Sunday, May 19, 2013

Week 22

We have a name! Baby boy number 2 can now be called by his first name, and we actually agreed to a name sooner than with Aidan.

Looking back on Aidan's pregnancy, I was in the midst of designing the nursery at this time. Since our current plan is to be out of this house in 9 months or so, I don't plan on doing much for the nursery. The nursery will become Aidan's brother's room since everything is set up, and Aidan will move to our office. I know it seems like the second child is being neglected, but really, I'm being practical. Plus, the nursery design was more for ME than it ever was for Aidan. In addition, the wall decals are a pain to take off the wall, so any decor will be easily removable. If it's any consolation, Aidan's room will remain plain, too. However, it's Aidan's room that requires the planning, not his brothers. I am in the process of packing up the office and deciding what furniture can stay and what has to be stored elsewhere.

How far along:22 weeks 6 days

How big is baby?:
According to the APP, I'm Expecting: Started the Week 22 as the size of a Papaya and am about to be a Pomegranate.

Weight gain?:
2 this week, 19 total. My APP yells at me, calling it an excessive gain, but I disagree.

Stretch marks?:
None so far

Maternity clothes?:
I'm rocking the maternity clothes. For my work outs, I am using my larger Under Armor shirts I bought last pregnancy.

Still sleeping well and able to sleep on my stomach. I do wake in the middle of the night and have to hug my body pillow because my knees/hips are bothersome.

Best moment?:
We received some fantastic house news this week, which puts us two steps closer to the groundbreaking.

I was able to see the baby again!  I thought the technician would only check my previa status, but apparently due to my wild boy, there were some measurements that could not be taken the last time.  Since he was sleeping, I was able to look at his face.  Oh, and the really good news is my previa case looks to be fixing itself, where I am now on the cusp of previa.  The placenta is approximately 2 cm from the cervic, and it has many weeks to keep moving.  The fact that it moved so much in two weeks was positive, so the doctor removed most of my restrictions.

Worst moment?: 
While AJ and I attended a couple's baby shower, Aidan threw up three times.  We're not sure if he  had a stomach bug or just upset that we weren't there to put him down.  Either way, I made sure to cuddle Aidan when I got home so he would calm down to go to sleep.

Food cravings?:
Still salty foods - pass the popcorn please!

Bloody noses keep occurring. I also am experience pelvic pressure some days, seems so early to be experiencing this! I also had foot cramping and leg cramping, and I was bad about drinking my milk this week, so I know why it's occurring.

I continued to walk - 9+ miles this week. In addition, I swam approximately one mile.  I also lifted weights on Saturday since the doctor said it would be okay to resume those activities, just take it slow.

Very frequent movement.

Belly button?:
Partial innie/outie

What I miss?:
My walking pace! I was near a 15 min/mile pace, now I am lucky if I am near 16 minutes/ mile!

Labor signs?
:Not yet

I can't count on my stomach not making me rush for a bathroom. :/ Walking is good, but it also backfires when I'm high tailing it to the nearest restroom because my stomach is upset. No incidents so far...

What I'm looking forward to?:
Helping my mom throw my sister her baby shower! Plus, it's a 4 day weekend! Woohoo!

AJ and I spent a lot of time Sunday trying to move furniture from the office to other parts of our house to make way for Aidan's room.  The gun safe and desk were the biggest pieces, and those were moved to our room.  Some book shelves and miscellaneous tables were moved into the garage, either for sale or trash, most likely.  And while it doesn't look like it, this is progress:

Oh, so how about the name of Baby Boy No. 2?
When we found out I was pregnant with our second child, I mentioned to AJ that I would like to honor my Pepaw by including his name as our son's middle name...if we had a son.  As you know, we are having a boy, so Joseph was determined to be the middle name.  The harder part was coming up with a first name.  I don't know why, but I really liked the name Owen.  I can't think of anyone I know named Owen, good or bad, however it did end up on 2012's top 100 Boy's Name list at number 38.  AJ liked Levi, though it came from the show Amish Mafia.  There were several other names I threw out, like Ethan and Liam, but I wasn't my favorite and AJ didn't seemed to keen on those.  So there ya have it...

I was going to have Aidan finger paint the name on canvas, but the letters would move because they would not stick well enough.  So I used a roller and John Deere colored paint. 


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  1. I LOVE the name Owen! I can't wait to see his adorable face!