Thursday, May 9, 2013

Big Brother in Training

I'm sure there are books out there that give advice on how to let your child know that he or she will have a younger siblings, but if I had time to read a book, I would choose something more fascinating.  So I'll wing it, go by instinct and friendly advice.

I waited until we knew whether Aidan would have a brother or sister to buy a Cabbage Patch doll for Aidan.  Aidan points to babies when he sees them, so I figured a baby doll would be good for him.  I had previously searched Toys R Us and for a doll I liked, but nothing turned up.  I was quite disappointed by the lack of selection at TRU, espicially since I remember there being so many to choose from when I was a child.  Rarely does Amazon fail me, too, but that's okay because I found what I wanted directly at the Cabbage Patch site.

So "Lance Cameron" came within in a few days with a pacifier, bottle, diaper, and an outfit.  Aidan quickly took to feeding the baby, taking his pacifier (and sometimes giving it to him), kissing the baby, and hugging the baby.  He even wants to take baby outside so the baby can play, too.  He puts the baby in a tricycle, puts the baby on the tractor, and carries the baby to play ball.

Aidan also pushes the baby in his toys or on the swing.  I'm sure when he goes swimming in our backyard again, the baby will have to join him.  Right now, the baby smells like baby powder, but I am sure in a few weeks, he will have bruises, smudges, and smell like Bo.  But hey, all those things means it was a well loved toy, right?!

Aidan also started trying to wrestle with the baby.  Oops, but the baby doesn't wrestle back.  We'll have to teach Aidan to be gentle, which isn't going so well with his current toddler friends...we have a lot to work on the prepare Aidan, but I think he'll be a loving big brother who just needs guidance on how delicate a baby can be.  But hopefully he'll keep loving on his baby doll and taking it everywhere in preparation of his real little brother...and one day soon, I'm sure he'll feel his first real kick.

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