Thursday, June 2, 2011

Dear Aidan,

Mom did it!  I passed the PE exam on the first attempt and was quite relieved.  This means I can solely focus on your arrival instead of trying to debate whether I should sign up for the October exam.  Instead of studying, I can prepare your nursery, daydream of your arrival, and stay fit.

In other news, we finally decided on your middle name!  We were debating between  Abel and Aidan, and while Aidan might be an extremely popular choice right now, we had to go with what we loved. Having a complete name makes me feel even more connected to you, and while I can't wait to meet you, I will not wish time away.  Today marks the beginning of the third trimester!  I can't believe how quickly the second trimester went, so I can only imagine how time will fly and you will soon be here.  I dream of loving you, kissing you, cuddling you, soothing you, etc.  Whether you have your nights mixed up or if you're a sleeper like me, I can't wait - even if means barely sleeping. 

In the mean time, keep kicking and entertaining me with your movements.  According to What to Expect When You're  Expecting, you are opening your eyes this week and might even respond to a flashlight pressed against my stomach.  So please, entertain dad and I and kick when you see the light.

Looking forward to the next 13 weeks and seeing you soon.


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