Saturday, May 7, 2011

Week 22

22 W 6 D
 I swear just a week and a half ago, my bump wasn't that obvious...I could still wear longer, looser shirts and those that didn't know I was pregnant didn't have a clue I was.  But now, I have definitely been ask by several people if I was and how far along I was.  It's like all of a sudden Baby A said he was here and wanted the world to know!
It feels like time is flying by now and before we know it, Baby A will be here.  There feels like there is so much to do and not enough time!  I want to attend a breastfeeding class and a birthing class, and it seems like time is running out!  But I know it's not, and I am enjoying every minute of this pregnancy.

How far along?: 22 weeks 6 days
How big is baby?: According to What to Expect When You’re Expecting: Started the week as the size of a Papaya and about to be a Papaya.

Weight gain?: Status quo this week.  Total weight gain is 16 lbs.
Stretch marks?: Not yet.
Maternity clothes?: Using a lot more of the maternity tops and longer shirts that I currently own.
Sleep?: As usual, no issues sleeping, and I can still sleep on my stomach. 
Best moment this week?: Feeling Baby A move more this week!  I also had my windshield replaced after the large crack that formed from the rock hitting it last week.  Also, we took in a beagle puppy who was in need of a home.  How can you say no to this face?  He's 6 weeks old and apparently still trying to wean - he kept checking our other dogs for milk.  But he's learning - already walking up the porch stairs and can use the doggie door with no issues.  He's also good about going inside his kennel to sleep, and he goes to the bathroom outside immediately when we release him from the kennel.
Worst moment this week?: Work was crazy this week, but really, nothing was bad this week.  I did start peeling where I got too much sun the past weekend.  My shoulders are very itchy from all the skin peeling.
Food cravings?: Loving seafood.  Grilled salmon - yum.
Symptoms?: Nothing really.
Exercise?: Walked 8 miles, played tennis twice this week, and worked out two days this week.  Loving this spring weather.
Movement?: Baby A must be on AJ's sleep schedule.  I feel him at 10 PM when I go to bed, and then I don't feel him again until 7AM.  I definitely feel his kicking more, and I have been surprised by being kicked on the outside by Baby A.
Belly button?: Still in limbo between innie and outie
What I miss?: Nothing really.  I am truly loving being pregnant.
Labor signs?: Nope!  Too early.
Purchases: I looked online for penguin wall murals and decals, but I can't make a decision.  I also went to Lowe's to find inspiration, but all I came back with was a few paint cards that I really wasn't thrilled about.  Right now, you can't even get into the nursery because the furniture is everywhere - disorganized.
What I'm looking forward to?: Mother's day is tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to the bike ride with mom, dad and my sister.


  1. Happy Mother's Day (late). LOVE the cute beagle...a great new addition to your family. Glad you can feel Baby A kick. My hubbs felt our little boy kick for the first time yesterday. AMAZING!!! Hope you have a better work week.

  2. Thanks!
    I'm surprised how quickly the beagle learns, and our dogs seem to love him so it's working out well.
    I'm jealous your hubs has felt the baby kick...timing just isn't on our side. The strongest kicks are at 10PM when I'm trying to sleep and at 7AM when I'm at work.