Sunday, June 2, 2013

Week 24

I am 60% loaded, and it's almost time for my appointments to start occurring every 3 weeks, then 2.  Time is flying by, and I cannot believe it is already June.  I also have the great pleasure of taking the glucose tolerance test.  Really though, the juice isn't bad, it's the fasting part that I don't like. Oh well.

How far along:24 weeks 6 days

How big is baby?:
According to the APP, I'm Expecting: Started the Week 24 as the size of a Grapefruit
and is about to be a Zucchini.

Weight gain?:
1 this week, 21 total. 

Stretch marks?:
Only the Linea nigra 

Sleeping is still good and uninterrupted (by pregnancy).  I do need the body pillow from time to time, but I still sleep on my stomach, as long as Owen isn't kicking me.

Best moment?:
Taking Aidan to a big pool!  He loves the water so much, and the last time we were in a large pool, he kept trying to push me away, so I bought him a puddle jumper.  At first, he refused to put it on, but after seeing another kid wear one, he wanted his on.  He seemed to love the freedom and buoyancy he gained due to the puddle jumper.

Mom, Aidan and I also went to Charleston for the day on Saturday to attend a baby shower for my sister put on by her friends.  Aidan enjoyed painting his cousin a onesie, eating watermelon, and sucking the icing off a cupcake.  He also enjoyed running around my sister's backyard and to nearby ponds to quack at the ducks he saw.

Worst moment?:
Waking up to Aidan at his door crying "mommy."  He managed to get out of his crib.  Good thing the office is cleaned out, but the most progress we made was me taping two walls to prep for paint.  Oy, guess we need to speed things up.

Food cravings?:
Still ice cream - Chic Fil A milk shakes

Bloody noses and as my OB pointed out, the pregnancy mask on my face

I continued to walk - 6+ miles this week. I lifted weights six times this week.

A lot of frequent movement.  I keep hoping Owen will kick while Aidan is nearby so he can feel Owen, but no such luck.

Belly button?:
Partial outie and somewhat flat.

What I miss?: 
Spring weather!  It's already hitting the 90 deg F temps, and between the pregnancy and heat, my walking pace has slowed down.  Though I walk mostly at work, so I don't push too hard - who wants to be all sweaty after lunch?!

Labor signs?
:Not yet

Pinched hemorrhoids while walking SUCKS!  I decided I need to up my magnesium in take, and I hope this helps some.

What I'm looking forward to?:
Finishing Aidan's room enough where he can at least sleep in the toddler bed.

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