Sunday, May 26, 2013

Week 23

23 Weeks
23 W 6 D

AJ and I worked a lot on the office to clear it out for Aidan's room.  In fact, it now just needs to be vacuumed, rug steam cleaned, walls painted, and furniture bought and/or assembled.  It was a huge effort to clean out the room this week, I am amazed we were able to do so much
this week! Pictures posted at the end of the blog.

How far along:23 weeks 6 days

How big is baby?:
According to the APP, I'm Expecting: Started the Week 23 as the size of a P
omegranate and is about to be a Grapefruit.

Weight gain?:
1 this week, 20 total. 

Stretch marks?:
None so far.  Linea nigra has shown back up.

Maternity clothes?:
Maybe I should delete this question? The only non maternity clothes I wear are pajamas and bathing suits.

Stomach sleeping continues, and I am still sleeping well. No charley horses waking me up this week either...just dogs.

Best moment?:
We were told that we would close on our Construction loan next Friday.  The paperwork is supposed to be finalized Tuesday, so AJ requested an early Friday morning closing.

Also, I greatly enjoyed helping my mom with my sister's baby shower!  I made her a diaper cake, too! My brother and his wife made an awesome baby stroller out of a watermelon.  My parents hosted the shower at their house, and we couldn't have asked for better weather!  It was sunny, but not too hot. 

Worst moment?:
Aidan fell out of his chair at daycare and busted the inside of his lip/gum area.  He kept poking his finger at  it, and the bleeding wouldn't stop.  Thankfully, he let me put pressure and ice on it while watching Elmo.

Food cravings?:
ICE CREAM - chocolate icec ream and chocolate milkshakes

Bloody noses continue, but the Charley Horses stopped - it helps I drank more milk.

I continued to walk - 9+ miles this week. I lifted weights twice...still taking it easy.

Lot of movement, I can always count on Owen moving around as I lay down for bed.

Belly button?:
Partial outie and somewhat flat.

What I miss?:
Being able to easily stand up!  Getting off the couch or floor takes effort now.  Like I need to say ummmpf as I get up to help. I think it helps...

Labor signs?
:Not yet

Since I am walking a lot more and have pants with the full belly panel, I can't wear them more than one day because I sweat so bad. :/  I do wear my low waist pants with no panel, but I sneeze and well, pee myself, thus I can only wear them once, too.  More laundry for me.

What I'm looking forward to?:
I am attending another baby shower for my sister down in Charleston!  Hopefully we will have some good weather, too.

Friday Night
Saturday Night

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