Monday, April 29, 2013

Week 19

So now that we know baby Bowers 2.0 is a boy, we are trying to decide on a name.  The middle name will be Joseph after my Pepaw (grandfather).  I really, really like the name Owen, and it's at the top of my list.  Now I need to work on Owen being at the top of AJ's list...but I guess we have another 20 or so weeks to decide on a name, but hopefully we'll have something sooner.  I like calling the baby by his name and not "baby".   

How far along?: 19 weeks 6 days 

How big is baby?: According to the APP, I'm Expecting: Started the Week 19 as the size of a Mango and am about to be a Banana.
Weight gain?: 1 this week, 16 total.
Stretch marks?: None so far
Maternity clothes?: I exclusively wear maternity clothes at work, but I still wear my regular tees around the house.  Thought I need to be careful and avoid looking like Where's Waldo, but I love blue and these pants are so comfortable, especially with the warmer days!
Sleep?: Sleeping well, still stomach sleeping.  My arms are almost always asleep when I wake up.

Best moment?: Being in Milwaukee for the March of Dimes walk! I met some great people and surprised some pretty inspirational people.

Worst moment?: Wednesday night, as I was getting off the couch, my laptop's power cord became stuck in between the cushion and side arm.  When I went to put the laptop on the end table, the cord didn't give, and the laptop fell on it's side.  I tried to use my computer Thursday night, and the hard drive was not recognized.  The computer told me to reseat the hard drive, which I did, but the computer still did not recognize it.  I have been slack about backing up my photographs and am worried I will lose them.  I dropped my computer off on Friday with a tech expert, and I hope they can at least recover my photos.  Here's hoping it's the motherboard that's damaged... SO DON'T LEARN THE HARD WAY, GO BACK UP YOUR FILES RIGHT NOW! :)

Food cravings?: Besides the daily dose of pickles and cream cheese, I am on a salty kick - I want french fries.  I gave in Saturday, and it was worth it.
Symptoms?: FOUR weeks of not getting sick!  However, I did start getting bloody noses.  I woke up on my 30th birthday to a bloody nose - I guess 30 punched me in the face. Hah.
Exercise?: I walked another 15+ miles, worked my legs several times at the gym, and continued a push up challenge this week. I also did a lot of fast walking and running in the Atlanta airport...

Movement?:I had a Doppler, and now I am selling it because baby boy kicks several times a day for a short duration.
Belly button?: Becoming flatter.
What I miss?: I never thought I would say this, but a good cup of coffee.  It took me so long to like coffee that I do miss drinking it.

Labor signs?
:Not yet
TMI: I pick my nose every morning on the way to work.  The mucus is out of control, but at least I pick my nose under the cover of darkness.

What I'm looking forward to?: A weekend at the beach with great friends!  I know, I'm always on the go, but Aidan says he has things to see and do. :) 

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