Sunday, August 12, 2012

Setting New (Fitness) Goals

I am a gym rat - I love lifting weights, swimming, and doing some cardio to keep my heart healthy.  I am a sports junky - softball, tennis, racquet ball, etc.  But I am not a runner...until now.

I am starting slow, but I signed up for a 5K in October.  Sure 3.12 miles isn't a long distance, but if you ask my knees, they would say otherwise.  So I am trying to ease into it. I know my walking speed is approximately 15 mph, so I figured I could complete a 5K in less than 30 minutes, which seems like a conservative goal.

My first "practice" was running at a local park, and I completed the 5K in 33:01 minutes, which included sprinting, running, jogging and walking.  I had to set small goals, and it helps that people were walking the track.  I wouldn't let myself stop running until I passed a certain group of people. I have to find mind games to trick myself into being motivated.  I also had a double header softball games the night before, so I think my legs were exhausted, but I pushed through it.

I was quite happy with my time, and I hope to run a couple of 5K's and eventually try a triathalon since I love biking and swimming, but one goal at a time, right? Besides, I just kicked up my weight lifting routine which consumes most of my free time, so running a 5K will have to due for now.

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