Saturday, May 25, 2013

Water Boy!

The warm weather has been here, and Aidan is all about being outside and especially playing with water.  In fact, water has encouraged him to learn a new word, 'pool.'

Unless it's raining, we are outside, so it's hard to avoid the water because Aidan is quite convincing when it comes to needing to fill a pool...he even helps.

He belly flops, slides, and jumps in the pool. He demands that those sitting around get in the pool with him, whether there's room for 3 adults and a toddler or not. Or when mom accidentally pops his pool and he has to revert back to his baby pool.  He doesn't care as long as you let him get in the pool.  The only issue comes when Aidan runs outside, and you're two seconds behind him.  He'll attempt to take his clothes off, but jump in the pool, and his diaper quickly swells.  As a side note, he is always supervised while playing in the pool, and if a pool is filled with any water, there is always an adult outside.

As you can see in the picture on the right, not only is Aidan in the baby pool, but he also has his bug sprinkler.  AJ tightened the hose, and I couldn't get the bug disconnected.  So I attempted to fill his pool with the sprinkler, and then Aidan wanted to play with the bug in the pool.  Can never have enough water!

Aidan is definitely a fish.  He loves to go under the water, and if we're at a pool deep enough to jump in, he will jump in the pool until you're tired of lifting him out of the pool to jump.  Seriously, he's a good arm workout, and he laughs when he comes up.  He recently started patting his head in a shallow (kiddie) pool when he wants me to grab him and dunk him.  He will ask me to repeat until my arms are too tired to continue dunking him.  Then he sits down in the pool and wants me to grab his feet to pull him under.  He comes up laughing, squealing, and demanding a repeat!

<----The pool he loves to be dunked in!  It has  built in slide, too, which seems to be a Aidan requirement for a kid pool.  He climb up the stairs, sits down, and then says "Ready, one two three, slide"  Sometimes he says two twice and looks at us like he's tricking somebody.

Recently, I bought a slip and slide.  Yes, I know the box says AGE 5 and up, but again, with adult supervision and help, we tried out the slip and slide.  It was a hit!  Aidan learned to lay on his belly,then we gave him a push down the hill.  He even started his own game where he would roll his soccer ball down the slip and slide then follow it.  Aidan had a blast, and let me tell ya, he wore himself out running back up the hill.  No fighting bed time for Aidan! 

More water fun:

Aidan likes to water plants, but he will run after you with the hose!

Sprinkler Fun!

Playing by the Creek on our Property

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