Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

So I missed an update on the 15th Week...I had every intention of doing it, just not enough time.  So let's do reverse chronological order of the events since that's how the blog posts would be if I completed them in time.


Aidan definitely has some generous and loving family members!  He received a walker, a jumparoo, a playmat along with awesome penguin onesies, books, a blue glass sphere, miscellaneous toys, and silver dollars.  I think we'll start expanding the house next week so we have a place to store everything!  He loves his new toys, though Mr. 95th percentile is too short for the walker.  All in time, though...he has plenty of other toys to keep him busy (and worn out, extra cranky, and fighting sleep.)  Mom also made a really neat stocking - one side is John Deere (AJ) and one side is penguins (me, of course).  I can't imagine next year...and I think the givers were more excited than Aidan, but that's a good thing.  It's better to give than to receive or so "they" say. :) 

The Sixteenth Week

So this week is another transition week.  The fourteenth week was the transition of me going back to work.  The sixteenth week is the transition of having to deal with Aidan's sleep regression by ourselves and making it through the day with little sleep.  Hello Caffeine! and patience...  So apparently between the 3rd and 4th month, sleep regression can start to occur.  Google it.  For parents who experience this, it can make you frown, but it's just another stage that you think We can get through this, and we can.  Sooooo, we (well, Diana moreso than AJ) pulled sweet, little Aidan into the bed on Tuesday night.  Aidan didn't make a peep, and he did not stir when my alarm went off at 3:15AM.  I, of course, too, the bait and just KNEW that the entire week would be this way. 
Nope, AJ arrived home at 1:30 AM one night (out working), and Aidan woke up do to the dogs barking.  He was wet, so we changed him.  He was cranky and fussy, so we soothed him.  He might have been hungry, so I fed him.  While I enjoy nursing him, 2:15 am is a little late (or early) for me.  However, I laid on my side to allow Aidan to feed and fell asleep, and I can only assume he finished his meal and went to sleep since he had a content look on his face at 3:15 am.  Finally, another night, Aidan woke up periodicially; it seems he could not get settled.  Can I make it on 4 hours of sleep? Yes.  Do I want to? No.  But I wouldn't trade any sleep in the world for my sweet, baby boy.  I just drink more caffeine, and I was disappointed I had to jump off the no-caffeine wagon, but hey, gotta trudge through the day somehow!

The plus side to having mom watching Aidan as opposed to my wonderful Memaw is mom can send me pictures and texts through out the day.  I love seeing him randomly through out the day, though I do have a background on my computer that has 15-20 pictures of Aidan in a collage. 
 Mom tends to put Aidan in matching outfits, where Memaw chose clothes on a functional basis.  I did love to come home and see how Memaw dressed Aidan and hear why she decided to onesie on the outside of the pants. :) 
Going to work has become easier, though by Fridays, I am worn out and I am about out of fresh pumped breast milk.  It seems I have a hungry monster on my hands.  I pump 10-12 ounces in the morning and 15-18 ounces at work.  However, Aidan requires 30 ounces while I am away, so I have had to pull a little from the freezer stash.  But I think due to attending the company Christmas party and AJ taking Aidan to Hampton that I didn't have enough weekend extra milk to help the work week milk operation.  We shall see...

In other news, I did donate 65 oz of breastmilk to a mom and baby in need.  The mom wants her baby to have breastmilk due to allergic reactions to formula and her not being able to produce milk because of medication for lupus.  I felt so blessed that I could make this donation.  I still have 100+ oz of milk in the freezer, so Aidan would be taken care of if I were sick for a few days.

Towards the end of this week, Aidan has giggled and laughed a lot more frequently, and it melts my heart.  I love the noise of his giggles.  On Friday, my day off, Aidan and I sat in the living room, and he only had on a diaper.  I was blowing raspberries on his stomach, and he started of course, I continued.  Then AJ was undressing Aidan on Saturday, and Aidan turned to his side and made it difficult to undress (purposefully if you ask me!).  So AJ would tug at the sleeve, and Aidan would giggle.  Oh my, love you so much baby boy.

