Saturday, May 14, 2011

Week 23

23 w 6 d
 Tomorrow, I will be 24 weeks and 0 days, which means that if something were to happen, the baby could most likely survive outside of the womb.  Most cruise lines won't allow pregnant women to go on a ship now because they don't have the medical facilities to accommodate a baby if it had to be born at this time. 

How far along?: 23 weeks 6 days
How big is baby?: According to What to Expect When You’re Expecting: Started the week as the size of a Papaya and about to be a Papaya.  The fruit doesn't change as often as it did early on.

Weight gain?: About a 1lb.  Total weight gain is 17 lbs.  One of my coworkers that I have known since college (and AJ has known since highschool) thinks I'll get up to 170lbs!  No way...though we did make a bet about my final weight all in good fun.  If I exceed 160lbs, then I have to take a picture with Baby A in all pink...and if I win, he has to dress his baby up in a NY Yankees' onesie (why he didn't say a Red Soxs onesie instead of pink, I'll never know).  He can't stand the Yankees, and he knows I am not a fan of pink (and esp. on a boy!!!).
Stretch marks?: Not yet.
Maternity clothes?: Almost exclusively...and having to start leaving shirts untucked, which makes me :( but I am getting over it.  Besides, do I have a choice? :)
Sleep?: No change...sleeping is great, and I still find no issues with sleeping on my stomach.  I honestly didn't think I would be able to sleep on my stomach for this long, and I am thankful every night that I still can! 
Best moment this week?: Finding inspiration for the nursery!  We have finally made some progress, even if it's on paper.  In addition, I love that AJ finally felt the baby move.
Worst moment this week?: I have been breaking in a new pair of steel toed boots this week since my old pair had long passed their expiration.  Well, I thought everything was good smooth, but it appears my right foot is hurting from the new boot and made it more difficult to walk.  Let's hope they loosen up soon!
Food cravings?: Chocolate covered raisins!
Symptoms?: Nothing really.
Exercise?: The week started off with a 11 mile bike ride with the family to celebrate Mother's day.  Mom and I also worked out at the gym and walked the dogs fora mile.  I also played tennis twice this week, but due to my foot hurting, I had to lay low this week.
Movement?: The kicks are getting harder, but still wonderful.  AJ felt the baby kick once on Thursday evening.  I am so happy he finally was able to feel the kicking.  It was a stronger kick he felt, and Baby A kicked several other times where AJ's hands were, but the kick was too light for AJ to feel it.
Belly button?: Still in limbo between innie and outie
What I miss?: Being able to stand up without effort.  I sit down in the shower at times, and it's definitely a struggle to get back up!
Labor signs?: Nope!  Too early.
Purchases: I bought a penguin light switch plate and a vinyl wall decal for the nursery.  In addition, I bought paint samples
What I'm looking forward to?: I have a doctor's appointment on Monday, and I will have another I look forward to seeing Baby A again!

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