Saturday, September 7, 2013

Dear Owen,

Tuesday came and went - you know that was my birthday, and I told my mom I wanted a baby brother for my birthday.  So you're late, but that's okay, momma said you wanted me to have a few books.  Somehow you already knew I love Elmo, and I really enjoyed the Big Brother book.  

But I am not writing you to thank you for the books, I am writing you to let you know it's okay if you're nervous.  I know you still have time to cook, as momma says, but as a toddler, you have to understand I am a little impatient and am ready to meet you.  

Do you know that I kiss momm'a belly? I also often give her belly hugs.  I tell her I am hugging Owen, and I am ready to actually kiss and hug you, baby brother.  Momma has watched me hold my baby doll, give him his pacifier, and feed the baby.  I am ready, Owen, ready to be the best big brother ever, I just need you here.

When I wake up in the middle of the night and go to momma and daddy's room, I make momma go back and get my baby doll.  When I watch Elmo at night, I have my baby doll right beside me, and when I go to sleep, I hug my baby doll.  Owen, I can't wait to cuddle you like momma cuddles me.

One day, I noticed momma had set up some new furniture in the nursery.  She said the swing was for a baby when I tried to sit in it.  So I grabbed my rocking chair from my room and put it in front of the swing.  Then I yelled for momma to bring me my baby doll.  I put my baby doll in the swing, then pushed the swing back and forth.  But then I realized I was sitting in a rocking chair, so I grabbed my baby doll and rocked him in the chair.

You see Owen, I am preparing myself for the role of a big brother.  I know I will have to make adjustments, and there will be times I don't think I like you, but I know I'll love you from the moment I see you.  I will help momma and daddy take care of you.  I'm ready, I promise.  I know it's hard for you to understand, and while I have enjoyed the past two years having momma and daddy to myself, I am ready to have a buddy I can play with every day.  I know I have to wait for you to grow up before we can run together, but there will be other activities we can do in the mean time.

You see, Owen, I know how to jump, and when you're old enough, momma can put you in my old jumper.  You can jump it in, and I can jump on the floor beside you.  I can teach you how to roll over, pet Bo, and when the time comes, I will show you how to crawl.  And Owen, I can't wait to hold your hand when you're ready to take your first steps...but I'll keep holding your hand and keep you safe as you learn to navigate our world on your two feet.

We also have a cousin Owen, and momma can tell you how I kissed her, how I behaved when momma held her, and how I wanted to hold her.  Momma says I have to work on my baby holding, but I am practicing, baby brother.  I want to be able to hold you.

So please, don't be nervous.  I'm ready to be a big brother.  I'm ready to run to your room and get momma whatever she needs, and I can help feed you when momma lets you have a bottle.  But most of all, I'm ready to love you.  So please, don't make me wait much longer, I can barely contain my excitement.  Plus, momma's lap is getting too small for me to sit in, and I promise it will be easier for us to share it when you're here.

Can't wait to meet you - Love,

Big Brother Aidan

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