Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Eleventh Week

Grabbing, Holding, and Swinging

Grabbing hair
Holding toys
Swinging his arms

Grabbing his feet
Holding my fingers while falling asleep
Swinging to the side

Aidan loves to play on the play mat, looking at himself and swinging his arms at the monkey, and occasionally grabbing it.  He has put part of the toy in his mouth.  His arms go wild.  He also hits my chest sometimes while he is eating.  Funny kid.

He also loves his squeaky, brightly covered do our dogs.  We will have to be diligent if we want to keep the dogs from destroying Aidan's toys.  I sent my dad a video of Aidan smiling and playing when I squeaked one of his toys and it drove dad's dog nuts. 

He seems to pay more attention to the books when we read them to him.  He also takes longer to eat because he is either looking around, hitting me, or sleep snacking.  He definitely notices his environment more.

His morning nap is shorter, and he wants to play more.  However, the shorter morning naps means he needs to sleep longer in the afternoon.  He traded nap times on me!  Just when I think I have him figured it out, he throws a wrench into things.  He constantly challenges me, and I gladly accept it.

I was finally able to go to a hair appointment thanks to my mom watching Aidan while I went.  It was much needed, though Aidan does not seem as excited about it as I was.  He only wants to grab my hair and wrap his hand around it and pull!  Ouch....

Tummy time is becoming more enjoyable, and Aidan starts to turn towards his side, but then fusses and then screams in frustration since he cannot turn over yet.  When he is on his back, he likes to roll to the side.  He also enjoys playing on his changing pad...grabbing his feet, swinging his arms, and turning to the side.  The boy is moving...we have to watch him very closely now.

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