Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Thirteenth Week

3 Months, Baby Boy

Splish Splash, I was taking a bath...

Party on the Changing Table, Party on the Changing Table, Party Party Party.

I can't sing, but Aidan doesn't care.  He squeals and moves his arms and legs like he is dancing when I sing my made up song, "Party on the Changing Table."  Sometimes it's that one line, and by the third "Party", he is squealing and moving so much.  I'm glad my lack of talent is so delightful, because one day, it will be embarrassing.
Aidan has picked his head up significantly during tummy much that he fusses very little.  It's like one day it clicked for him and he realized if he looked up he wouldn't had to put his face in the mat!  So proud of the little guy.  He absolutely loves his play mat now.  He swats at the monkey, panda, and insect toys constantly while squealing with delight.  I love to hear his squeals.

Aidan must sense that I am going back to work next week.  He was extra needy Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  It's like he knew that cuddle time with mom was about to be shortened, so we rocked for hours on Thursday and Friday.  On Saturday, he wanted to be held and not play on his mat.  It melts my heart that he needs me so much, and it really lifted my spirits.  Though I will admit that on Thursday, I cried as I rocked Aidan during his nap.  I know I will have the weekends and the evenings, but I don't want to miss anything...Speaking of which, Aidan laughed for the first time on Thursday!  So beautiful and precious.  Not sure what got into him, but he was very vocal and happy while one of my former coworkers visited.

On Saturday, Aidan was officially 3 months/13 weeks, so it meant another fun shopping trip and photo shoot.  Mom and I typically find ourselves at Gymboree, and this month, they had TONS of penguin outfits.  I can't wait to dress Aidan up in these, but here's two of my favorite photos from Saturday.

Dad bought Aidan a polar bear to help keep the penguin population down, and he's to the left of the penguin, but not seen in this photo...But I think the polar bear is slacking on the job. :)

Unofficially, Aidan weights near 15 pounds and is 25.5" long.

All About Mom

So I am officially back at my pre pregnancy weight.  Breastfeeding really does burn up some calories!  I didn't expect to lose the weight so quickly, but no complaints here.

Night sweats still occur, but they are pretty infrequent.

This week, I have had a weird sensation/pain in my left hand.  Almost carpal tunnel like.  I'm going to wear a brace to see if that helps, but I have noticed this issue since pregnancy, but most of the time, it was a dull ache and rarely occurred.  However, twice this week, I had sharp, shooting pain and numbness in the hand/wrist. 

And the TMI...

The 'Rhoids are still around, unfortunately.  Not bothersome to me, but just irritating that they have not resolved themselves.  When I see my OB in January, I will get a prescription like I had in the hospital if the rhoids are still present then.  I have also gone an entire year without Aunt Flo...please don't let this jinx me!

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