Saturday, July 6, 2013

Picky Toddler, Clever Mom

I know, I have many victories needed before I catch up with my elusive toddler, but they're smart creatures.  So I'll take my one victory and boast about it, while Aidan smiles about his victories to my face several times a day.

Like when he's victorious at nap time, and I drive him around until he falls asleep. Or rock him like he's a newborn until he falls asleep and lay on the couch for two hours while my arms falls asleep with him. Or when I bring Aidan to the bed because I tire of his antics at bedtime...hey, mom needs her sleep, too.

Or when I am so proud of him taking a great nap and cooperating while I run tons of errands that he convinces me I should buy him (yet another) ball.  Then he starts throwing the ball and several others all over the store, where I have to chase after him and the balls.

There are many more victories, but to recount all my defeats will take many pages and probably a very boring read.  I recently thought I lost against Aidan when it came to eating meat, especially chicken.  I had the bright idea to make my own ravioli and to add chicken he refused two nights previous.  I mixed chicken that I chopped up in my food processor with spinach, Italian cheeses, and Italian spices.  Then, using a recipe I found on the lovely internet, I made ravioli pasta dough.

Making the ravioli wasn't time consuming espicially since it yields a lot however, I learned that I should roll it thinner and not be so conservative with the filling.  In addition, I did not like the recipe I called for 2 1/2 cup flour, a pinch of salt and 3 large eggs.  Well, the dough wouldn't even form with three eggs, so I had to add two more.  Since this was my first attempt at making pasta, I didn't want to experiment because I didn't know/understand the effect.  Perhaps that's why my ravoli seemed like it should be rolled thinner.  Who knows, but I'll work on it.

After cooking the ravioli, I topped it with pesto and grated Parmesan cheese.  Aidan happily consumed 5 large raviolis, and I claimed victory.

 My victory dance was short lived, but at least I had the opportunity to notch a 1 on the scoreboard. 

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