Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Eighth Week

Sweet beautiful sleep

Aidan has been sleeping extremely well at night.  Several times this week he has gone 9 hours in between feedings while most times it was 8 hours.  He was waking up around 5 to 6 am, but he has now stretched that out to 7 to 8 am.  I was using him as an alarm clock to get up, but now I wake before Aidan.  So I have time to eat, brush my teeth, pee, feed the dogs, and clean up a little.

In other news, like most babies, Aidan hates tummy time.  It does seem that he stays on his stomach more each day, and it helps when I talk to him, and he can see me.   (Notice how cute he looks in his cloth diaper. :)  )

Aidan had a busy week.  He went to the zoo for the first time with 6 other kids (and another adult!!), and he missed out on the exciting gorilla eating and spitting up his food and the penguins being fed.  But ya know, watching the penguins being fed was my thing.  Though Aidan might enjoy it one day, too.

Aidan is quickly outgrowing his clothes.  I had to put away a lot of 0-3 and 3 month outfits because he was too long. :(

We had hoped to take Aidan out to our property and take pictures with him and AJ on the John Deere tractor in the onesie pictured on the left, however, it's too small for him.  Oh well, we do have a John Deere onesie and a tractor little boy is growing too fast.

Mom, Aidan and I visited my grandparents on Tybee Island while AJ was out of town working bear hunting season in the Upstate.  Aidan does very well on road trips, however, he did get hungry in a very sketchy area in rural SC...I swear drug deals were going on at a post office.
Anyway, Pepaw and Memaw greatly enjoyed the visit, and I swear he was trying to mimic Pepaw's Chewbaca noises when we arrived home.

This coming week, we have to take Aidan to his 2 month check up and first round of shots.  I'm not looking forward to it, but it's for his own good.  Let's hope the shots don't ruin his sleep/eat schedule because I am loving the continuous night time sleep - but who wouldn't?

All About Mom

So I skipped a week to update on me.  Just short on time to blog about it.  Anyway, it has been officially 301 days since I had an adult beverage.  Well, I finally moved past my guilt and poured myself half a glass of wine...and I only drank half of that before the guilt set in.  I had a bottle ready, so it's not like Aidan would receive any alcohol in my breast milk.  So this past week, I bought juice and champagne to make mimosa's.  I made myself brunch (sausage and french toast) and a mimosa - mostly juice, but this time I enjoyed the drink!  I missed the taste...

I also began working part time from home, which works best in the mornings when Aidan takes his 3-4 hour nap after waking up from sleeping all night.  I enjoy interacting with coworkers and being involved in my job.  I love Aidan, but I do miss the work I do.

I continue to work out, with a focus on cardio since it's a stress relief and I wasn't able to do high levels of cardio while pregnant.  I definitely missed the elliptical. My goal is to work out (whether cardio or weights) five times a week, and so far, I have met that goal.

I swear, each day, I anticipate Aunt Flo coming back.  I have read that exclusively breastfeeding can't prevent the monthly visitor from returning, however, I know plenty of women that this is NOT the case.  Each time my stomach isn't feeling so great, I think "ah crap, here she comes."  However, much to my delight, she is delaying her visit - probably until the most inconvenient time. Boo.

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