Sunday, June 19, 2011

Baby Shower!

Here are some pictures from the baby shower.
Eating lunch! Grilled burgers, hot dogs, homemade dips, fruit, shrimp, mac & cheese, and more!

The goal of the game was to cut a ribbon that would fit around my belly.

Some people's strategy included measuring themselves and adding a little bit.

The winner! Though both great granpa's to be were tied for 2nd.  Everyone else was far off!

Perhaps at full term?

Bojangles taking a snooze with AJ's ribbon.

Penguin cake made by my sister in law!

Hand made John Deere Blanket

Hand made Airplane! 

Handmade penguin blanket!

In addition to the good food, games, and gifts, we received some advice from those that have kids and those that don't. Though one piece of advice I heard wasn't written down...apparently it was "too late" for the advice. :) They were only kidding. But here's some advice that had the crowd laughing:
  • For AJ: Insist on breastfeeding for the health of the baby and you will get more sleep.
  • Seek advice from people with good kids, keep momma out of my hair and have another kid. (My brother)
  • Please give me a chance to be a Gamecock and enjoy my childhood.
  • Spank when needed.

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