Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Nursery Progress

This is the nursery as the guest room:
It had to be rearranged to fit the nursery furniture and became a little crowded and messy on its way to become a nursery:
Then a neutral paint was applied (Olympic Pony Tail) and the paintings and pictures were rehung, the bed was cleaned up, the dresser and hutch wad assembled/anchored, and I could get to the closest to clean out all of the junk we had stored in it.

The penguins were brought out of the attic and from my nightstand in the master bedroom to adorn the top of the hutch:

Then I assembled the crib (very easy I might add), and I laid out the penguin decals...though more are in the mail because AJ had some other suggestions:

Then the Arctic sky (Olympic Grey Goose) was painted:

I just painted the grey on Monday, so it needs to dry a while before I paint the water - I don't want the painters tape to take off the grey paint.  I also need to touch up corners where the painter's tape failed me and spots that are thin or AJ banged up when moving furniture.  I am excited with how things are progressing, especially since the room was a complete mess for at least 3 weeks, and now I have baby clothes put away, some decor put in place, and the room organized near it's finished arrangement.

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