Monday, May 9, 2011

The Penguin Nursery...Finding Inspiration to Begin

Here's the current state of the nursery...really in need of decision making and work. :)

I'm not a big fan of the real cartoony looking penguins for the nursery.  I love all penguins, and even the cartoon ones, but I wanted more real life penguins for the nursery.  So finding decorations that fit the design intent has proved to be time consuming.  Lots of internet searches...but has proved to be extremely helpful for finding ideas.

So today, I bit the bullet and finally made a decision.  I know, a double toggle light switch plate doesn't seem like a huge step, but it is!  It's my inspiration to begin the nursery and start laying out what I want to do.  I am excited about my purchase and can't wait to see what the plate looks like in person and hope it works out.  If not, I'm only out ten bucks, so no big deal.  I also found someone on Etsy that has single plate designs that is willing to make double toggle designs, but I found out this information after I bought the plate switch on eBay.

I found several real life wall murals, but I'm not sure how well they would fit in the nursery, so I searched more for black and white penguin penguins or outlines of penguins.  Some of the ones I am considering are below:

This first one could be centered over the crib with a wall painted grey (bottom) and blue (top) separated by ice/iceberg. 

 The second one could be on the left side of the crib as if the penguins are peaking over into Baby's A crib.  Not sure of the color scheme.  Maybe a light arctic blue over the entire wall.
The third choice could have the two penguins on either side of the crib with their heads peaking/looking in at the crib.  I think the walls would be painted a light sky blue.

Just some thoughts, but I want to draw it out on paper before I make any decisions.  There's dimensions and layouts to consider since the crib will sit on the wall with the door, which means the wall is shorter. 

Here's the wall, with the crib in it's approximate location.

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  1. Love the first line of penguins. They're so cute!