Sunday, August 16, 2015

Playing Hooky

Playing hooky unintentionally started on Saturday morning.  The low tire light came on in my SUV, and I found a gas station to fill my airs since I was on the road.  My front left tire needed 15 psi!  The remaining tires were near 32 psi which is the recommended pressure.

Sunday, my front tire needed approximately 15 psi.

Monday, my front tire needed approximately 15 psi.

My tires are near 80,000 miles, so they're near the end of their expected mileage.  I joked with AJ that I should trade my SUV in for a new one since the last time I needed tires I happened to trade my truck in (but an even trade this time wouldn't yield something as nice...)

AJ was out of town for work until Tuesday evening.  I didn't want to break down with a flat tire with the kids in the car.  So Monday, I shopped around for available tires and asked my boss if I could take Tuesday off.

Of course, if I was going to be off, I wanted to have fun with the boys.  So I asked Aidan when I picked him up if he wanted to stay home with me on Tuesday or go to "school".  Of course, he chose staying home with mom.

We started our fun day on Monday...after coming home late from the splash park, the boys and I piled into my bed and watched a movie until 10 pm.  I let them sleep in bed, too.

We had an early start to our Tuesday since Aidan loves to wake up around 6 am.  After eating breakfast, Aidan dressed himself for the park while I got Owen ready.

We had the park playground equipment all to ourselves!

They rode bikes (Owen not very long, I had to push him on the tricycle) around the track.

We played monster/chase all over the playground equipment.  

After two hours of the park, the boys were hot, so we took a quick break and went to the post office.  We needed to mail out the boys' invites, so I had Aidan help with the stamps and putting the invites in the mail.  He thought it was fun.

Next up, we went to the pool.  We were the first patrons there and enjoyed another 2 hours splashing around before I received the call that my tires would be available at 1:30.  

It was now noon, and Owen was in need of a nap.  So we changed and headed home.  Owen napped in the car, transferred to his crib, then back to the car.  Meanwhile, Aidan played with all of his animal toys quietly. 

Aidan did take a nap on the way to the tire play, so he had a 30 minute power nap.  Upon arrival, the guys took my car back and started work immediately.  The boys colored, ate snacks, and looked through magazines.  We were there just over an hour, and I'm surprised how patient and entertained they were.  When Aidan saw the new tires, he kissed them he was so excited.  

We arrived home around 3 pm, and Aidan wanted to stay home and play.  So I set up the water slide in the back yard while they rode around the house in Aidan's power wheel.  We played on the water slide until AJ arrived home around 6PM.

Surprise surprise, these boys were both out before 8 pm.  We had a fantastic day, and I can't wait to "play hooky" again.  I know we can have just as much fun on weekends, and we do, but something about being out and about when everyone else is at work and school makes the day better, like we're getting away with something.