Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Forth Week

We have a belly button!  While AJ was rocking Aidan on his shoulder to get a burp out, the umbilical cord stump fell off!  We didn't examine the belly button until the next morning, but we were excited the stump was gone. 

Since the stump was gone and the belly button area was healed, we were able to give Aidan a real bath.  He seemed to really enjoy the bath, but not the getting out and drying off part.  He was also hungry, so that could also explain why he was crying when I took him out of the water.

After having a bath, I figured it was time that Aidan and I make a trip out to the store.  I was excited and nervous at the same time, but I needed some things from the store, and I don't always feel like going when AJ is home (ya know, EXHAUSTED!).  We went to Target (where the pediatrician told us not to go...), the bank's drive through, and the gas station.  The worry with big stores like Target is people want to touch your baby, and one of those people give your baby something that causes the baby to have a fever = ER trip.  However, I went during the slow part of the day and didn't have anyone attempt to touch Aidan.  I also used my stroller/carseat and carried a hand basket.  It made taking Aidan from the truck to the store easy since I didn't have to carry the carseat with Aidan in it a far distance.

Later on Monday, AJ, Aidan and I went to Babies R Us and bought a pack and play.  Two outings in one day!  No wonder Aidan was up at 3 am wanting to play.  He was also going through a growth spurt or at least I assume so since he ate every hour from 9 AM to 2AM.

I was finally successful wearing Aidan using the K'tan wrap.  No fussing, no squirming, just snuggling and sleeping!

He was using his pacifier and looking around for about 5 minutes before he fell alseep.  Then I was able to feed the dogs, eat breakfast, clean up the kitchen, and finish up some laundry.  Sure, I could have put him in the crib, but he was wide awake and gazing around the crib.  I couldn't leave him in the crib awake, so I thought wearing him would allow him to look around the house...but then he fell alseep.

Granny (my mom) bought Aidan some awesome FuzziBunz One Size Cloth Diapers, which are a great addition to my cloth diaper collection.  These are easier to put on a baby then prefolds and a cover, so hopefully AJ will warm up to the cloth diapers - though his newborn disposable stash has quickly dwindled, though I'm not sure Aidan could fit into them much longer.  On Tuesday, I stepped on the scale with Aidan, then sans Aidan, and the difference was 10.4 lbs. Though I know I can step on the scale, step off, and the scale reads something slightly different, so I think it's safe to say that Aidan is 10 lbs, which would be an average of .5 lb/week.

We also took our first family vacation already!  AJ hadn't been to the beach all year, and I only went once, so we took advantage of an offer for a free beach house on Folley Beach in Charleston, SC.  Aidan stayed at the house and was watched by grandparents; the only thing he did differently was being rocked on the front porch while listening to the ocean.  Aidan also had TWO diaper blow outs while we were riding in the on the way to Folly and one midway home.  The second time, the blow out was so bad, we threw away his onesie.

Aidan also received his gift from the winner of the birth guesses (gender, weight, length, time of day, date).  Aidan's Uncle Mark won the bet, and he stated the gifts would have a dragon or Gamecock theme...since we're Clemson fans, we definitely didn't want Gamecock gear. :)  So Mark looked all over for dragon stuff, the coolest of which was a pacifier attached to a dragon.  Supposedly, the baby would lose it less since he can hold onto the stuffed animal, thus keeping the pacifier in his mouth.

All About Mom

I can't believe it's been 4 weeks since I gave birth, and I am still healing.  I have a doctor's appointment on Monday, and I hope to be cleared for working out.  I also hope that my tears have healed well, although at times, the area is still sore.

I was able to take Aidan for a long walk at the local park, and I was back to 15 minute miles instead of the 18-20 while pregnant.  This week, I managed to walk 6 miles, which is significantly less than where I would like to be, but hopefully I can get Aidan into a routine so we can walk every day.

Here's what I remember from this week to update...
  • Linea nigera line is still present.
  • I have dropped 2 lbs since my weight stabilized after birth, so only 8 more to go to be back to pre pregnancy weight.  This wasn't all this week, but over the past 4, which is on track for what a Breastfeeding mom should lose (if any).
  • Engorgement has subsided, though it's present when Aidan sleeps 4 to 6 hours at night. 
  • My boobs leak when I hear Aidan crying, and it's been at least an hour since I fed him.  It's never a good situation when Aidan needs a diaper change and for some reason I have a boob exposed because as I change him, I leak on him.  Poor kid.
  • Thursday was the first time I wore deodorant or straightened my hair since Aidan was least I showered everyday!

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