Sunday, April 14, 2013

Week 17

How far along?: 17 weeks 6 days 
How big is baby?: According to the APP, I'm Expecting: Started the Week 13 as the size of a Onion and am about to be a Bell Pepper.
Weight gain?: 0 this week, 13 total.
Stretch marks?: None so far
Maternity clothes?: I busted out the maternity shirts this week.  It was a pain to keep tucking in shirts that barely tucked in.  So I am full on wearing maternity clothes, and it's comfortable.
Sleep?: Good sleep has returned, and I have been able to stay up later, ya know 10 PM. 
Best moment?: I hung out with some good friends and their boys on Friday, and we had a blast.  Then on Saturday, we had a birthday celebration for my sister, brother and me at my house.  I love spending time with my family.

Worst moment?: Good week, can't think of anything, but I will say that Sunday's weather was a big, fat disappointment after all the sun we had.
Food cravings?: Still pickles and cream cheese! It's good, you should try it!
Symptoms?: Two weeks of not getting sick!  Woohoo. No insomnia, no fatigue.  Finally!
Exercise?:I walked another 12+ miles and worked my legs several times this week at the gym.
Movement?:Infrequent fluttering
Belly button?: Still an innie, but getting flatter.
What I miss?: Not counting my shrimp!  I know, seafood intake should be limited due to concerns with mercury.  I love catfish, shrimp, and salmon; I eat my fill every week. 
Labor signs?:Not yet
TMI: Someone suggested I take magnesium supplements to help keep me regular since pregnancy seems to throw that off.  Well, it's definitely helped.
What I'm looking forward to?: We bit the bullet and scheduled an elective ultrasound for this coming Saturday.  In addition, we will go to the zoo afterwards with Aidan!  So we're going to make a family day out of being in Columbia.

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  1. Can't wait for Saturday!! And now I want some pickles too!