Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Sixth Week

Six weeks...halfway through maternity leave.  Time flies, yet when I look back, I realize how much Aidan has grown and changed since Day 1.  My little guy is growing up so fast.

This week, I noticed Aidan smiling a lot more.  Small smiles and big gummy grins.  He is awake more, and we can play with him more.  I love watching his personality develop.

So here's the many faces of Aidan.

Two nights this week, Aidan went 8 hours in between feedings...unfortunately, I didn't sleep 8 hours straight.  After feeding, it took some time to get Aidan to sleep.  I also woke up in the middle of the night and had to pump because I was ENGORGED.  But, I definitely felt more refreshed than the other nights.  I hoped the 8 hour stretch was becoming the norm, but then Aidan reverted back to feedings every 3 hours at night.  Oh well, I'll take the 8 hour stretch anytime I can.

Aidan continues to have visitors...his great grandparents on my side visited him.  He met my dad's mother for the first time on Sunday and then my mom's parents drove up on Tuesday.  My memaw was very excited about the cloth diapers and the whole routine.  She was amazed how far CD's have come since we were babies.  Memaw also watched Aidan while Pepaw and I went out for fried chicken.

It appears the evening fussy period has disappeared, though Aidan now fights sleep which makes him cranky when he's super tired.  We'll get through this phase, too!

All About Mom

What a great week!  Working out has really helped my energy level.  I only sleep at night (no naps), and it's typically less than 8 hours, which is fairly normal (pre pregnancy).  I worked my arms, abs and legs twice this week, walked 4 miles, and used the elliptical for 45 minutes...I hadn't used the elliptical since January.

Aidan and I continue to get out of the house most days.  We even visited AJ while he was working at a local community event - Hook and Cook Fishing Tournament.  My sole reason for going was to eat a funnel cake, and it was slightly disappointing. 

My linea nigra is definitely lighter, but still present.  I also thought the dark belly button was due to linea nigra since it became darker as my pregnancy went on.  Well, for almost five weeks, I apparently carried around some nasty dark residue that I scrubbed out.  I only thought about scrubbing it when I felt my belly button one day, and it felt like sandpaper.  That didn't seem I finally remembered, probably 4 days later, that I needed to try cleaning it.  Disgusting, I know, but I really thought it was a dark color due to linea nigra.

I wanted to drink a beer this week.  I finally felt comfortable to have a drink since I had been successful at having Aidan feed every 2.5 to 3.5 hours instead of 1.5 to 2.5.  By the time he would feed again, the alcohol would have been metabolized out of my system.  But, I couldn't get past future guilt.  I have a wonderful bottle of wine waiting for me to drink, but if I can't even sip a beer, there's no way I'm opening the bottle. 

This coming week, I am supposed to start working part time from home...we'll see how it goes.  I do feel the need to have some brain stimulation, and it seems every book I read is a baby book or a book about babies.  Though I do have a James Patterson book in waiting...still not enough. 

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