Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cloth Diaper Obsession

What started as using prefolds and covers turned into finding the cutest pocket diapers possible.  In fact, I sold off most of my prefolds beyond the size Aidan is in now in order to fund buying cute One Size pocket diapers.

My Original Loot (And there is more, but this I scored an awesome deal on from Craigslist)

I blame my mom for introducing me to FuzziBunz One Size because my collection consisted of a variety of prefolds (where I did develop favorite brands) and covers (Thirsties and Bummis).  I loved used them and was enjoying CDing, but when I received these cute and easy to clean/dry/stuff cloth diapers, I was instantly hooked.

So this is how I start my day...I lay out 12 - 16 cloth diapers.  Right now, that includes at least 3 prefolds and covers and the rest are One Size Diapers.

I have a variety of Velcro and snap closures, and I love diaper pics because of the adorable model *ahem, Aidan* and the cuteness of the diaper.  See evidence below:

Does this diaper make my butt look big? No, it makes your butt cute.

So I had FuzziBunz One Size, and then I ventured over to Happy Heinys to try out a Velcro closure for pocket diapers.  I found some cool patterns (owls, puppy dogs, and skull & cross bones).  But then I sold more prefolds, so I had to buy more One Size pocket diapers...More HH, this time an orange swirl and silly monkeys.  Then, I went over to to find some robot, safari, and Ooga one size cloth pocket diapers.  So I am waiting on these 5 diapers to arrive, but I AM EXCITED.  I love picking out which CD Aidan is going to wear...I even have favorites.

Now to find more stuff to sell so I can buy more cute cloth diapers.

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