Friday, May 10, 2013

Almost Groundbreaking News...

The Builder's sign at the front entrance!
It's been over a month since the last update on building our dream house. We are so close to groundbreaking, I can taste the dust of the shovels throwing dirt! Fortunately, no hiccups, just playing the waiting game.

Here's a quick summary on what's been completed:
  • Subdivided the land
  • Met with the POA
  • Agree to New Easements
  • House Plans and Site Approved by POA
  • Builder Chosen
  • Bank Chosen

Here are our show stopping To Do's from the last update:

  • Record the new parcel with the county - 100% Done, though they reclassified the zoning, which AJ went back to the county to ensure only 1 acre was a homesite and the rest was listed as a farm.
  • Finalizing the bank application - We signed a lot of paperwork April 19th so the bank could move forward with the land and house appraisal; the bank needed the contract from the builder before we could proceed. The appraiser called the same day to schedule a visit the following week. In anticipation of a quicker appraisal, the bank has begun it's process and it's so close to being able to send everything to the underwriter. Let's hope the appraisal comes back soon, and is a great appraisal. We need some positive luck!
  • Pay off the Land Loan - Since we subdivided the land, we are hopeful that we can take the 7 acres free and clear, but this will be based on the appraisal.  This might be our biggest hurdle for the closing on the construction loan.
  • With the contract signed with the builder, there are lots of things we now have to decide/pick out, but we are waiting on the list from the builder. In the meantime, we have been making choices for the color, style, material, etc for the kitchen cabinets. We have also been working on other things. We also picked out our favorite hardwood floor and cedar plank sample and gave it to the builder. Progress, one color at a time.
If you look closely, there are stakes for the house (hint the green, grassy area)

Behind the Scenes progress:

  • Well installation - The well is installed along with its motor. We sent the check in last week to pay for this, so now we have running water!!Just no where to run it to, ya know, minor details
  • Interior Exposed Beams and Columns - Our beams and columns have been cut and cured. AJ is scheduled to pick them up Friday, and they will be stored at the horse farm he works at.
  • Timber and Wood Ceilings - No progress than this, other than we chose to go with the higher grade material that AJ can get at the same cost as the lower grade material commercially available.
  • Construction Permit - Minutes after we signed the contract with the builder, the county called him and told him the permit was ready for pick-up! Quite the timing, so with the permit in hand, all we need is the bank!!
  • Address - With the construction permit came the address. Our land feels so official now that it has a place to receive mail, though no mailbox. I need to order more checks, and I think I will use the new address.
  • Power - The co-op utility company came out and installed the power lines, security light, and meter box. So now we have electricity and water. Some of the power is above ground (boo) but a lot was able to be run underground (yay!). Now I need to figure out what foliage I can line the driveway with since this is where the power is run above ground.
Security Light, Electrical Box & Meter, Permit Box, and the covered well

Our Next Steps:
  • Have the appraisal on the house and land complete
  • Negotiate with the land loan bank how much land it will release free and clear
Groundbreaking!!! - Hopefully by the end of May, the foundation work will have begun. Cross your fingers and toes for us! 

And for those interested, here's my long driveway...can't wait to plant some trees to line it.  The power lines weren't as ugly as I expected, but due to them cross back and forth across the driveway, it will like my selection in the trees since I don't want anything branches to threaten the power line.


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