Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Week of Firsts

Maybe Aidan knows he is about to be one year old, so he decided there were a few things he needed to get out of the way before the year was up.  For the past 11+ months, Aidan has not had teeth pop through his gums, but Sunday morning we saw two white buds.  We tried to hold him upside down to take a picture of his buds, but we had very little luck.  Aidan refused to let us see the buds unless we held him upside down, especially since the buds are on the top.  One bud was more prominent than the other, which is why we assume Tuesday night Aidan was screaming at 1 AM as the other tooth pushed through more.

Anthony woke up to a wonderful surprise Tuesday morning.  Aidan had discovered his poop in his diaper and decided to pretend to be Picasso and paint his crib and himself with it.  Being the one hearing the message, I found the situation hilarious.  However, AJ had a different outlook, and he actually became nauseated and sick because of it. But Aidan decided to make up for his morning fiasco by taking steps for the first time.  He took 3 to 4 steps to me twice in a row, then I ran outside to get AJ where Aidan repeated the act once more.  Over the next few days, we tried to record his steps, but he refused to participate and only wanted the phone or camera.

Aidan also learned how to take the pillow off the couch, throw them in a pile, and then dive into them.  He spent an hour, crawling, rolling and diving into the pillow Thursday night, and has continued to do the same thing over the weekend.  Hey, whatever entertains you, kiddo, go for it.

We'll see how long it takes to turn steps into walking, but for now, we are enjoying his short bursts of steps turned into crawling or tackling us.

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