Monday, October 10, 2011

The Fifth Week

Routine. Routine. Routine.
So Aidan doesn't have a strict routine, but I definitely have found a pattern in his behavior. Somewhere around midnight, Aidan will fall asleep for the night. He will sleep 3-5 hours, wake up to eat, then sleep another 3-4 hours. Then, he'll wake himself up by passing lots of gas followed by filling up his diaper. After a quick, but messy diaper change, he feeds again then typically sleeps for another 2.5-3 hours. After sleeping, he feeds then fusses, unless I wear him, then he promptly falls alseep. Every 2 hours, he will wake, eat, have a little activity, then sleep until 7pm. Around 7PM, he goes into complete meltdown, fussy mode until bed time. HOWEVER, I recently discovered that wearing him (swaddling), walking (swaying), give him his pacifier (sucking) and shushing him put him to sleep within 15  minutes, and it instantly calms him down.  So I wear him in the K'tan wrap until he wakes to eat.  So that's 4 of the 5 S's recommended by the Happiest Baby on the Block.

I guess Aidan wasn't a good luck charm for the Yankees as they fell in game five of the ALDS play offs to the Tigers.  Guess his charm only works for Tigers, specifically Clemson.  He still looks good in his Yankees onesie.  Aidan had another busy week.  We made it a goal to get out of the house every day, even if it meant just going uptown to buy candy (I'm addicted to Brach's Indian Corn).  In addition to family, he also hung out with my friend Diana and met my friend Kirsten.  He also made the trip to Charleston to visit with his Aunt and Uncle.  We brought enough cloth diapers to make it through the entire day!  I was very anxious about the trip and using cloth, but it went over very well. 

All About Mom

Have I mentioned the hot flashes and night sweats?  Between the leaky boobs and the night sweats, my bed sheets have to be washed every other day!  It's crazy how quickly I get really hot, then start sweating, then am back to normal.

Anyway, this week I was given the clearance by the OB to begin working out - just take it slowly.  So I walked 10 miles and worked out my arms twice, abs twice, and legs once.  I did many arm exercises that I avoided while pregnant; I had an hour and a half arm work out!  Working out felt great!  I can tell a difference in my abs since I resumed exercises, not so jelly like.

The OB stated that I had healed very well, and thankfully, the lochia has slowed down tremendously.  My hemoglobin levels were great, so I only have to take 1 dose of iron per day.

I also realized that the blood in my eye disappeared some time last week.

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