Thursday, September 3, 2015

Aidan Celebrates being FOUR

I was fortunate that this year I could take off work on Aidan's birthday.  The past two years I either needed to save time off for maternity leave or had no time off left because of maternity leave.

I'm not sure who was more excited about Aidan's birthday - Aidan or me. Either way, we had a great day.

Aidan woke promptly at 6:30 am.  When he came to my room, he climbed into my bed and asked if he was four today.  I told him that he was four, and he giggled.  I cuddled him for a few minutes before Aidan decided he needed to go get something out of his room.  When he came back, he discovered his presents that were wrapped and waiting on him.  Not wanting Owen to feel left out, he wanted to wait until Owen woke up, which was shortly at 7 am.

After sharing present opening with Owen, Aidan ask that I assemble all of his lego sets.  I gladly complied with his request (I love Legos, too!).  After Lego assembly, I asked Aidan what he wanted for breakfast - I was sure he would want eggs and pancakes, but no, he wanted oatmeal.  After breakfast, we watched the end of the Frozen movie and played with Legos.  AJ had to go to work for a little while.

I asked Aidan if he wanted to go to Kroger and get his birthday balloon
and then to Walmart to buy his TMNT shell racer that he had his eye on.  Of course, he wanted to go right away, so we brushed teeth, dressed, and headed out the door.  Aidan wore his "four" shark shirt and shark shorts complimented by a blue mohawk and cowboy boots

At Kroger, Aidan picked out a Dusty balloon, which surprised me because I thought he would pick TMNT or Spiderman.  Aidan wanted to share his birthday, so he said Owen should get a balloon, too. Owen picked Elsa and Anna.  We also picked out birthday candles and cupcakes to send to daycare on Friday.

After Kroger, we promptly went to Walmart, where Aidan quickly picked out the toy he wanted.  Owen needed a toy, too, so Aidan picked out a small Spiderman toy for him.  We had to open both toys in the parking lot.

Aidan was also not shy about telling anyone he saw that it was his birthday, and he thanked anyone who said "happy birthday".

AJ was home so we headed to a bounce house that's about thirty minutes away.  No one was at the bounce house, and it was nice to have
the place to ourselves.  The boys played hard, knocked heads unfortunately, and ate ice cream.

After the bounce house, we headed to the mall to pick up his cake and eat lunch.  Aidan chose a pretzel from Aunt Annie's for lunch.  Before picking up the cake, Aidan asked to play on the indoor playground at the mall.  Aidan brought his TMNT toy everywhere today, and he actually shared it with another boy at the playground.

It was almost 2 PM before we left the mall, and Aidan was excited
about his cake.  At home, I had to rock Owen back to sleep while Aidan played outside with AJ.  When Owen was done napping (3:30 PM :/).

 Grammy and Papa came over to bring Aidan his present (his very own Kindle!) and have cake.

Aidan loved blowing out his candle and requested the center of the cake be his piece.  Of course, we cut it out for him, but he didn't eat it all.

After cake, we played with paperwork fireworks and balloon goop that you blow out of a stick to create a bubble.  Mom and I walked with the boys to the mailbox (over a mile there and back), played in the sprinkler, and swung on the swings.

Aidan completed his evening by eating ham and cheese while watching TMNT.  He said he had a great day, and I believe he did!

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