Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Ninth Week

Sleep Sweet, Baby Boy, Sleep...

Let's hope the sleep and time between feedings remains relatively constant for quite some time.  Aidan is average 8 hours between the nightly and morning feedings.  I no longer classify it as a fluke or hope.  Now to figure out to get him to sleep sooner after the last feeding...That still takes 30 minutes to an hour.

The "fall back" helped get Aidan to bed earlier.  Instead of a 10PM routine that seemed to last until 11 PM, we now try to put him to bed at 9PM.  This means bed, book, and boob are complete by 9 and we are trying to help Aidan soothe himself to sleep.  Some nights are easy.

More and more, I am able to capture Aidan smiling, whether it's a small grin or a big, whole mouth grin, he enjoys showing off his gums.  He was smiling a lot just in the morning, but now it's through out the day.  He is especially happy right after eating, and he will coo and smile at you for a long while before he wets himself and needs a change...then a nap usually follows.  It's just nice to see him smile more, especially since AJ isn't around in the mornings and wasn't see his smiles all that frequent.

My dad asked me if Aidan was like a Barbie doll that I dress, dad, I hated Barbie dolls when I was a kid, and I'm not a fan now.  However, I do enjoy picking out Aidan's outfits and even his diaper.  I get excited when he has a cute one on or one that matches his outfit.  I know dressing him up in what I want him to wear won't last forever, so I have to take advantage of it now.  Besides, who wears a one piece pajama with doggies all over it? Or frogs? Or bears?  Babies...because it's only cute when they're small.

So how about a cloth diaper with robots on it???

Aidan has his two month check up and first round of vaccinations on Thursday.  The picture to the right was on the way to the doctor's...happy baby.

He was 13.3 lbs, 24.75", and head circumference of 15.75".

I brought a bottle of pumped milk to the appointment and fed it to Aidan right before vaccinations.  He drank 3 oz before the nurse came in, so he cried a little when I took it away.  She gave him an oral vaccination, then two shots in the right thigh and one in the left.  He cried after each shot, but as soon as I gave him the bottle back, he was okay.  In fact, he finished it, burped, and passed out in the car seat for his morning nap. 

I did not notice any extra fussiness or sleepiness as a result of the vaccinations.  We gave him two doses of Tylenol the first day one and one dose the following day, but we didn't feel he really needed it, which is why we gave him so little.

We took Aidan to visit some good friends of ours in Hampton, SC.  They recently welcomed baby Cadence into their family about 3.5 weeks ago.  We told Aidan that Cadence is one of his girlfriends...he'll see another one this coming Saturday.  Though the girls don't have to know he's visiting the other. :)

One last pic...

As always, there are more pictures at

All About Mom

Well, 9 weeks postpartum, down to 4 lbs within pre pregnancy weight, which means I lost more than 1/2 per week.  The 1/2 per week is recommended (maximum) for breastfeeding moms.  Oh well, just slightly more.  I don't work out to lose, I work out because I enjoy it and helps keep my sanity!

The raging Hemi is now a quiet, but "I'm still hanging out" (pun not intentional) Hemi.  Not bothersome at all, I just wish it would go away.

Other than that, no PP updates.  My hair has not started falling out, but I think that's due to me continuing to take the prenatal vitamin since I am BFing.

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