Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Up, Up and Away!

After signing the last piece of paper to finalize the construction loan, we have officially allowed ourselves to be excited about the house!  But signing that last piece of paper was not without drama or stress.

Three weeks into the construction, we were STILL waiting to finalize the paperwork with the bank...the bank kept messing something up or needing additional information or clarification.  So while we were excited to finally sign the paperwork on June 21st, things did not go as planned.

On Thursday, the closing was moved from 11AM to 1PM, but we were hopeful.  On Friday, as I was running late to closing, AJ called me to tell me that the bank hadn't sent over the paperwork so take my time.  I arrived 15 minutes late...still no word from the bank.  So I went to lunch, constantly checking my phone waiting for AJ to call.  AJ called, only to ask where I chose to go to lunch.  Bummer.  I return to the lawyer's office, and AJ checks in on the bank since he hadn't received a call yet.  Supposedly, the paperwork would be sent over in a few minutes.  Fast forward to 3 PM, AJ receives a call - a computer is down, give them a few more minutes.  At 3:30 PM, the bank told us that we could close at 6:30 PM on Friday.

We left Aiken at 11:45 AM, and the bank wanted us to stick around until nearly 7PM.  This meant I would have to return to Aiken, pick Aidan up and drive him back to the lawyer's office 1.25 hours away.  We would waste 8+ hours if we agreed to the later closing.  Oh, but I had a card to play...I never use the pregnancy card, but hey, this was a desperate situation needing an alternative that fit MY schedule.

So I told AJ, after we were offered the later closing or some time next week, to hand me his phone.  He asked why, and I replied that I was calling the banker back.

So the conversation went something like this:
Diana: <Banker's name>, this is Diana, Willis' wife. I'm not happy.
Banker: Yes m'am?
Diana: I'm pregnant, it's the first day of summer, and it's absolutely gorgeous today.  Instead of enjoying the beautiful weather, I have sat outside of a locked attorney's office for over 3 hours plus I drove an hour and a half.  Now you want me to drive back to Aiken, pick up my toddler, drive him back to sign paperwork that will supposedly be ready by 6:30 PM.
Banker: Well...
Diana: I'll be a hungry irritable pregnant woman, and my toddler will be hungry and full of energy. So this is how it's going to go down.  You're going to pay for the attorney to drive to Aiken either tonight or Monday afternoon.  I don't care what it costs, but I'm tired of the incompetency your bank has displayed during this process over and over again.
Banker: Yes m'am. What time do you want attorney in Aiken on Monday.
Diana: 3 PM
Banker: Where do you want him to meet you.
Diana: My house
Banker: Yes m'am. He'll be there with the no cost to you.
Diana: Thank you.
End of conversation...

We actually signed the paperwork on the back of the attorney's car in a grocery store parking lot.  Our witness was also a paper weight since a storm was quickly moving in.  All we needed to cap our luck was the paperwork to blow into the busy intersection we were parked near. The attorney was pleasant and very understanding; he said he had signed paperwork in odd places, but never on the back of his car in a parking lot! 

The paperwork wasn't without errors...the last name was misspelled for AJ several different ways, but it was spelled perfect for my name.  In addition, the loan amount was higher than what the bank said they would loan us due to the farm "losses".  We were happy to see this, but it was one more thing the bank couldn't do correctly.

With the paperwork signed, we all breathed a sigh of relief...then moved full speed ahead.

We've decided on a stone color and pattern, received another quote on appliances, signed a contract with the cabinet maker, and began the selection for the plumbing & electrical fixtures.  In addition, we had to pick the roof shingles' color and also contracted the cabinet guy to make our front door.

So as the framing crew works to finish out the exterior, the plumber and electrician will work on roughing in their respective trades.  In addition, we will probably see the roof start since all the rainy weather will hamper the construction if we can't get the house dried in.

In the mean time, we'll make more selections such as the marble and quartz countertops, plumbing and electrical fixtures, and possible the color of the shakes, trim and soffit. Lots of color choices.

So 1 month down 7 months to go!

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