Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Week of Firsts

Maybe Aidan knows he is about to be one year old, so he decided there were a few things he needed to get out of the way before the year was up.  For the past 11+ months, Aidan has not had teeth pop through his gums, but Sunday morning we saw two white buds.  We tried to hold him upside down to take a picture of his buds, but we had very little luck.  Aidan refused to let us see the buds unless we held him upside down, especially since the buds are on the top.  One bud was more prominent than the other, which is why we assume Tuesday night Aidan was screaming at 1 AM as the other tooth pushed through more.

Anthony woke up to a wonderful surprise Tuesday morning.  Aidan had discovered his poop in his diaper and decided to pretend to be Picasso and paint his crib and himself with it.  Being the one hearing the message, I found the situation hilarious.  However, AJ had a different outlook, and he actually became nauseated and sick because of it. But Aidan decided to make up for his morning fiasco by taking steps for the first time.  He took 3 to 4 steps to me twice in a row, then I ran outside to get AJ where Aidan repeated the act once more.  Over the next few days, we tried to record his steps, but he refused to participate and only wanted the phone or camera.

Aidan also learned how to take the pillow off the couch, throw them in a pile, and then dive into them.  He spent an hour, crawling, rolling and diving into the pillow Thursday night, and has continued to do the same thing over the weekend.  Hey, whatever entertains you, kiddo, go for it.

We'll see how long it takes to turn steps into walking, but for now, we are enjoying his short bursts of steps turned into crawling or tackling us.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Setting New (Fitness) Goals

I am a gym rat - I love lifting weights, swimming, and doing some cardio to keep my heart healthy.  I am a sports junky - softball, tennis, racquet ball, etc.  But I am not a runner...until now.

I am starting slow, but I signed up for a 5K in October.  Sure 3.12 miles isn't a long distance, but if you ask my knees, they would say otherwise.  So I am trying to ease into it. I know my walking speed is approximately 15 mph, so I figured I could complete a 5K in less than 30 minutes, which seems like a conservative goal.

My first "practice" was running at a local park, and I completed the 5K in 33:01 minutes, which included sprinting, running, jogging and walking.  I had to set small goals, and it helps that people were walking the track.  I wouldn't let myself stop running until I passed a certain group of people. I have to find mind games to trick myself into being motivated.  I also had a double header softball games the night before, so I think my legs were exhausted, but I pushed through it.

I was quite happy with my time, and I hope to run a couple of 5K's and eventually try a triathalon since I love biking and swimming, but one goal at a time, right? Besides, I just kicked up my weight lifting routine which consumes most of my free time, so running a 5K will have to due for now.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Change In Routine

Aidan says no more work, ma.
In late June, I put in my one week notice with a company I had been with for approximately 5 years.  In fact, the week after I put in my notice, I was receiving the 5 year service award.  There were lots of factors leading up to my change and my short notice, but I will not divulge those reasons, just that a change of scenery is what I needed. 

So my last day was July 6th, and while I knew it was the best decision for my family and was something I had wanted to do almost four and half years ago, it was not easy walking away from a project and some great co workers.  I never left a project because I was going to another company.  Nope, reasons for leaving included end of an internship, lay off, and the project was complete.  I always worked until the last day or I was told they needed me on another project.  So I wasn't ready emotionally for what I would feel as I walked, escorted, out the gate and away from the largest project I have ever been apart ($1.34 billion).  A project I have made two professional presentations, which the first time was my first presentation to a professional society of engineers.  There was a lot I left behind...tears (unfortunately) were not.


So I began the new job on July 23rd.  The new job has later hours and is only four days a week.  Later work hours, starting at 6:30 AM instead of 5:00 AM means I would get off later and not have someone to watch Aidan while I went to the gym.  The gym and fitness is very important to me; I am a gym rat, so working out at home isn't much of an option.  So my solution...wake up at 4:00 AM, okay okay, hit the snooze until 4:18 AM.  My day starts with letting the dogs out, making coffee yes I like it now!, chugging a protein shake, putting on gym clothes, brushing my teeth, and rushing out the door.  Oh, and hopefully I remember of the days I did not. I must be out the door by 4:36AM in order to get a 45 minute work out in.  So Monday through Thursday, I alternate legs and arms, and since I switched to morning work outs, I feel the burn so much more.  There's NO ONE at the gym at 4:45 AM.  I have all the weights and machines to myself!  AT 5:30 AM, I have to be in the locker room getting ready for work which requires straightening hair, wiping the swear off, applying make up, and getting dressed.  By 5:40 AM, my butt better be out the door and in my truck to make my way to work.

So now I wake up 1 hour later, somehow get a 45 minute work out in, and only arrive at work one and a half hours later than what I was use to.  How does that happen?! Okay, guilty of hitting the snooze when I had to get up at 3:15 AM.  Plus, I was getting to work at 5:45 AM because I had a much longer walk, now I can park a 100' from the entrance to the building where I work.

The first two weeks have gone great, and while I sometimes want to reset my alarm to 5:00 AM, I get up despite me arguing with myself over sleep.  So far, so good.  In fact, I even got up early on my day off to attend my first ever gym class.  That's right, Mrs. Has no Rhythm attended one of those classes taught by an instructor who seems to know eveyrone's names because they're regulars.  Well, I had hoped to learn more core exercises to help strengtehn and compliment my weight lifting routines.  I had also hoped that the class would not require me to be in sync with the rest of the class.  Hah!  yeah while I am trying to learn the poses and movements, I also have to keep in sync with others.  Really, it was hilarious.  Though, I did enjoy the class, and unfortuatnely, I have to admit that it kicked my butt.  However, I will be returning, and one day soon, I will kick its butt, but I know I will never be in sync with the rest of the classes rhythm.

It's nice to stay up late, 10:00 PM, through out the week.  I feel like a real adult instead of one that had to go to bed while the sun was still up.  I can also watch some of my favorite shows, such as True Blood and Damages, LIVE.  What did I do before a DVR?

The one routine to suffer, though, is dinner.  I eat my bigger meal at lunch now and eat a salad for dinner.  Getting home at 6:00 PM limits what I want to eat since I only have 4 hours to digest, and we all know I don't like to eat heavy that late.  But the nice thing is I can make a great crock pot meal that AJ and I can eat off for most of the week, then Friday rolls around, and I make other dishes.