Sunday, July 21, 2013

Week 31

It's amazing how different pregnancies can be.  The symptoms, the cravings, the growth...the pain. Oh, the pain.  Even if my tennis partner had not moved away, I would not play this pregnancy.  This week, lower back pain started along with difficulty walking.  Just walking...let alone trying to chase after a yellow ball to slam back over the net.  I have two months left, and this time, I am ready to be at the destination instead of blissfully enjoying the journey.  I don't like admitting this thought, but in truth, when it hurts so much to walk, I'm ready to throw in the towel.  Not being active is not in my blood.
Pushing through the pain isn't an option either, sure I could do it, but it wouldn't be good for Owen.  I know by body is telling me to rest, and I also feel like Owen is lower than Aidan ever was (until the day I went into labor). 
I did find that being in a pool relieves this pain, thanks to my neighbor who let us use hers.  Hmm, too bad I can't work in a pool all day.

How far along: 30 weeks 6 days

How big is baby?:
According to the APP, I'm Expecting: Started the Week 31 as the size of a Bunch of Asparagus
and is about to be a Bok Choy.

Weight gain?:
1 lb this week, 28 total

Stretch marks?: Counting myself lucky, only the linea nigra and bright, blue veins

Sleep is getting more difficult due to my hips being uncomfortable and the pain around my lower belly.  Once I find a good sleeping position, I usually sleep without waking.  I still find myself on my stomach. 

Best moment?:  Maternity pictures as a FAMILY.  Last time, with AJ's work schedule and the weather, he was never able to participate, so it's nice to have some photos with him.

I also took Aidan to a Touch a Truck event held locally.  While most of time, he was clingy and unsure of everything, he eventually warmed up to touching the trucks and sitting in the seat without me.  He was calling all the heavy equipment "tractors"!  I thought he would enjoy a snow cone, but silly me, what was I thinking?!  He ended up spilling it all over his shirt and dropping the rest on the ground.  He didn't have one bite.

Worst moment?:  Nothing that I recollect...except all the pain I already talked about throughout this post. :)

Food cravings?: I am back to wanting salty foods, and sweets were a turn off...weird.

Symptoms?:  Round Ligament Pain, lower back pain, and pain while walking. Pain

I was limited this week.  I did work out my upper and lower body, but my walking was limited.  In fact, the only walking I did was at work, which was a good bit, but I did not add any recreational miles

Movement?:Owen loves to move around on the right side, especially when I am getting comfortable in bed, he seems to kick, punch and move on the right side.

Belly button?:
An outie

What I miss?: Moving without thought and effort.  Seriously, it's an effort to get up, and it's an effort to move.  I did notice that the more I walked, the looser my ligaments seemed, which made walking more comfortable.  But if I walk too much, then I'm sore a few hours later.  Can't win.

Labor signs?
:None, though the uncomfortable pain I have felt this week was exactly how I felt the day I went into labor with Aidan.  So how will I know when Owen is ready to come?!  Guess he'll make the discomfort worse, hah.

TMI:  Nothing new this week...

What I'm looking forward to?:
Visiting a friend at the beach!! Remember Jen...surely you do, I've blogged about her several times.  Anyway, her husband and her are visiting from Wisconsin, so Aidan and I are going to see them!  I am so excited!  I hope the weather is nice.

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