The Fifteenth Week

This was Memaw's 2nd week of watching Aidan...she said the first week was exhausting, so I'm sure she is glad I had 4 day work weeks!  I was sad to see Memaw go because I love visiting with her and seeing her spending so much time with Aidan.  Memaw says that Aidan rolled unassisted (and without encouragement) from front to back!  Then he fussed and fussed because he did not want to be on his stomach, but he couldn't roll back over or even onto his side.  He'll learn.   He continues to enjoy his bath, but he is learning how to splash more and more.  If you don't want to get wet, then don't bathe Aidan!  He is so happy in his bath and gives the best smiles!

Aidan is still trying to master his jumparoo, which was an early Christmas present from Grammy and granddaddy (my parents).  He likes to sit in it, move a little, and yell at the toys attached.  Then he fusses and wants nothing to do with it.  I'm sure he'll love it one day, just like the swing, but not today.  December 17th, I attended my work Christmas party, and I had my first beer in almost a whole year, in fact, 51 weeks!  I had Bud Select 55 and Mich Ultra...yes, I still love light beers, none of the dark stuff for me.  I enjoyed the Christmas party, and of course, showed off pictures of Aidan.  Though I do miss him when I am not with him, I can have fun and enjoy myself when I do go out sans baby.

And here's a lovely fashion statement made by Aidan courtesy of my Memaw...Love it!

I should add that my left wrist still aches/hurts, and there is such a thing as post partum carpal tunnel.  Boo.  Guess I'm just waiting to see if it gets better or worse.  I tried sleeping with a wrist brace, but it's extremely uncomfortable, especially when Aidan wants me to let him hold my finger as he falls asleep.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Fourteenth Week

This week I returned to work, and it was not easy.  Sunday was filled with lots of tears and little sleep, but I am happy to report that Aidan and I made it through the week.  I think Aidan dealt with the seperartion better than I did, which makes me happy because what makes me sad is that I am not there to soothe him when he needs me most.  The first day, I came home, Aidan was exhausted and needed a nap.  So I curled up on the couch and held for as long as he would let me.  It warmed my heart to know that he needed me so much.  And as I stated in my letter, we gave Aidan bath's every day, and I nursed him to sleep.  Tears were less as the nights went on, and I was able to sleep more peacefully.  Thankfully, the work week was four short days followed by four days off.

Aidan rolled over for the first time this week.  My memaw was working with Aidan a lot this week on tummy time and how to roll over - it seems her work has paid off...somewhat.  Aidan rolled to his side by himself, then I held a singing penguin over his head (that has red flashing lights) and he rolled over to look at it. So rolling over wasn't one fluid motion, but it's definitely a start.  Memaw and I were excited.  Aidan also received his Christmas present early from my parents - a jumparoo.  We tested it out at Buy Buy Baby, and he fit just fine and seemed to love it.  Well, at home, his feet could not touch the ground, so we had to put a book under him, but he seemed to greatly enjoy it!  Hopefully, he will start to get the hang of it soon, and I'll share some more videos.

All About Mom

Overall, I think the work week got better as the days went on, and I found my routine.  I did not go to the gym until Friday, which was my day off.  I rushed home every day to Aidan, even if it was to hold him for a nap.

Each day, I was able to set my alarm a little later or hit an extra snooze.  I quickly realized I was giving myself too much time to get ready in the morning.  I was at the carpool meet up spot 15 minutes early or more!  Better to have too much time, than too little.  It's weird (TMI to follow...), in the morning, I understand how a cow feels.  I wear this hands free bra, hook up the breastpump, and brush my teeth/wash my face, all while producing milk for Aidan.  (Little crude, but please, find the humor!) Then at work, I feel like a sperm know, I go into a practically bare office, put up a “Do Not Distrub” sign, look at pictures (of Aidan) to help stimulate myself, get half naked, wait for the white stuff to be collected in a bottle, examine my results and pat myself on the back for the good work, clean myself up, get dressed, then leave the room discreetly. 

I also plays Words with Friends or check out the updates on Facebook while I pump at work.  It's a nice break, and I definitely need something to occupy my time, even if it's only ten minutes.

I have had time to reflect the past three months.  I use to be a very modest person, but when it comes to breastfeeding, it seems I do what's best for Aidan.  I have nursed in public several times and I nurse in front of friends and family, as long as they are comfortable with it...I know, who cares whether they are or not...well, I do.  I can easily go into another room to feed Aidan, so it's no big deal. It's amazing how much a baby changes your prespective...or modesty.  Though, I still change in a changing room at the gym - that will never change. :)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Dear Aidan,

My how time has seems like yesterday we were bringing you home from the hospital. Now your are holding your head up, curious about your environment, and playing "Simon Says" with your cooing and "talking". I admit, the first few weeks were very challenging, and I wasn't sure if I would make it through the entire maternity leave with my sanity. But the clouds broke and sun shone through as you began to smile, interact, and give mom a little bit of sleep and a break through out the day. 

