Sunday, April 7, 2013

Week 16!

16 Weeks!
16 W 5 D
This second pregnancy is FLYING by, and I can't believe I am 40% complete already.  However, I am ready to find out the sex of the baby, but it appears it will occur sometime after my next appointment, which is April 26th due to silly insurance rules and being a few days shy of 20 weeks.  Goodness knows I already measured ahead at the 8 week appointment, so can't the insurance understand I probably am 20 weeks at 19 w 4 d? Gah, guess I will have to be patient or hope I find a good deal for an elective ultrasound place.  Anybody have any leads for a place less than <$75 in the Columbia/Aiken/Augusta area?!  Suggestions welcomed.  Otherwise, it could be May before we know...and I have a Diet Pepsi waiting for consumption.  Ya know, to make sure the baby is jumping all around so we can hopefully tell.  No sleeping, cross legged baby. Anyway...onto the updates.

 How far along?: 16 weeks 6 days 
How big is baby?: According to the APP, I'm Expecting: Started the Week 13 as the size of a Avocado and am about to be a Onion.
Weight gain?: +2 this week for a total of 13 lbs.
Stretch marks?: None so far
Maternity clothes?: Still wearing normal shirts with maternity pants and a belt.  Some of my shirts are barely tucking into my pants.
Sleep?: If I am woken in the middle of the night, I have a hard time falling asleep, but otherwise, I sleep well.
Best moment?: I had Tuesday off, and it was an absolutely gorgeous day.  I spent a lot of time outside while still managing to get a lot of chores and errands done.
Worst moment?: I received some news I wasn't happy to hear, but it wasn't unexpected.  Yes, I'm being vague on purpose.
Cream Cheese and Pickle
Food cravings?: Pickles (with cream cheese)! On Monday, I ate an entire jar...yikes, but I learned my lesson and only ate half a jar Tuesday and Wednesday.
Symptoms?: Hooray for a week of no throwing up!!  Now let's hope I didn't jinx myself.
Exercise?: Early morning work outs did not happen this week.  My shoulder still hurts some, so I am taking it easy.  However, I am participating in a push up challenge this month, but the shoulder doesn't seem to hurt when I do them!  I also walked 12+ miles this week.  Almost two miles were with a 35 lb ruck. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------->
Movement?: I'm not sure if flutters were real or imagined.  I can't remember if I was trying to fall asleep or woke up in the middle of the's all a blur.  So who knows...
Belly button?: Still an innie, but getting flatter.
What I miss?: Eating brownie batter!  Raw eggs are a no no. :/
Labor signs?:Not yet
TMI: I really believe in listening to what your body tells you while pregnant and being able to carry on most activities pre pregnancy.  There are a few exercises I cut out immediately, but I never planned to stop running.  Why is this TMI??  Because I leak when I run.  I also must drink lots of water when I run, so by the time I finish a 5K, my britches are soaking wet and my inner thighs are chaffed from wet shorts being rubbed up against them.  Not pleasant...and neither is involuntarily peeing on yourself.
What I'm looking forward to?:Celebrating my sister's birthday and mine with the family this coming weekend.  My brother travels a lot for work, so he misses out on family functions.  It will be nice to see him!

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