Sunday, May 1, 2011

Week 21

So sore this morning, and not due to doing anything physical related...I went to the Beaufort Air Show with my parents and AJ for a belated birthday celebration.  Well, the weather was gorgeous - blue skies with no clouds in sight with temperatures hovering around 80 degrees Fahrenheit.  However, I forgot to bring sunscreen.  So my shoulders and back are RED.  I rarely, if ever, sunburn, but when my shoulders haven't seen sun since last August, they're rather white and need protection if I'm going to be in the sun for 5+ hours!  My arms and legs picked up a nice tan, but that's due to me playing tennis and walking at the park after work...they picked up a tan slowly. :)  So I'm slathering on the aloe and using vinegar to take out the heat. 

The air show was great, though, and it's the only one I have ever been to that I enjoyed it from start to finish.  If you get the chance to go, I'd definitely recommend it.  Of course, the Blue Angels' performance is remarkable, and the main draw of the air show...besides the funnel cakes. :)  Or maybe that's just me...

How far along?: 21 weeks 6 days
How big is baby?: According to What to Expect When You’re Expecting: Started the week as the size of a Banana and about to be a Papaya.

Weight gain?: Biggest gain ever in a week...2lbs this week, though the baby's weight gain is definitely least according to What to Expect When You're Expecting.  Total weight gain is 16 lbs.
Stretch marks?: I thought I had one, but then I noticed it was just that my stomach hair is darkening in a line straight down through my belly button.
Maternity clothes?: Definitely adding in more of the maternity tops - it just seems like my stomach popped out more this week.
Sleep?: I just hope that my sleep continues to be this great for as long as possible.  Still sleeping on my stomach.
Best moment this week?: The air show was awesome!  Picking up the nursery furniture on Monday was unexpected...I didn't think AJ would be ready to go pick it up so quickly.  Luckily, we have wonderful neighbors who were up at 10PM to help AJ unload the furniture.  Now to pick out a paint color for the nursery and to assemble the furniture.
Worst moment this week?: Having a rock fly up and put a nice crack in my windshield!  I need to file a report with the insurance company so I can get it replaced, but I keep forgetting.  The crack keeps growing, too. :(
Food cravings?: I wanted a chocolate I bought one from Kroger's and the cake was dried out and there was not enough icing.  I swear the icing was 1/16" thick (or less).  Come on!  I love the sugary icing and a moist cake.  The cake was thrown out and my craving for it disappeared. 
Symptoms?: Not sure if it's allergies or a symptom of pregnancy, but I have extra snot and boogers.  Disgusting  I know.  I had it in the first trimester, and from what I read, it's a symptom.  I've talked to some other ladies that are around my due date, and they say the same thing.
Exercise?: Walked 8 miles, played tennis, and worked out two days this week.  Loving this spring weather.
Movement?: Baby A must wake up around 7AM because I usually feel his kicks every day around this time.  There are a few occasions where I can put my hand on my stomach and feel it, but it's only if I hold my hand there when I first start noticing the kicking.  Sometimes I press on my stomach to encourage Baby A to kick back, but he's stubborn and does what he wants. :)  That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.  Looking forward to being able to feel his kicks more and hoping AJ will be able to feel the movement shortly.
Belly button?: Working on being an outie...wondering when it will pop out or fully be flush.
What I miss?: Nothing really
Labor signs?: Nope!  Too early.
Purchases: My mom bought some outfits from a local shop in Beaufort, and I'm waiting to see what they look like!  Other than that, I'm waiting to paint the nursery before I start buying stuff to decorate.  I have started working on the registry, which is quite overwhelming...
What I'm looking forward to?: In two weeks, I have another ultrasound, so I am excited for that.  Mother's day is in a week, so I'm hoping we can get in a bike ride or something outdoorsy.


  1. Oh my. We went to the Charleston Air Show in early April and I also forgot my sunscreen. Luckily this woman in front of me heard me talking about no SPF, so she offered me 50 spf that she brought for her children. She told me she felt sorry for me bc I am so fair-skinned. ha! Hope your sunburn is getting better. YOu have DEF popped out over the last couple of weeks. I am a booger factory too, and could now use some chocolate cake for breakfast....moist and fully iced chocolate cake. Have a great week.

  2. I kept hoping the people behind me would overspray and hit me with some sunscreen, but no such luck!
    I think I need to make a trip to Publix for their chocolate fudge cake...they have a small one. :)
    And yes, all of a sudden, my stomach was bulging out. It's crazy how you wake up one day, and bam, you popped out completely!