Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Month Old!

Aidan is one month old today, and he celebrated by filling his day with lots of activity.  He started his day by having his granny babysit him while I went to my 4 week post partum doctor's visit. 

After the doctor's visit, mom and I packed up Aidan and drove to Babies R Us since I had some gift cards to use (by the way, BuyBuyBaby is much better than Babies R Us).  I bought Aidan several toys that are suppose to help develop his senses, such as hearing and sight.

Of course, Aidan wasn't hungry while we were at Babies R Us where the store has a "mother's room."  No, he waited until we were at Chick Fla La, and mom was ordering our food to be hungry!  So I fed him in the truck while I ate my lunch.  Then we headed over to the mall, where I looked at sweaters at Banana Republic.  About an hour after the first feeding, Aidan was hungry again, and this time, he fed while I was in the changing room.  Good location!

Mom and I then went to Gymboree to look at baby outfits, and boy, did we find plenty!  The selection was too cute to avoid buying at least one outfit each.  I bought Aidan a football outfit and a Halloween onesie.  They had a cute hat that looked like a leather replica football helmet, but they were all too big. :(  The overalls will look great with a Clemson onesie, too!  Look for a picture soon from a football Saturday.

Granny (my mom) bought Aidan two Thanksgiving outfits since he has at least two places to go for Thanksgiving.  She also bought him a moose outfit for Christmas, complete with a moose antler hat and moose booties.  We joked that one day, Aidan will be embarrassed by the pictures (there will be pictures of him) of him in these outfits...oh well, have to take advantage of the situation while I can!
After our shopping was complete, we walked 4 miles at a local park.  The trail passes right by the Savannah River, and with the fall weather, it was a perfect ending to the day!  Aidan slept the entire time while we walked and even the whole way home.  He went three hours without eating or fussing, but as soon as we arrived home, it was feeding time.

Happy One Month, Aidan!

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