Monday, June 24, 2013

Week 27

HELLLLLLOOOO Third Trimester! Where did you come from?!  Time is flying by, and as I write this, I realize I have to take my 70% loading pic tomorrow.  Seems crazy.  It feels like there is so much to do when it comes to being prepared for Owen's arrival...most of it involves getting boxes out of the attic.  I have a friend who just had her second baby 4 weeks early, and it made me realize that I probably need to be more prepared.  What if I was faced with the same situation?!

How far along:27 weeks 6 days

How big is baby?:
According to the APP, I'm Expecting: Started the Week 27 as the size of a Cauliflower
and is about to be a Iceburg Lettuce.

Weight gain?: 1
this week, 25 total. 

Stretch marks?:
Only the Linea nigra 

Sleep this week has been awful!  Aidan has been waking early (like 4 am sometimes) and needs help going back to sleep and then is up at 6 am.  But pregnancy hasn't affected my sleep.  Still stomach sleeping as long as Owen lets me.

There's proof I need more sleep:

1. While filling Aidan's pool, I kept wondering why it was taking so long for the water level to rise...until I realized the plug wasn't in.
2. While ordering lunch at a Mexican restuarant where I already say the appetizers menu on the board when waiting to be seated, I ordered something called dirty queso and was disappointed it wasn't a quesadilla when it came out. Um, duh Diana.
3. There was one other moment that occurred, but due to sleep deprivation, I seem to have forgotten the moment.

Best moment?: Visiting with my grandparents in Tybee Island, GA! Memaw celebrated her 73rd birthday, and the weather was fantastic especially for a summer, Southern day.  

Worst moment?: We DID NOT close on the construction loan on Friday as scheduled.  I hate to pull out my mean card and make some hefty demands of the bank.  Let's hope they follow through on their promises come Monday...ya know, since they have been so reliable.  More like consistent.  Consistently late and not proofing the paper work.

Food cravings?: Oranges and orange juice!  Folic acid is good for Owen, too!

Symptoms?:  Hah, if it weren't for my pregnancy app, I would not realize the pressure/pain that I was feeling was Round Ligament Pain, so yeah, I had that for a few weeks.  It says to exercise (but not too much), to sit (but not too much), and to stand and move around (but not too much).  Hmmm, okay, I'll work on the perfect combination.

I walked 5+ miles and was at the gym lifting weights 3 days last week.

Movement?: Lots of movement, sometimes painful kicks or punches.

Belly button?:
Still the partial outie.

What I miss?: Putting on shoes without all the effort!  I have to change shoes several times a day at work, and it definitely feels like a production taking off and putting shoes on.

Labor signs?

TMI: Slower digestion and adding additional iron to my diet have led to constipation. :/  So I have upped my fiber intake and continue a hire dose of magnesium in hopes that I will find a regular pattern of relief.

What I'm looking forward to?:
A weekend at home!  I've been on the go the past few weekends, and I think I'll use this coming weekend to pull stuff out of the attic.  Well, I will have AJ bring it down so I can start washing it and preparing the nursery.

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