Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Penguins, Penguins, Penguins!

Thank goodness for, where I can find tons of great penguin stuff that I love.  It was hard choosing wall decals, but for the time being, I am done with wall decals...unless I find something I must have. 

Anyway, over Memorial Day weekend, I painted the bottom half of the wall.

And then applied the first part of the wall decal

I consulted AJ about the layout of two remaining penguins, and he suggested to put them on the left side.  So I ordered another wall decal for the right side.

I want to put a penguin clock up and possibly hang a quilt on the lefthand side to take up some of the arctic sky, but for now, I'm done....until I search again and find something else that I want to add!

I also have a crib bed skirt on order that I want to use iron on embellishments (from to have a custom penguin bed skirt! 


  1. Love this! Can I ask how you got the paint in such a straight line ? considering doing something like this but imagine mine would be wonky and it'd only annoy me forever!!

    1. First, paint the lighter color a half inch above where you want the line to be (or below if the lighter color is on the top half of the wall). Then, I used a laser level and a 4' level to make a pencil line for the entire length of the wall, and taped right at the edge of the pencil line. Prior to painting the top half of the wall, I painted over the edge of the tape by paiting from midway on the tape and brushing up so it created a seal. I let this dry, then I painted the entire wall. As soon as the wall was done, I removed the tape, pulling it off the wall at a 45 degree angle.