For the past week, I have cried every time I think of leaving you to work.  I will miss the mornings when you stretch, smile, fart, and then coo at me as I stare into your eyes and am amazed by how much you have grown.  I miss the morning "Party on the Changing Table" song and dance that we do.  I will miss the morning feeding - you are quick to latch on and eat, then you will fall to sleep and snack until I put you back in the crib or down beside me.  Your morning routine is one of my favorites that I will have to cherish three days of week instead of seven.

I didn't cry when you were born - I wanted to, but I think every ounce of moisture that I had was perspired through my pores during twenty intense minutes of pushing.  I loved you from the first sight, there's no mistaking that.  But as I go back to work, I will be lucky if I don't cry - I'm sure when the garage door shuts and I back out of the driveway, when I pump milk for you, or when I see your picture on my computer screen, I will shed tears and miss you so much.

But we will get through this - we will have bath time every  night, regardless of whether you need it or not.  You love to talk, splash, and hold my fingers while you bathe.  You are so happy that I need those smiles and coos every day.  I need you to promise me that you will save some of that happiness for me when I get home.  We will nurse every night before bed - I love our bond and I know it's a good routine for you and me. 

We'll make it through this together...we may shed a few more tears along the way that we normally wouldn't, but we'll be okay.  I promise.



Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Thirteenth Week

3 Months, Baby Boy

Splish Splash, I was taking a bath...

Party on the Changing Table, Party on the Changing Table, Party Party Party.

I can't sing, but Aidan doesn't care.  He squeals and moves his arms and legs like he is dancing when I sing my made up song, "Party on the Changing Table."  Sometimes it's that one line, and by the third "Party", he is squealing and moving so much.  I'm glad my lack of talent is so delightful, because one day, it will be embarrassing.
Aidan has picked his head up significantly during tummy much that he fusses very little.  It's like one day it clicked for him and he realized if he looked up he wouldn't had to put his face in the mat!  So proud of the little guy.  He absolutely loves his play mat now.  He swats at the monkey, panda, and insect toys constantly while squealing with delight.  I love to hear his squeals.

Aidan must sense that I am going back to work next week.  He was extra needy Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  It's like he knew that cuddle time with mom was about to be shortened, so we rocked for hours on Thursday and Friday.  On Saturday, he wanted to be held and not play on his mat.  It melts my heart that he needs me so much, and it really lifted my spirits.  Though I will admit that on Thursday, I cried as I rocked Aidan during his nap.  I know I will have the weekends and the evenings, but I don't want to miss anything...Speaking of which, Aidan laughed for the first time on Thursday!  So beautiful and precious.  Not sure what got into him, but he was very vocal and happy while one of my former coworkers visited.

On Saturday, Aidan was officially 3 months/13 weeks, so it meant another fun shopping trip and photo shoot.  Mom and I typically find ourselves at Gymboree, and this month, they had TONS of penguin outfits.  I can't wait to dress Aidan up in these, but here's two of my favorite photos from Saturday.

Dad bought Aidan a polar bear to help keep the penguin population down, and he's to the left of the penguin, but not seen in this photo...But I think the polar bear is slacking on the job. :)

Unofficially, Aidan weights near 15 pounds and is 25.5" long.

All About Mom

So I am officially back at my pre pregnancy weight.  Breastfeeding really does burn up some calories!  I didn't expect to lose the weight so quickly, but no complaints here.

Night sweats still occur, but they are pretty infrequent.

This week, I have had a weird sensation/pain in my left hand.  Almost carpal tunnel like.  I'm going to wear a brace to see if that helps, but I have noticed this issue since pregnancy, but most of the time, it was a dull ache and rarely occurred.  However, twice this week, I had sharp, shooting pain and numbness in the hand/wrist. 

And the TMI...

The 'Rhoids are still around, unfortunately.  Not bothersome to me, but just irritating that they have not resolved themselves.  When I see my OB in January, I will get a prescription like I had in the hospital if the rhoids are still present then.  I have also gone an entire year without Aunt Flo...please don't let this jinx me!