Monday, April 22, 2013

Week 18

How far along?: 18 weeks 6 days 
How big is baby?: According to the APP, I'm Expecting: Started the Week 13 as the size of a Bell Pepper and am about to be a Mango.
Weight gain?: 2 this week, 15 total.
Stretch marks?: None so far
Maternity clothes?: Half and half.  Depends on how I am feeling, though always maternity pants/shorts/capris.
Sleep?: Sleeping well, still stomach sleeping.  I need to look up when I had to change from stomach to side when I was pregnant with Aidan. 
Best moment?: Having a family day with Aidan and AJ in Columbia.  We found out that Aidan will have a brother, and he absolutely loved the zoo.
Worst moment?: On Tuesday morning, I was driving through my neighborhood on the way to work, when I went around the park car (illegal) and cut back in too close to the curb when I realized an upcoming mailbox was going to be too close.  I tried to correct my maneuver, but the mailbox caught the slight edge of the mirror, which was enough force to cause the glass to pop out.  I stopped to access the damage (mailbox is good!), but I couldn't find the glass...not until 6PM, when it had been run over plenty of times.  In my defense, some of the mailboxes stick out over the curb, and I happen to knock one that did (and my mom did a few weeks prior).
Food cravings?: Besides the daily dose of pickles and cream cheese, I am on my seafood kick.  Grilled shrimp and fried catfish.
Symptoms?: THREE weeks of not getting sick!  Woohoo. No insomnia, no fatigue.  Finally! Allergies and acne could be better, but I don't think pregnancy is causing the allergies to be more severe.
Exercise?:I walked another 20+ miles, worked my legs several times at the gym, and continued a push up challenge this week.
Movement?:Infrequent fluttering
Belly button?: The innie is becoming half flat, half in
What I miss?: Eating raw cookie dough...or licking the brownie batter bowl. 
Labor signs?:Not yet
TMI: With allergies, comes lots of sneezing (and coughing early in the AM).  Good gracious, snissing is at an all time high!  It is ridiculous.
What I'm looking forward to?: I have an awesome trip planned for my 30th birthday, and I am super excited for it! Let's just hope the weather cooperates.

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