the construction, we were STILL waiting to finalize the paperwork with the bank...the bank kept messing something up or needing additional information or clarification.  So while we were excited to finally sign the paperwork on June 21st, things did not go as planned.

On Thursday, the closing was moved from 11AM to 1PM, but we were hopeful.  On Friday, as I was running late to closing, AJ called me to tell me that the bank hadn't sent over the paperwork so take my time.  I arrived 15 minutes late...still no word from the bank.  So I went to lunch, constantly checking my phone waiting for AJ to call.  AJ called, only to ask where I chose to go to lunch.  Bummer.  I return to the lawyer's office, and AJ checks in on the bank since he hadn't received a call yet.  Supposedly, the paperwork would be sent over in a few minutes.  Fast forward to 3 PM, AJ receives a call - a computer is down, give them a few more minutes.  At 3:30 PM, the bank told us that we could close at 6:30 PM on Friday.

We left Aiken at 11:45 AM, and the bank wanted us to stick around until nearly 7PM.  This meant I would have to return to Aiken, pick Aidan up and drive him back to the lawyer's office 1.25 hours away.  We would waste 8+ hours if we agreed to the later closing.  Oh, but I had a card to play...I never use the pregnancy card, but hey, this was a desperate situation needing an alternative that fit MY schedule.

So I told AJ, after we were offered the later closing or some time next week, to hand me his phone.  He asked why, and I replied that I was calling the banker back.

So the conversation went something like this:
Diana: <Banker's name>, this is Diana, Willis' wife. I'm not happy.
Banker: Yes m'am?
Diana: I'm pregnant, it's the first day of summer, and it's absolutely gorgeous today.  Instead of enjoying the beautiful weather, I have sat outside of a locked attorney's office for over 3 hours plus I drove an hour and a half.  Now you want me to drive back to Aiken, pick up my toddler, drive him back to sign paperwork that will supposedly be ready by 6:30 PM.
Banker: Well...
Diana: I'll be a hungry irritable pregnant woman, and my toddler will be hungry and full of energy. So this is how it's going to go down.  You're going to pay for the attorney to drive to Aiken either tonight or Monday afternoon.  I don't care what it costs, but I'm tired of the incompetency your bank has displayed during this process over and over again.
Banker: Yes m'am. What time do you want attorney in Aiken on Monday.
Diana: 3 PM
Banker: Where do you want him to meet you.
Diana: My house
Banker: Yes m'am. He'll be there with the no cost to you.
Diana: Thank you.
End of conversation...

We actually signed the paperwork on the back of the attorney's car in a grocery store parking lot.  Our witness was also a paper weight since a storm was quickly moving in.  All we needed to cap our luck was the paperwork to blow into the busy intersection we were parked near. The attorney was pleasant and very understanding; he said he had signed paperwork in odd places, but never on the back of his car in a parking lot! 

The paperwork wasn't without errors...the last name was misspelled for AJ several different ways, but it was spelled perfect for my name.  In addition, the loan amount was higher than what the bank said they would loan us due to the farm "losses".  We were happy to see this, but it was one more thing the bank couldn't do correctly.

With the paperwork signed, we all breathed a sigh of relief...then moved full speed ahead.

We've decided on a stone color and pattern, received another quote on appliances, signed a contract with the cabinet maker, and began the selection for the plumbing & electrical fixtures.  In addition, we had to pick the roof shingles' color and also contracted the cabinet guy to make our front door.

So as the framing crew works to finish out the exterior, the plumber and electrician will work on roughing in their respective trades.  In addition, we will probably see the roof start since all the rainy weather will hamper the construction if we can't get the house dried in.

In the mean time, we'll make more selections such as the marble and quartz countertops, plumbing and electrical fixtures, and possible the color of the shakes, trim and soffit. Lots of color choices.

So 1 month down 7 months to go!